Child killer – Geelong

ON THIS DAY…… 17th October 1902 The Geelong Botanical Gardens was nearly the scene of another tragedy on this day in 1902. At about 5 o’clock, a married woman named Bridget Williams, aged 35 years, who arrived here from Broken Hill about 12 months earlier, was observed leading her two children into the enclosure. Her […]

False teeth save mans life

On this day …….. 17th of October 1950 A man’s false teeth saved him from being killed by a bullet near Woollahra golf links, Sydney, on this day in 1950. Police found Beverley Graham Solomon’s shattered teeth on the grass near where they discovered him crawling along a footpath with blood pouring from his mouth. […]

Angry mob burn down Bentley’s Eureka Hotel – Ballarat

On this day …….. 17th of October 1854 On the 17th of October 1854, 10,000 miners gathered at Bentley’s Eureka Hotel on the Goldfields of Ballarat, Victoria to protest the acquittal of James Bentley, the hotel proprietor and prime suspect in the murder of Scottish miner James Scobie, by an allegedly corrupt magistrate. The miners […]

Prison for Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY – October 17, 1933   In the Criminal Court today, Mr. Justice Walsey imposed sentence of seven years’ imprisonment with hard labour on Percy Horatio¬†Sydney Barnard, theatre commissionaire, of Cheltenham, for the manslaughter of Percival Smith on October 17. Barnard shot Smith through the heart outside Smith’s home, where Barnard was a […]

Manslaughter at White Hills

ON THIS DAY – October 17, 1898   At the Bendigo Assizes today, before Mr. Justice Williams, Thomas Waters, aged 39, was presented on a charge of murdering his wife at White Hills on October 17. After a long retirement the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter. Prisoner was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment with […]

First Traffic Lights in Wangaratta

On this day …….. 17th of October 1973 On this day in 1973, traffic lights in Wangaratta were turned on, on the intersection of Murphy and Reid st intersection.  

Triple winner

On this day …….. 17th of October 1903 Racegoers at the Moorefield meeting in Sydney on this day in 1903, were witness to a freak occurrence when the main race of the day ended in a triple dead heat between three horse High Flyer, Loch Lochie and Barinidi. The race was re run and amazingly […]


ON THIS DAY – October 17, 1931   Robert DeVilllers Dreyer, the so called naturopath, was committed by¬†the City Coroner to-day tor trial on a charge of the manslaughter of Herman Arnold, 55 salesman. Arnold died in Dreyer’s naturopathic hospital at Middle Brighton on October 17, having been admitted on September 23 when he had […]