Escape of the Faraday School Kidnapper

ON THIS DAY…… 16th December 1972 Edwin Eastwood famous for the Faraday School Kidnapping in 1972, and Michael Pantic escaped from the Geelong Gaol on the 16th of December 1976. The men tunnelled though two doubled skinned brick wells, cut through a padlock to an outside excise yard and scaled the external wall and were […]

Frozen Goannas -1923

On This Day – 16th December 1923 Swamps turn to ice, goannas frozen in subtropical Queensland It’s rare that you’ll find ice outside of an esky filled with beer or a freezer full of fish in subtropical Rockhampton, Queensland. But according to Adelaide’s News on 11 December 1923, a rare weather event turned swamps into […]

UFO Destination – Perth!

On this day …….. 16th of December 1994 Perth is the latest destination for UFO’s according to security guards who claim to have been followed by strange lights around the central business district overnight. National UFO Reporting and Sightings Hot line spokesman Ross Dowe said the sighting was the fourth since last weekend, with other […]


On this day …….. 16th of December 1928 An Italian fruiterer in Ballarat excitedly Informed the police that he had found a bomb in his yard,. A soldered tin, weighing 3 lbs., was taken possession of by the police. It had a piece of fuse attached and another piece of fuse, which had been lighted, […]

An Unexpected Luxury

On this day …….. 16th of December 1857 Beechworth drinkers were surprised and delighted when on this day in 1857, three local hotels offered the luxury of ice with their drinks. The ice was from North American, where the lakes were frozen for winter, a large quantities could be sawn up and shipped to Australia […]

The Yarra Mystery – 1898

ON THIS DAY – 16th December 1898 The nude body of an unknown young woman, which was found floating in a box in the Yarra River near Chapel-street Bridge on the 16th December 1898, had, it is estimated, been in the water for about a week. Deliberate murder was first suspected, but the post-mortem examination conducted […]


ON THIS DAY – December 16, 1936 KALKALLO MAN’S ARM IMPALED ON TRUCK DOOR DRIVER FACES MANSLAUGHTER CHARGE While standing on the Hume Highway, near Kalkallo on December 16, Frances Lovell, aged 47 years, retired farmer, of South Yarra, had his arm impaled on the door handle of a passing motor truck and was dragged […]


ON THIS DAY – December 16, 1915 KATAMATITE The sad story of the tragedy at Youarang, near Katamatite, on December 16, when the wife of a settler and her three children were the victims of a demented Hindu hawker was told in the Criminal Court on Tuesday, before Mr Justice Hood and a jury. The […]


On this day …….. 16th of December 1907   A sensational railway accident occurred at Dimboola on this night in 1907, resulting in the death of a valuable circus pony. The animals belonging to Wirth’s circus were being trucked when the points refused to act. This caused one of the truck to be thrown on […]