Finding a Woman’s Body in the Cupboard

ON THIS DAY ……. 8th April 1931 PORT MELBOURNE MAN ON MURDER CHARGE. The mystery of a woman’s body, found in a cupboard at Thomas Garrity’s fish shop, in Bay-street, Port Melbourne, on this day in 1931, was related to the jury and Mr. Justice MaeFarlane, in the Criminal Court, when Garrity was charged with […]

Flogging at Beechworth Gaol

On This Day……… 8th April 1872 The first flogging in the Beechworth Gaol took place on this day in 1872. The victim was a chinaman call Ah King, convicted of an indecent exposure. He was tied to a wooden tripod, which was known as being married to the three sisters. The prison received 17 lashes […]

Glenelg’s Luna Parks

On This Day……… 8th April 1935 On this day in 1935, Glenelg’s Luna Parks assets were put up for auction, all of which were purchased by Atkins and Phillips. The rides were dismantled and shipped to Sydney, NSW. The rides and equipment were assembled at the Lavender Bay site, with Luna Park Milsons Point opened […]

Break and Enter at Ondit

On This Day ……. 8th April 1870 James Anderson and John Rockcliffe were charged with breaking into and stealing a quantity of goods front M’Mahon’s store, at Ondit and there was a second charge of breaking into and stealing from Bell’s store at Shank Hill. Prisoners pleaded not guilty. Both men were arrested at the […]

Brother Charged with Murder

ON THIS DAY …. 8th April 1912 COLLINGWOOD Police investigated the death of William Hughes Parker. The tragedy was complicated by the temporary disappearance of Frederick John Parker, an elder brother of the dead man. On this day in 1912, a tall young man, dressed in a blue sac suit and a blue sweater, walked […]

Bushranger Morgan

On This Day……… 8th April 1865 On this day in 1865, bushranger Dan Morgan arrived at Peechelba Station near Wangaratta and held up a homestead. He demanded good and entertainment, and settled down for the night, holding the occupants of the homestead hostage. On the pretext of seeing a crying baby, one of the station […]

Injured by Dynamite Cap

On This Day……… 8th April 1916 An accident, happened on this day in 1916 to Les. Martin, eldest son of Mr. J. Martin, railway employee. Martin with some other boys managed to obtained a dynamite cap, and to make it explode used a stone. The result being that young Martin was injured on both hands, […]