Curse of Ned Kelly

ON THIS DAY…… 23rd November 1880 Curse of Ned Kelly After a very short illness Judge Sir Redmond Barry died in East Melbourne on the 23rd November 1880, only twelve days after the execution of Ned Kelly. Once passing the death sentence of the notorious bush ranger Ned Kelly, Kelly stated “We will both be […]

First working farm in Australia

ON THIS DAY…… 21st November 1789 Convict James Ruse establish first working farm in Australia James Ruse was born on a farm in Cornwall around 1759. At age 22, he was convicted of burglary and, due to severe over-crowding in British gaols, spent over four years on the prison hulks in Plymouth Harbour. He was […]

Convict George Cairns Bradshaw

ON THIS DAY…… 20th November 1900 Convict George Cairns Bradshaw George Cairns Bradshaw, a married man, was charged with an unlawful assault upon Jane Bateman at Terang, on 20th October. Mr Garnet appeared to prosecute for the Crown. On being arraigned, the prisoner pleaded guilty and was returned to the cell whilst His Honour perused […]

Death of William Erwin – Geelong Gaol

ON THIS DAY……19th November 1921 Death of William Henry Erwin The deputy coroner Mr. W. R. Anderson, conducted an inquest into the death at the Geelong Gaol. William Henry Erwin who was undergoing a sentence. Dr. Croke stated that death was due to apoplexy caused by cerebral hemorrhage, and a verdict was returned accordingly.

Man believe he was a motor car

ON THIS DAY…… 18th November 1905 Man believes he was a motor car The unfortunate man Keane, who created a sensation, at Colac by imagining be was a motor car and dashing head foremost into trees and buildings, is still in a demented condition in the Geelong gaol, where he was admitted a fortnight ago. […]

Australia’s youngest bushranger

ON THIS DAY…… 18th November 1879 One of Australia’s youngest bushrangers, a fifteen-year-old member of Captain Moonlite’s gang, is shot and killed. Augustus Wernicke was one of Australia’s youngest bushrangers, and part of Captain Moonlite’s gang. Captain Moonlite, aka Andrew George Scott, became a bushranger upon his release from gaol, eight years after robbing the […]

Notorious gangster – Percy Ramage

ON THIS DAY…… 17th November 1900 Notorious gangster Percy Ramage starts fight Two of three prisoners in the local gaol, Percy Ramage and Patrick Prendergast, quarrelled on this day in 1900, and a stand up fight resulted. The pair were brought before the visiting magistrate, and each was sentenced to seven days solitary confinement.

90 year old man sent to Geelong Gaol

ON THIS DAY…… 16th November 1904 90 year old man sent to Geelong gaol The old man John Bartram, 90 years of age, was found by Constable Zimmer in Aberdeen-street in a helpless state from illness, and was subsequently removed to the gaol hospital, was remanded for a week at Geelong West, by Mr. F. […]

Notorious gangster

ON THIS DAY…… 15th November 1901 Notorious gangster Percy Ramage cuts his throat A desperate affray occurred within the gaol walls last night, which almost ended in a tragedy. Whilst one of the warders was searching the prisoners in their cells prior to their being locked up for the night, he was startled, on entering […]

New convicts arrive in Geelong

ON THIS DAY…… 14th November 1902 Five new convict arrive at Geelong gaol Five prisoners of the vagrant class, under the escort, of two constables, arrived by the midday train from Melbourne on this day, and were taken to the Geelong gaol, where they will complete their sentences. The oldest of the batch is 83 […]

death of William Robertson – Geelong Gaol

ON THIS DAY…… 13th November 1902 Death of William Robertson at Geelong Gaol The circumstances connected with the death at the Geelong gaol of an elderly prisoner named William Robertson formed the subject of a magisterial inquiry before Mr P. Smyth, J.P. After hearing the evidence of Dr Croker, a verdict was returned that death […]

Public execution in Geelong

ON THIS DAY…… 11th November 1854 Public executions in Geelong Execution on this day in 1854, two men, who had been convicted, one of administering poison, and the other of murder, were executed at the Geelong gaol. The crowd outside the gaol numbered about 2000, to witness this, the first instance of public execution in […]