Golden Goose

While cutting up a goose, Roy Stewart from Warooka, South Australia, butcher found a gold nugget in the giblet bag. He brought dozens of others from the same source hoping to repeat the find but he never again found the goose that laid the golden egg………  

Rat Catchers

Although residents on Lord Howe Island loved a happy life free of taxes and rates, the man of each household was committed by law to set a side a day a week to catch rats.  

Black Sheep – New Zealand

When a flock of 565 pure white sheep, loaded on to a train at Taihape, New Zealand were brought out at their destination they had all turned black. When the train entered a tunnel thick fumes had brought about the amazing transformation.  

Coughed up a baby snake

While eating a lollipop in the early 1900’s, an Adelaide schoolgirl felt a tickling in her throat, coughed and bought up a small snake. A doctor worked out that while eating watercress several weeks earlier, she had swallowed an egg which had miraculously developed.  

Camels escape from circus in Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren

On This Day ……. 10th July 2014 Three camels hoofed it from a circus in Melbourne’s south-east, leading police on an early morning camel muster on Thursday. Police were called to a service station on Princes Highway in Narre Warren just before 4am, where the three camels were munching on trees, a police spokeswoman said. […]

Wedge-tailed eagle tries to take child

Wedge-tailed eagle tries to snatch Victorian boy at the Birds of Prey show in Alice Springs A YOUNG Victorian was left shaken and bloodied after a wedge-tailed eagle tried to take off with him at the Alice Springs Desert Park during last week’s Birds of Prey show. The encounter, on July 6, 2016 left a […]

Were Tasmanian Tigers Native to Victoria

Certainly per European history shows Tasmanian Tigers-Zebra Wolfs (Thylacine) roamed large parts of main land Australia. There is plenty of evidence in fossil remains and Aboriginal cave art. But is it possible they still lived in Victoria as little as 100 years ago. Interesting idea when the last known Thylacine died at the Hobart Zoo […]


On This Day …… 22nd June 1928 Alarm was caused in certain suburbs on the 22nd of June 1928, when a report was circulated that a lion had escaped from the Royal Park Zoo, Melbourne. A statement to that effect was said to have been broadcast by radio, but all the broadcasting stations gave it […]

Circus animals escape in Broome

On This Day ……. 6th June 2013 A number of circus animals have been recaptured after breaking loose in the middle of Broome. Cows, camels, llamas, horses and donkeys escaped from their temporary enclosure on Male Oval this morning after a fence post came loose. It took Circus Royale staff about 10 minutes to round […]

A Man Shot by a Monkey!

On this day …….. 21st of April 1934 Chance has played many curious tricks, but never before one such as was played at about 10 o’clock last night, with Madame Prince and her monkey Tarzan the principals in an amazing episode at Wirth’s Circus. Towards the end of their act Tarzan, the monkey shoots, from […]

Vermin Infested House

On This Day – April 7, 1912 Minnie Kinsley, married, was charged at the Fitzroy Court to-day with having her premises in such a state as to be a nuisance. Charles James Eassie (sanitary inspector) stated that the house rented by Mrs. Kingsley contained eight rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, and 19 people were […]

Heat Kills Lion Cubs and Platypuses

Melbourne – February 1st, 1946 The recent heat wave in Melbourne is thought to have been responsible for the death of ‘three of the quintuplets born to the lioness Jinja at the Zoo. The births are an Australian and possibly a world record. Zoo officials are now desperately striving to save the lives of the two surviving cubs. In addition to the three […]