Much Hooha About Yoo Hoo

On this day …….. 6th of July 1973 A new American drink came rolling off the production line at a Wangaratta factory in Victoria. The product was called “Yoo Hoo” flavoured milk sold in bottles. It was going to be the success story of the century, and Wangaratta was going to be leading the charge […]

Double Lottery Winner

On this day …….. 6th of July 1955 Mr C. J. Vernon of Kew, Victoria won fourth prize in two different lotteries on this day in 1955.  

Lunatic Escaped – Sunbury Asylum

On This Day…….6th of July 1902 Riddell’s Creek One of the inmates of the lunatic asylum at Sunbury escaped on the 6th of July 1902, but was caught at Riddell’s Creek by one of the warders, assisted by Mr. J. Keiley. The man had been out all Saturday night, which was a rough and wet […]

Escaped From Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum Kitchen

On This Day…… 6th July 1886 Escaped Lunatic – John Fleming John Fleming, a lunatic at Yarra Bend, escaped from the cook-house of the institution on the 6th of July, and could not be traced. The police have been apprised of the escape, and requested to forward any particulars of his whereabouts which they may obtain […]

The Death of Ah Fook

ON THIS DAY – JULY 6, 1889 Ah Choey, Ah Lem and Ah Fook were at Gee Jack’s house in the Chinese camp in Minyip on the night of 6 July 1889. Gee Jack ran the camp’s ‘opium shop’.Jessie Ah Chin was there smoking and drinking with some other women and Chinese men. Ah Fook […]

Wedge-tailed eagle tries to take child

Wedge-tailed eagle tries to snatch Victorian boy at the Birds of Prey show in Alice Springs A YOUNG Victorian was left shaken and bloodied after a wedge-tailed eagle tried to take off with him at the Alice Springs Desert Park during last week’s Birds of Prey show. The encounter, on July 6, 2016 left a […]

13 Funky Facts About Vegemite

1) Australians spread about 1.2 billion serves of Vegemite on toast, bread or biscuits every year. If this was all placed end to end, it would go around the world three times. 2) 235 jars of Vegemite can be produced every minute at Kraft Foods’ Port Melbourne manufacturing facility. That’s 338,400 jars a day. 3) […]


ON THIS DAY – JULY 6, 1887 Bridget Mephan arrived from Wagga this afternoon. Numbers of people assembled at the various stations along the line, but there was no demonstration of feeling towards the prisoner, she appears depressed, and say’s nothing, She will be brought up on Monday, and remanded. A reticule and papers in […]

Last Heavy Japanese Bombing Attacks on Darwin

On this day …….. 6th of July 1943 Darwin, capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory, was just a small town with a civilian population of less than 2000 during World War II. Nonetheless, it was a strategically-placed naval port and airbase. The first of an estimated 64 air raids against Darwin during 1942-43 occurred on […]

Prime Minister first job was shovel manure from Parliament House

Chris Watson Australia’s 3rd Prime Minister was born in Chile, South America and never became a British subject, so he was technically not eligible to sit in the Australian parliament let alone become Prime Minister. Watson become the first Labour Prime Minister in the World. One of his first jobs was to shovel horse manure […]

Inspector of Penal Departments

On This Day ……. 6th of July 1910 Mr. W. A. Callaway, acting Inspector of Penal Departments, was in Geelong on this day in 1910, and paid an official visit to the Geelong gaol. He went through theinstitution in company with the governor, Mr. G. W. Furnell, and found everything satisfactory.  

The Execution of Peter Dotselaere

EXECUTED THIS DAY – JULY 6, 1865 The execution of Peter Dotselaere, for the murder of Catherine Sarah Jacobs, took place at the gaol yesterday morning. It will be remembered that the prisoner was convicted and sentenced to death at the last Criminal Sittings, for having on the night of the 28th of May, murdered […]