On This Day – June 13, 1940 Because her husband was in gaol and she wanted to be with him a woman threw a stone through a £15 window of the City Court Hotel on June 13, according to evidence given in the City Court today. Lorna Fay McLeod. of no fixed address, was charged […]


On This Day ……. 13th June 1901 An Indian, who had developed symptoms of insanity since his transfer to the Geelong gaol from Melbourne, was token to the Yarra Bend Asylum. With the Indian travelled an elderly lunatic patient who was committed to the Kew Asylum by the Geelong bench. The pair were under the […]


On this day …….. 13th of June 1927 Constable and Mrs. George Lithgow, of Sydney, have five children all of whom have their birthdays on the same day. The first children (twins) were born on the 13th of June 1927. Three years later, on the same date, another boy was born, and on the 13th […]

2007 Kevin Rudd plugs Iced Vo Vo

The Iced Vo Vo is a sweet biscuit first made by Arnott’s around 1904. It has two strips of pink icing and a strip of jam on top and is covered in desiccated coconut. Sales of the biscuit were boosted when Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, referred to it in his victory speech after the […]

2011 World’s largest lamington

Big lamington – artist’s impression On June 11, 2011, Toowoomba broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest lamington at the Newtown Rugby League Club. The record-beater weighed 2361 kilograms, equivalent to 45000 normal lamingtons, and eclipsed the previous record held by Ipswich. Both cities claim to be the birthplace of this Australian classic […]

Shot Dead in Kitchen

On This Day – June 13, 1936 SON CHARGED WITH MURDER. Alexander Memery, aged 46, was shot dead in the kitchen of his farmhouse at Bookaar, near Camperdown, Victoria, on Saturday morning. It was stated that James Alexander Memery, aged 19, son of the dead man, returned from rabbiting during a family quarrel, and that a pea-rifle he was carrying […]

Death of Daniel O’Callaghan

ON THIS DAY – June 13, 1916 Daniel O’Callaghan, 36, married, with five children, of Edward street, Brunswick, died in the Melbourne Hospital on June 13 as the result of a fracture of the base of the skull. William Douglas, 37, married, and father of five children, a wardsman at the Mental Hospital, Royal Park, […]


On this day …….. 13th of June 1939 The Victorian Railway Department’s ghost train will run again soon through dimly-lit stations, while planes overhead will try to spot it. The train has been fitted with dimmed lights to enable night trips to be made safely In the event of an enemy attack on Melbourne. The […]

The First Vegemite

On This Day – June 13, 1923 INTRODUCTION OF VEGEMITE TO AUSTRALIA On this day in 1923, the famous Australian breakfast spread was introduced. It was developed by Dr Cyril P Callister for the Fred Walker’s company which would later become the Kraft Food Company.  Callister was hired to develop a spread from the richest […]

Motor Car Death of John Williams

ON THIS DAY – June 13, 1925 CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER. The inquest into the death of John Adam Williams, aged 15, who fell off a motor car on June 13 and was killed, was conducted by the Coroner. Williams and five other boys were passengers in a motor car which was driven by James Harold Wicks. The Coroner found that […]