Murder of Mrs Hall

ON THIS DAY – February 22, 1897 The murder by Charles John Hall, of his wife at Eaglehawk, on the 22nd of February 1897, is one of the most brutal and cowardly in the annals of Victorian crime. Hall was a well-known footballer, and when he rushed away to call the neighbors to see his […]

Escape Boggo Road Gaol

On this day ………… 22nd February 1924 A prisoner, Benjamin Metcalf, alias C. Mitchell, aged 40 years, who was serving an indeterminate sentence as an habitual criminal, escaped from Boggo-road Gaol, Brisbane on this day in 1924. The escape was effected in a most ingenious manner, a rope ladder, made from strands of waxed thread […]

Murdered Over Stolen Beer

ON THIS DAY – February 22, 1924 William Thomas Warren Brooke, was charged with murdering David Wilson at South Melbourne on the 22nd of February. lt is alleged that Brooke knocked Wilson down outside the Silver Gate Hotel after, it was alleged, that Wilson had stolen his beer. The hotel was demolished on the 1st […]

Attempted Murder Of Policeman

ON THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 22, 1931 Charged with the attempted murder of Constable Hutchison at Whitfield, North East Victoria, on the 22nd February, Joseph McFarlane, 38, a rabbit trapper was remanded by the City Court, Wangaratta. The prosecuting officer alleged that Constable Hutchison tried to arrest McFarlane, the latter grabbed a gun and shot […]

Greatest Shakespearian Actor

On this day ………… 22nd February 1860 The whole population of Chiltern in North East Victoria, was waiting on the arrival of the greatest Shakespearian actor of his time. The celebrated G.V. Brooke, who was on tour of the Colonies, and due to perform in Chiltern on this day in 1860, but failed to arrive. […]

Took Wife Out Screaming

ON THIS DAY – February 22, 1953 LEO ROUSE – WINDSOR The wife of a man committed for trial on a murder charge in the Coroner’s Court was led, screaming and crying, from the court. Her husband, George Ernest Marsden, 31, labourer, was committed for trial by the Deputy Coroner Mr. Wade, on a charge […]

Criminal Offence

On This Day – 22nd February 1902 William Hope, who is under sentence of death for the criminal offence upon a girl at Warrnambool, was brought to the Geelong gaol on this day in 1902. He does not appear to realise his grave position. He was detained pending consideration or his case by the Executive […]

Abortion in Richmond

ON THIS DAY – February 22, 1934 At an inquest into the death of Mrs Gertrude May Leyshan aged 32 years formerly of Docker street Richmond at her home on the 22nd of February, the coroner (Mr D. Grant P.M.) committed May Allen, of Cremorne street Richmond for trial at the Supreme Court on the […]

30 Minutes Imprisonment

On this day ………… 22nd February 1942 On this day in 1942, two men who were arrested in Sydney, after their names were found in the address book of another gay man. They were sentenced to just 30 minutes imprisonment for their offence, as the testimony of a well respected psychiatrist led the judge to […]

First Solo Flight from England to Australia

On this day ………… 22nd February 1928 In 1919, when the Australian Federal Government announced a race in which it was offering £10,000 prize for the first Australians to fly from England to Australia within 30 days, this signalled a new era of ‘firsts’ in Australian aviation. The race was won by brothers Ross and […]

Escaped Leopard

On this day ………… 22nd February 1914 On this day in 1914 a leopard escaped from its cage at the Melbourne Zoological Gardens, and was found prowling outside the room in which the director’s three daughters were sleeping. The director rushed at the animal, which escaped from the grounds and wandered to the suburb of […]

Murder of Frederick Westbury

ON THIS DAY – February 21, 1931 FREDERICK WESTBURY – VERMONT William John Dashwood, 29, labourer, of Vermont, was charged with having murdered Frederick Westbury, 33, who was driving with his family at Vermont on February 21. It was stated in court that the murder was a brutal affair, a most deliberate murder. This defendant […]