Letter Thrown Over The Fence Of The Governor’s Quarters

ON THIS DAY…… 12th September 1910 This morning a letter was thrown over the fence of the Governor’s quarters at the Geelong Gaol. It was written apparently by a woman. It bore no signature beyond the initials “A.E.,” and stated that on receipt of £20 the writer would give good information relative to the theft […]

Attempted Escape Geelong Gaol

On this day …….. 1st September 1928 James McMahon, aged 33 years, a prisoner who was serving a sentence of seven years for an offence against a girl in Essendon, Victoria, McMahon was first placed in Pentridge, but after a unsuccessful attempt to escape he was transferred to Geelong Gaol. On the 1st of September […]

Attempted murder of Constable Vizard

On This Day ……. 25th of August 1889 John Hassett was tried along with Francis De La Veillies for attempted murder of Constable Vizard on the 25th of August 1889. The two men had been having an altercation near the intersection of Lygon Street and Queensberry Street in Carlton, when Constable Vizard asked them to […]

Ah Cheong the Chinese cook – Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 21st of August 1883 Ah Cheong, the Chinese cook who assaulted Mr Anderson, the second officer of the pilot schooner Mavis, on this day in 1883, was remanded for eight days to the Geelong gaol. Mr Anderson is progressing favourably, and was sent to the Geelong Hospital by this evenings train. […]

Escape from Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 14th of August 1869 The Advertiser reports that a prisoner named John McHenry, who at the last sittings of the General Sessions was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment for stealing saddles, made his escape from the Geelong Gaol, in a manner which leads to the presumption that he received assistance from […]

Murder at the Warrnambool Court House

ON THIS DAY …….4th August 1863 A dreadful murder was perpetrated at Warrnambool on this day in 1863, by a prisoner called James Murphy, on a Constable named Daniel O’Boyle. The murder was committed in the Court house, while O’Boyle was stooping down it is presumed to light the fire in the room of the […]

Camperdown Hotel

On This Day ……. 31st of July 1890 An inquiry into the supposed murder of George Avery, at the Camperdown Hotel, the particulars of which appeared in The Argus, was commenced in the Camperdown Police Court on this day in 1890, Mr. Heron, P. M. , and a jury of five. A man who occupied […]

Aboriginal Convict

On This Day ……. 30th of July 1929 An Aboriginal, aged 74 years, was on this day in 1929 completed two months imprisonment in Geelong Gaol, declined to leave when he was discharged. It was only after several hours of trouble that he was pressured to sign his property out and go. It was the […]

Rev. Robert Kelly

On This Day ……. 29th of July 1913 A very bright service was conducted at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1913, by Rev. Robert Kelly, who was accompanied by a small party of ladies to assist the music. Thirty-three of the prismiers took part, and entered into the singing most heartily. Mr. Kelly […]

Royston Rennie

On This Day ……. 28th of July 1926 Royston Rennie, the young Geelong man who is awaiting death for having murdered John Greville, a bank clerk, made an unsuccessful application to the Court of Criminal Appeal on this day in 1926, for leave to appeal against his execution.  

An Official Visit

On This Day ……. 26th of July Mr. G. Read Murphy, P.M., paid an official visit to the Geelong gaol on this day in 1911. Amongst the generally orderly lot of old and infirm prisoners there he found few complaints of any moment, and no cases, of insubordination were brought under his notice.  

Convict Transferred

On This Day ……. 25th of July 1910 Three prisoners will be transferred from tho Geelong gaol to Pentridge on this day in 1910. Two of them are for discharge, and the other, a man, who was sentenced to a long term of imprisonment for shooting, at Constable Salisbury at Portarlington some years ago, is […]