Who Shot Richard Knight?

ON THIS DAY…… 18th September 1913 At the Lilydale Court on this day in 1913, the Coroner returned a verdict of murder against, somebody unknown in connection with the death of Richard Knight, who was found shot through the head. Although Detectives Arthur and Keily have questioned hundreds of people and traversed many miles of […]

Spring Creek Diggings Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 18th September 1854 When gold was first discovered in Beechworth in 1852, John Edward Cox was one of the first to arrive and set up business. He quickly became well known in the Spring Creek Digging as a reliable and trusted gentleman. With his business growing almost overnight with more and more […]

Murder of Mrs Aldous

ON THIS DAY…… 17th September 1919 A sensation was caused in Johnston street, Abbotsford, this evening, when Mrs Agnes Aldous, wife of Mr James Aldous, licensee of the Yarra Hotel, was pursued along the street by a man and shot dead in a room at the rear of a shop into which she fled for […]

Murder of Lue Tuck

On This Day – September 17, 1902 The inquest on the body of the Chinese market-gardener, Lue Tuck, who was found lying dead on the floor of his hut at Hopetoun, on September 17, was concluded on Saturday, Benjamin Patterson Jones, who is supposed to have been concerned in the the death, being present. The jury, after […]

Baby in a Paddock

ON THIS DAY…… 16th September 1881 Mr. Candler held an inquest at the Melbourne Morgue on the body of a newly born female child, which was found in a paddock at the Avenue, High Street, Windsor, at halt past 5 o’clock on this day in 1881. The body was wrapped in a piece of coarse […]

Execution of Castillo

EXECUTED THIS DAY – September 16, 1889 THE CARLTON MURDER. The last scene in the tragedy which opened in Somerset-place. Carlton, on the 8th July was enacted at the Melbourne Gaol at 10 o’clock yesterday morning, at which hour the miserable man Castillo suffered death at the hands of the common hangman. A minute or […]


ON THIS DAY…… 15th September 1910 Yeo Lee, otherwise known as Peter Long, a Chinese herbalist, was charged at Ballarat with having caused the death of Florence Jelbert, on this day in 1910.  The jury failed to agree, and the accused was remanded. Eleven members of tho jury forwarded a petition to the Attorney-General, stating […]

Murder of Atlas

ON THIS DAY…… 15th September 1869 Although old in appearance, Richard Atlas who also went by the alias of Ham and Eggs, was only 37 at the time of his death. Having lived in Wangaratta for 14 years, it is believed that Richard had inherited some £7000 and had previously travelled to Europe before he […]

Murchison Road Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 15th September 1877 A terrible murder was committed on the Murchison road, about half a mile from Rushworth, the victim being Henry Parkinson a miner and of Sergeant Parkinson, the sergeant in charge of the Prahran police station.The deceased had formerly had a mate, named Joseph Kelly, but they parted some time […]

Royal Park Murder

On This Day – September 14, 1914 Accused Sentenced to Death The Italian, Antonio Soro, was found guilty in the Criminal Court to-day of the murder at Royal-park, on September 14, of Miss Patricia Angela Bickett, school-teacher, aged 28, and was sentenced to death. Expert evidence was given of the accused’s sanity. When the jury […]

Body at Dunnolly

ON THIS DAY…… 14th September 1874 On Monday the 14th of September, shortly after 8am, a lad named McKenzie galloped into the Dunolly Police Camp to give information that he had found a man hung by the neck in the bush, just off the Tarnagalla main road, and about a mile and a half out […]

Brazel Victim

ON THIS DAY…… 13th September 1990 Gregory John ‘Bluey’ Brazel is a convicted Australian serial killer arsonist, armed robber currently serving three consecutive life sentences for the murders of prostitutes Sharon Taylor and Roslyn Hayward in 1990, and the murder of Mordialloc hardware store owner Mildred Hanmer during an armed robbery in 1982 for which […]