Turnkey Swan dies at Gaol

  ON THIS DAY…… 14th October 1860 A turnkey in Geelong gaol named Swan, who had been under medical treatment, but returned to his duty although advised that fatal results might ensue, suddenly fell down in the yard of the gaol and within a few minutes died. The deceased died from a heart failure and […]

Husband Kills Himself

ON THIS DAY – October 14, 1917   Bertha Silk (59), a married woman, was admitted to the Melbourne Hospital late on October 14, with two bullet wounds in the back. She was found lying near the front gate of her home, and later the dead body of Frederick Silk (74), her husband, was discovered […]

Murderess Maria Black

MURDERED ON THIS DAY ……….. 14th October 1915 Maria Black aged 29 was charged at the City Court with having murdered Mabel Weston aged 45 at West Melbourne on the 14th of October 1915. It was alleged that Black went to a house in Capel-street, West Melbourne, occupied by Mrs. Mabel Weston, and her family. […]

Dino Dibra Killing

MURDERED ON THIS DAY ………. 14th of October 2000 Dino Dibra was born on the 18th April 1975 and was murdered on the 14th of October 2000. Dibra was an Albanian-Australian suspected murderer and a victim of the infamous Melbourne gangland killings. Dino Dibra was shot dead outside his Krambruk Street home in Sunshine West […]

6.9 earthquake rocks Meckering – Western Australian

On this day …….. 14th of October 1968 Meckering is a small town in the Avon valley region of Western Australia, about 130km east of Perth. At 10:59am on this day in 1968, the town of approximately 240 people was struck by an earthquake which registered 6.9 on the Richter scale. No deaths were reported, […]