Death of Prime Minister

On this day …….. 5th of July 1945 The burden of being prime minister during the darkest days of the Second World War took its toll on the health of John Curtin. On 5 July 1945, just six weeks before the Japanese surrender, Curtin died at The Lodge. After a short period of lying in […]

Yarra Bend Lunatic Escapes

On This Day…… 5th July 1883 William Blurke, a criminal lunatic, escaped from the Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum, on the 5th July 1883. Blurke had scaled the stone walls to freedom.


ON THIS DAY – July 5, 1894  A short account was given last week of the supposed murder of a young woman named Minnie Hicks, aged 23, by Frederick Jordan, negro wharf labourer. She kept house for Jordan and Albert Johnson, at Sydney-place, and was last seen alive at the house occupied by a glassblower […]

Labourer Acquitted of Murder

ON THIS YEAR – July 5, 1974 A young labourer who shot and killed a judo instructor at North Altona on July 5 last year was acquitted of murder but found guilty of manslaughter by a Criminal Court jury today. Mr Justice Crockett sentenced the labourer, Mr David Robert Elbourne, 24, of Morwell, to nine […]


On This Day…… 5th July 1874 John Butler was transferred from the Collingwood Asylum to the Ararat Lunatic Asylum on 16th of November 1868; he had been committed by his wife Mary from kangaroo Flat, Sandhurst. Butler was known by police as a violent man, prone to public outbursts. On the 5th of July 1874 […]

Murder Charge of Peter Long

ON THIS DAY – July 5, 1910 MURDER CHARGE Peter Long, a Chinese herbalist, of Ballarat, was placed on trial in the Supreme Court to-day on a charge of murder. The charge arose out of the death of the young woman, Florence Hill Jelbart, in Long’s house on July 5. Long was tried in Ballarat […]

From Rock and Roll Band Manager to Prime Minister

Paul Keating the 24th Prime Minister of Australia left school at the age of 14, and managed a rock band called The Ramrods. Keating is the only Australian PM to be on the cover of the Rolling Stones Magazine. As Prime Minister Keating asked journalists to stop photographing his bald patch.

Frank Tilker

On This Day ……. 5th of July 1910 A prisoner named Frank Tilker, was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for larceny at Willaura, was brought from the Ballarat Gaol on this day in 1910 by Constable Hooley to serve his sentence in the Geelong Gaol.  

Wizard Shot

On this day …….. 5th of July 1858 Bang went the gun and down fell the wizard. The Yackandandah audience in North East Victoria, thought it was part of the act, but it wasn’t. Exact details of the incident were not clear, but the showman, magician, was evidently performing a trick involving a weapon, trying […]

Escape By Stealing Prison Car

On This Day…..4th July 1966 Two youths escaped from Langi Kal Kal training Prison, near Ballarat in the prison-owned station sedan this on this day in 1966. Neither the youths nor the Government vehicle had been found. Prisoners where believe to have headed to Melbourne.

Lion Attack

On this day …….. 4th of July 1954 Women ran screaming from a Durban circus on this night in 1954, as six lions fatally mauled their tamer. The lions injured two men who went to the tamer’s aid. The tamer, Willian Coetzee, died in hospital three hours after the attack. The six lions mauled him […]


ON THIS DAY – July 4, 1984 BARRY QUINN In Pentridge Prison, Alex Tsakmakis shared a cell with double murderer Barry Robert Quinn. They had a tense relationship and Quinn would often bait his hot-headed inmate to cause trouble. One day he pushed Tsakmakis too far. Quinn brought up the memory of the rape of […]