Queens Elizabeth II

On the 21st of April, The Queen celebrates her birthday, although her “official” birthday is celebrated on the 11th June. To celebrate her special day, Twisted History would like to share five unusual facts about Queens Elizabeth II. 1) In 2015, Elizabeth II become the longest reigning Brittish monarch taking the honour from her Great […]


ON THIS DAY – June 11, 1910 POLICE COURT PROCEEDINGS. At the Bairnsdale Police Court, Ernest Peeck was again remanded for a week on charges of having, on June 11, murdered his wife, and attempted suicide. The police stated that the accused was not in a fit state to appear in court. His breathing was […]


ON THIS DAY – June 11, 1932 Russell Found Guilty of Manslaughter  The trial in which Harold James Russell (27), was charged with having on June 11 murdered his wife, Ivy Russell (27), and two infant sons by drowning them in the Sunshine swimming pool. The jury considered their verdict for five hours and then […]


On this day …….. 11th of June 1857 Although there was no such things as the Guinness Book of Records in the 1850s, if there had been Black Douglas would surely have rated a mention as a persistent offender. It was on this day that the notorious vagrant was brought up before the Yackandandah Police […]


On This Day ……. 11th June 1919 Albert Young, the youth who escaped from the local Geelong Gaol on the 4th of June, while on remand, was before the police court on several charges of larceny, all alleged to have been committed during the last couple of weeks. He was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment […]