Fraudulent insolvency

ON THIS DAY…… 13th October 1860

Benjamin Cantor, convicted the previous day of fraudulent insolvency, was brought up to receive the sentence of the court. Dr Sewell, who conducted the prosecution in this case, informed his Honour that the Official Assignee, as well as a creditor who had given evidence in the case, recommended the prisoner to the merciful consideration of the court that he might be dealt with as leniently as possible. A petition signed by several creditors of the prisoner, was then read, recommending him to mercy, not only on account of his infirmity but also on account of his wife and family. His Honour in passing sentence said, the jury who had found him guilty had accompanied their verdict with a recommendation to mercy, in addition to which the learned counsel who had appeared against him had informed the court that the Official Assignee concurred in his being leniently dealt with, otherwise the sentence which he was about passing would have been much more severe, which was that he be imprisoned in the Geelong gaol for a period of six months.