Accused Allowed Bail

On This Day – November 1, 1934 Charged with having murdered John Stanley Gibson, 27, laborer, of Webb Street, Altona, at Brooklyn on November. 1, Wolsley Alfred Vivian Watson, 20, laborer, of Miller’s Road, Brooklyn, appeared under remand at the City Court today, and was further remanded to November 22. The police prosecutor said the City […]

Remanded on Murder Charge

On This Day – November 1, 1935 Charged with the murder of Luigi Marchesi, a farmer, at Gruyere, near Lilydale Victoria, on November 1, Giacomo T’arca (26), a farm laborer, who had been employed by Marchesi, was remanded today till January 3 by Mr. Freeman, P.J., in the City Court. Senior-Detective WIlliam J. Sloan gave evidence of […]

Escaped convicts try to walk to China

ON THIS DAY…… 1st November 1791 Escaped convicts tried to walk to China On the 1st of November 1791, a group of 20 male convicts and one pregnant female convict escaped from the gaol at Parramatta, New South Wales in an attempt to reach China overland. They took with them rations, tools and clothes. Whilst […]

Toilet people are dying to use

ON THIS DAY…… 1st November 2012 Toilet people are dying to use The town of Millaa Millaa, in Queensland, Australia, came up with a killer idea for national coverage and tourist attraction at their town cemetery. A new toilet was needed at the graveyard and the council was quoted more than $80,000. Not to be […]