Serial Killers and what to look for

International research has found a number of common characteristics among serial killers and their murders:

• serial murder is predominantly committed by white/Caucasian males of moderate to high intelligence.
• serial killers are usually aged in their mid-twenties with a mean age of 30, and the typical age range between 25 and 40 years.
• serial killings are usually intra-racial.
• serial killers are more likely to act alone.
• serial killers most commonly use strangulation or beating as a means of killing.
• male serial killers are more likely to use strangulation, stabbing, ligature weapons, hands or feet (beating), cause injury to victim’s head and genitalia (anus), bind victims and sexually assault victims.
• female serial killers are relatively uncommon – an overseas study of 200 serial killers found 12 to 17 percent were women.
• female serial killers were motivated by a need for financial security, revenge, enjoyment, and sexual stimulation.
• female serial killers who act alone are more likely to use poison as a method of killing.
• serial killers usually premeditate their crimes, frequently fantasising and planning with detail, including the specific victim.
• serial killers are likely to use similar event locations (but different physical locations) for their crimes, move the body from one location to another and dispose of the body in remote locations.