Death of Jedd Houghton

ON THIS DAY – November 17, 1988 ‘Suspect warned’ before being shot Police Special Operations Group members had repeatedly told a police shooting suspect to drop his gun before hitting him with three shotgun blasts at close range, the Melbourne Coroner’s Court heard yesterday. Jedd Houghton, 23, died almost instantly during a raid on a […]

Murder in Chinatown

ON THIS DAY – November 17, 1889 Constable Coffey on Friday night arrested a man named John Caffrey on a charge of wilfully murdering Ah Gayong in Market-lane on November 17. It will be remembered that the Chinaman was killed by a couple of roughs who attacked him without any provocation.    

Murder by Unknown Man

ON THIS DAY – November 17, 1924 At an inquest into the circumstances surrounding the death of William Henry Rolley, who was shot in Irvine street, Footscray (V.), on November 17, a few minutes before midnight, a verdict of wilful murder against an unknown man was recorded. Dennis John Bourke, a labourer, of Albert street, […]

Notorious gangster – Percy Ramage

ON THIS DAY…… 17th November 1900 Notorious gangster Percy Ramage starts fight Two of three prisoners in the local gaol, Percy Ramage and Patrick Prendergast, quarrelled on this day in 1900, and a stand up fight resulted. The pair were brought before the visiting magistrate, and each was sentenced to seven days solitary confinement.

Shocking Murder at Panmure

ON THIS DAY – November 17, 1883 A most diabolical murder and supposed outrage has been committed at the township of Panmure, 16 miles from Warrnambool. The victim is a girl 10 years of age, named Margaret Nolan, the daughter of a well-to-do farmer, living about a mile and a half out of the village. […]


ON This Day – 17th November 1895 At Bendigo on the 17th November 1895, a Spaniard named Salvador Sapana, aged 27, informed Constable Green that he had murdered a compatriot named Francois Ferrandaz by breaking his skull with a sapling. Constables Reilly and Green proceeded to a small holding occupied by the two Spaniards, on which […]

Western Australian UFO

ON THIS DAY…… 17th November 1967 Elusive flying saucer A Western Australian farmer said that a flying saucer landed in his paddock beside his Land Rover on the 17th of November 1967, and took off again as he stepped out to examine it. Mr Alan Pool, 43, farm manager, told police that the object was […]