Melbourne Shooting

ON THIS DAY – October 28, 1933   Albert Lewis (59), labourer, of Peel street, North Melbourne, was charged in the City Court to-day with having, on October 28, murdered Maurice Langley (75), pawnbroker, of Elizabeth-street. Lewis had been detained on a vagrancy charge, as he was suspected of having been one of two men […]

Woman Committed for Trial

ON THIS DAY – October 28, 1933   Ellen Maud Holmes married, Grey street South Yarra was charged at the Prahran Court on Friday, with having on October 28 wounded Christopher Green with intent to commit murder. Christopher Green, painter, Simmonds street, South Yarra, said that about 9 p m on October 28, he was […]

Accusation of Murder

ON THIS DAY – October 28, 1917   At the Rutherglen Coroner’s Court to day Joseph Butler was committed for trial on a change of having murdered Samuel Costin, his step-father, at Gooramadda on October 28. Edward Butler, the accused’s brother, said that on the day of Costin’s death he heard a shot, and thought […]

Robbery at Geelong

ON THIS DAY…… 28th October 1849 On the 28th of October 1849 a prisoner named James MacDonald, undergoing a sentence of eighteen months’ imprisonment for robbery at Geelong, attempted to escape from the gaol. He managed to scale the top of the northern wall by climbing the gallows and then let himself down by means […]

Prime Minister expelled Labor Party – forms new party and stays PM

On this day …….. 28th of October 1916 Billy Hughes, Australia’s 7th Prime Minister, most controversial policies was conscription, an issue which not only created a rift in the Labor Party, but divided the young nation as well. On 28 October 1916, the first referendum to introduce compulsory military enlistment into World War 1 was […]

The trail of Ned Kelly

On this day …….. 28th of October 1880 Ned Kelly first stood trial on 19 October 1880 in Melbourne before the Irish-born judge Justice Sir Redmond Barry. Mr Smyth and Mr Chomley appeared for the crown and Mr Bindon for the prisoner. The trial was adjourned to 28 October, when Kelly was presented on the […]