Female Prisoners at Geelong Gaol

April 23rd, 1894 A reduction In the staff at the Geelong Gaol has been effected through the adoption by the Penal department of new arrangements in regard to the disposal of female prisoners of the vagrant class, for whom special accommodation has been provided at Pentridge. All the enfeebled women will be transferred to the Coburg penitentiary, only female prisoners […]

William O’Meally

William John O’Meally was a career criminal who was convicted of the murder of Constable George Howell at Caulfield in 1952 O’Meally was born in 1920 as Joseph Thompson in Young, NSW.  The family moved to Sydney when he was 11 but his parents marriage dissolved not long after, and up to 14 years of […]

The First Execution in Victoria

The very first execution in the then Port Phillip district was of two aboriginal men Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner, colloquially known as Bob and Jack. Bob and Jack were part of a group that had been brought over to the mainland by the Protector of the Aborigines, George Robinson.  It was believed that they would be […]

Caught by a Baker 1903

When being transferred from the Watchhouse to the Geelong Gaol on 16th of January 1903, a young man named Flowers who the previous day at Camperdown had been committed for trial for the alleged theft of money and jewellery from the Talindert Estate, made a determined attempt to escape. Senior Constable Harley was escorting Flowers […]

Welcome to 2018!!

Well we might be a little bit late to the new year this year!!  But nevertheless Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! In our defence we have been busy in the background finding and securing some new adventures for the Twisted History for this year, some we will be letting you know about very soon!  […]

Escape of the Faraday School Kidnapper

ON THIS DAY…… 16th December 1972 Edwin Eastwood famous for the Faraday School Kidnapping in 1972, and Michael Pantic escaped from the Geelong Gaol on the 16th of December 1976. The men tunnelled though two doubled skinned brick wells, cut through a padlock to an outside excise yard and scaled the external wall and were […]

Escape from Castlemaine gaol

On this day …….. 15th of December 1899 James Williams, who escaped from the Castlemaine gaol on the 9th of August 1889, was charged at the police court on this day in 1899, with that offence. He was described by Mr. Daly, governor of the gaol, as an incorrigible young man, and Mr. G. T. […]

Escape from Pentridge Gaol

On this day …….. 15th of December 1940 A man arrested at North Sydney on this day in 1940, on a charge of stealing from the Milson’s Point Hotel was later charged with being an escapee from Pentridge gaol, Victoria. He was arrested on the stealing charge by Constables Scarfe and Edwards, of North Sydney, […]


ON THIS DAY…… 10th December 1908 John Kane was sentenced to three months imprisonment at the Geelong gaol for larceny. Kane, who was 6ft. 3in. high, and weighs 15 stone, was suspected of stealing £2 from a mate, on a station near Camperdown, and after quietly submitting to arrest, he pleaded guilty, and was summarily […]

Curse of Ned Kelly

ON THIS DAY…… 23rd November 1880 Curse of Ned Kelly After a very short illness Judge Sir Redmond Barry died in East Melbourne on the 23rd November 1880, only twelve days after the execution of Ned Kelly. Once passing the death sentence of the notorious bush ranger Ned Kelly, Kelly stated “We will both be […]

First working farm in Australia

ON THIS DAY…… 21st November 1789 Convict James Ruse establish first working farm in Australia James Ruse was born on a farm in Cornwall around 1759. At age 22, he was convicted of burglary and, due to severe over-crowding in British gaols, spent over four years on the prison hulks in Plymouth Harbour. He was […]

Convict George Cairns Bradshaw

ON THIS DAY…… 20th November 1900 Convict George Cairns Bradshaw George Cairns Bradshaw, a married man, was charged with an unlawful assault upon Jane Bateman at Terang, on 20th October. Mr Garnet appeared to prosecute for the Crown. On being arraigned, the prisoner pleaded guilty and was returned to the cell whilst His Honour perused […]