Convict died in Geelong gaol after 72 years sentenced

ON THIS DAY…… 18th September 1904   The Argus News Paper reported on this day, “Australia has another record to place to its list. Frederick Clarke died in a Geelong gaol last week. Born in 1829, he had been sentenced to terms aggregating 72 years and six months.  

Threatened Suicide

ON THIS DAY…… 17th September 1902 A young man named John O’Brien, 28 years, on this day in 1902 threatened if he were not locked up he would commit suicide, and he was placed in the watch- house on a charge of vagrancy, and given a month’s imprisonment. O’Brien appears to be in the last […]

Convicts in Victoria

ON THIS DAY…… 16th September 1861 On this day in 1861, there were altogether 291 prisonors in the gaols of Melbourne; 214 males and 3 females in the Central Gaol; 31 males and 43 females in the Western Gaol. Tho prisoners are classified as follow:-Awaiting trial at the Police Court, 18 males, 1 female ; […]

Timothy Trueman brought from Pentridge

ON THIS DAY…… 15th September 1910 Timothy Trueman a one time a prosperous citizen of Geelong but later incarcerated for vagrancy at the Geelong Gaol. Trueman escorted from the Geelong gaol to Pentridge on this day 1910. He was placed into a special departments for probationary treatment.  

9 Convicts Arrive

ON THIS DAY…… 14th September 1900 9 Convicts Arrive A batch of nine prisoners arrived from Melbourne to the Geelong gaol on this day in1900 to complete sentences. They were escorted by three constables.  

Watchmaker died at Geelong Gaol

ON THIS DAY…… 14th September 1908 A prisoner named John Jackson, described as a watchmaker, died in the Geelong gaol on this day in 1908. He was in a sentence of five years’ imprisonment imposed in Melbourne in April for larceny. In March of the present year he was transferred from Pentridge to the Geelong […]

Percy Ramage brought back to Geelong Gaol

ON THIS DAY…… 14th September 1900 The prisoner, Percy Ramage, who himself conspicuous at the Bendigo gaol few days ago by misconduct, was on this day in 1900 brought to the Geelong gaol to complete a lengthy sentence for an assault with violets. He was removed from Bendigo to Geelong account of ill-health.  

Geelong gaol known as the seaside resort

ON THIS DAY…… 13th September 1901 Among the criminal fraternity, the Geelong gaol is known as the ” seaside resort,” whether from its proximity to the sea or its notoriety as a recuperating station it is hard to say. The latter assumption seems correct, for almost weekly a consignment or prisoners in the last stages […]

Letter Thrown Over The Fence Of The Governor’s Quarters

ON THIS DAY…… 12th September 1910 This morning a letter was thrown over the fence of the Governor’s quarters at the Geelong Gaol. It was written apparently by a woman. It bore no signature beyond the initials “A.E.,” and stated that on receipt of £20 the writer would give good information relative to the theft […]

Charged With Stealing Cloths

ON THIS DAY…… 11th September 1907 At the Colac Police Court on this day in 1907, Edgar Marchant Cust was charged with stealing a suit of clothes, the property of Charles Tyzack, an over coat, the property of Harry Gamble, and a brief bag, the property of John Donegan. He was sentenced to Geelong Gaol. […]

Escaped from Geelong Gaol

ON THIS DAY…… 10th September 1861 On this day in 1861, between half-past six and seven o’clock, a prisoner, named Reefe, under a sentence of three years imprisonment with hard labour, broke out of the Geelong Gaol, and got clear off without being missed until some time had elapsed. Information was immediately forwarded to the […]

Geelong Benevolent Asylum

ON THIS DAY…… 9th September 1901 An old man named O’Driscoll, who refused to remain in the local benevolent asylum, was charged with vagrancy at the police court on this day 1901, and was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment in the Geelong Gaol.