Murderess Maria Black

MURDERED ON THIS DAY ……….. 14th October 1915

Maria Black aged 29 was charged at the City Court with having murdered Mabel Weston aged 45 at West Melbourne on the 14th of October 1915. It was alleged that Black went to a house in Capel-street, West Melbourne, occupied by Mrs. Mabel Weston, and her family. Black entered the house at the back, when Mrs. Weston, her family and a Spanish lodger named Valdo Pinsack were at dinner. Black opened the kitchen door, and fired at Mrs. Weston, who fell from her chair to the floor. Pinsack seized Black’s hand and while he held her she fired again. When she was arrested Black said she had known the Weston for three years. They had lived next door to one another. Pinsack became infatuated with her, and although she did not return his affection she pretended she was in love with him. Mrs. Weston, however, came between them, and did all she could to keep them apart. She (Black) had received letters in a filthy condition, which she said had been sent at the instigation of Mrs. Weston. Black added that she found in a drawer at her home a revolver that had belonged to a man who had gone to the front. She took the revolver to Weston’s house, so as to frighten her. After entering the Weston’s kitchen her mind was a blank ‘until she was conscious of Pinsack taking the revolver from her.