Mont Park Escape – PRISONER’S ESCAPE

On This Day…….8th of July 1934 George Fairburn, alias Fuller, 41, a Pentridge prisoner, escaped from the Creswell Sanatorium at Mont Park on the 11th of July 1934. The penal authorities, who have appealed for public co-operation in recapturing Fairburn, state that he had been placed in the Sanatorium because of illness. He was suffering […]

Shot at Constable

ON THIS DAY….. 8th July 1919 The second trial of Albert John Western, who was presented on charges of larceny and of having shot at Constable Robert John Wilson with intent to murder him took place before Judge Woinarski. The Crown case was that Western, dressed in a woman’s clothing, entered a shop in Balaclava […]

Sydney’s Electricity Supply Switched On

On this day …….. 8th of July 1904 The development of electric lighting is regarded as a major milestone in history. Inventors began experimenting with electric lighting from the early 1800s, but it was not until the 1870s that English physicist Sir Joseph Swan produced the first electric light bulb. Thomas Alva Edison then perfected […]

A Man Over the Gaol Wall

On This Day ……. 8th of July 1870 Considerable excitement was created in Geelong on this day in 1870 at about 1pm by the cry of “A man over the gaol wall!” The fugitive was said to have effected his escape by scaling the wall and made his way towards the Lagoon Bridge. Horsemen rushed […]

Nigger Minstrel Troupe – Prime Minister Arthur Fadden

Arthur Fadden the 13th Prime Minister of Australia liked socialising, sport, and theatre. He was once a member of an acting group in Mackay called the Nigger Minstrel Troupe. Yes that’s right …..It’s pretty much white people painting on a black face and doing that racist thing.

The Carlton Murder – THE INQUEST

ON THIS DAY – July 8, 1889 The inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the murder of the woman Annie Thornton was resumed at the morgue to-day. The self-confessed murderer, Phillip Costello, was present in custody; and although a Spanish interpreter was present for his benefit, his services were hardly required, as the prisoner maintained a […]

Denyer’s Second Murder

ON THIS DAY – July 8, 1993 Deborah Fream, 22, had given birth to her first child 10 days earlier. With a friend over for dinner, Debbie popped down to the local store to purchase a litre of milk. While she was in the store, her killer crept into the back seat of her car. […]