On This Day – 24th March 1858 Convict Mary Cameron was charged at the Geelong Gaol with misconduct by the Acting Matron and sentenced to 7 days in solitary confinement and half rations by The Gaoler.    

Disobedience Charge by Sharry

On This Day – 24th March 1866 Convict Jeremiah Lee was charged at the Geelong Gaol with disobedience of orders by Turnkey Sharry and was sentenced to be discredited from billet by the Governor.  

Escape From Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

ON THIS DAY …….. 24th March 1881 Michael Farly was committed on the 1st of September 1880, Farly was a farm at Lake Rowan, near Benalla, where he resided on a 100 arc. He escaped from the asylum on the 24th march 1881.    

Five Years’ Gaol For Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY ……. 24th March 1951 YARRAWALLA SOUTH Herbert Frederick Wason aged 16, of Long Gully, Bendigo, was sent to gaol for five years by for the manslaughter of his former employer. Wason, who cannot read or write and is said to have the mental age of about 9 1/2 years, was charged with […]

Release of a Prisoner

On This Day – 24th March 1895 The Mayor of Geelong stated that he had signed a petition to be presented to the acting governor asking for the release from gaol of Mrs Hoffman, of Pettavel. He intended also joining a deputation to wait on the Acting Governor, and urging for Mrs Hoffman’s liberation. He […]

Rolling a Beer Barrel

ON THIS DAY …….. 24th March 1940 Jack Flakhead from Daylesford, Victoria, won a wager of £25 on this day in 1940 by rolling a beer barrel from Old Hepburn to Daylesford, a distance of 6km, in one hour and 12 minutes.    

Murder 12 Years Earlier

ON THIS DAY………24th March 1939 DUMOSA A man was charged with the murder of a man 12 years earlier. The man, Harry Richard Bugg aged 37, of Nothcote, was charged with the murder of Murray Herbert Ling, 26, at Dumosa on this day in 1939. Police charged Bugg after they had inspected a hut and […]

Escape From Ararat Lunatic Asylum

ON THIS DAY …….. 24th March 1883 David Chalmens was committed to Ararat Lunatic Asylum on the 14th of July 1869, by his brother Alex Chalmens. Chalmens was a Black Smith for the Port Phillip Mining Company in Clunes. On admission Chalmens was described but the Medical Superintendent Dr William Armstrong as Convalescent. Chalmens escaped […]

Confined by Brodie

On This Day – 24th March 1863 Convict William Gilmore was charged at the Geelong Gaol with disobedience of orders by the Senior Turnkey and was sentenced to 24 hours solitary confinement by Governor Charles Brodie.  


ON THIS DAY …….. 24th March 1872 Bright in North East Victoria, got and lost a new suspension bridge across the Ovens River on this day in 1872. The bridge had been open to the public late on the afternoon on the 23rd March, and overnight a large group of larrikins returning from a hotel […]

The St Kilda Murder

ON THIS DAY …….. 24th March 1890 ST KILDA Henry Bennett was charged with the murder of his uncle, George Thomas May, at St. Kilda, on this day in 1890. A plea of insanity was advanced by the defence. Bennett, who is a youth, shot May alleging that he had mistreated his mother, Mrs. Bennett. […]

Execution of Wilson

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 23rd of March 1891 John Wilson, age 23 was executed in Old Melbourne gaol John Wilson, a tram conductor, was engaged to 24-year-old domestic servant Stella Leah Marks. On the 24th of January 1891, he saw her walking arm in arm with another man in Bourke street and on seeing […]