Sea monster reported North of Australia

On this day …….. 18th September 1876 Reports have abounded of sightings of sea monsters for thousands of years. Usually such sightings involve only a small number of witnesses. However, occasionally such creatures have been seen by large numbers of people. On 18 September 1876, the ‘Straits Times Overland Journal’ ran an editorial, reporting on […]

Discovery of unknown species of bottlenose dolphin – Australia

On this day …….. 15th September 2011 There are almost 40 species of dolphins worldwide. Bottlenose dolphins are the most common, and belong to the genus ‘Tursiops’. Found in temperate and tropical seas all over the world, for many years it was believed there were only two species of bottlenose dolphins: the Common Bottlenose Dolphin […]

Elephant kills circus hand – Gunnedah

On this day …….. 15th September 1987 An elephant crushed a circus worker to death in Gunnedah, North East New South Wales, as spectators watched in horror. Sergeant John Wilkinson, of Gunnedah police, said the man, in his early 50s, had been working with Ashton’s Circus for about 18 months. He was killed when he […]

Circus lion escaped into audience – Sydney

On this day …….. 11th September 1950 A lion escaped and jumped among the audience during an act at Bullen Brother Circus in Sydney on this night in 1950. Some of the audience began to panic, but the lion had left the tent before they recovered from their surprise. The lion was sitting on a […]

Lion causes a riot – Shepparton

On this day …….. 10th September 1952 More than 4000 people panicked when a lion escaped from a circus cage at the Shepparton Show, Central Victoria, on this day 1952. Adults knocked over children and women fainted in a wild scramble away from the lion, which was loose for 20 minutes. The lion ran to […]

Drunken Swine

On This Day….. 9th Sept 2013 A rampage by a feral pig that consumed 18 beers has prompted warnings for people at campsites to properly secure their food and alcohol. The pig struck at the DeGrey River rest area, east of the remote Western Australian town of Port Hedland in the Pilbara, according to the […]

River Bunyip seen again – Wentworth

On this day …….. 9th September 1949 The “Murray bunyip” has been sighted again. Mr. Brian Blake, of St. Kilda, who is visiting a relative in Wentworth, South West New South Wales, said he had seen the creature swimming in the Darling River, at the rear of the district hospital. He described it as being […]

Last known Thylacine – Tasmanian Tiger dies

On this day …….. 7th September 1936 The Thylacine, more commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger, was a large carnivorous marsupial. Now believed to be extinct, the thylacine was coloured yellow-brown to grey, with dark stripes across its back from shoulders to tail. Limited to Tasmania in recent times, the discovery of fossils in mainland […]

Baby Lions escape in zoo – Melbourne

On This Day ……. 7th September 1948 On the 7th of September 1948, Lions were loose at the Melbourne zoo at the height of the storm at 3am., but the zoo authorities said they were only little ones. They were the three six months’ old cubs, Wally, Stew, and Flo. They escaped when a tree […]

Lions escape exposed as hoax – Stawell

On This Day ……. 6th September 2012 Reports that lions escaped the visiting Lennon Bros Circus in Stawell, Western Victoria, have been exposed as a hoax. Social network website Facebook went into overdrive with rumours that a lion was on the loose around the town. Cheryl Lennon, manager of Lennon Bros Circus, said the reports […]

Bunyip Sighting – Mildura

On this day …….. 5th September 1949 A strange creature reportedly seen in the Murray River, Mildura on this day in 1949, may have been a trained seal or sea-lion. One escaped from a travelling menagerie in Wangaratta about two years earlier, and was believed to have slipped into a river.  

Steve Irwin killed by a stingray

On this day …….. 4th September 2006 Stephen Robert “Steve” Irwin was born on 22 February 1962 in Essendon, Melbourne, Victoria. He moved to Queensland when he was still a child, where his parents developed and ran the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park. For his sixth birthday, young Steve received his greatest wish – his […]