On This Day – November 25, 1935 Dr. Bothamley, charged with the murder of Dr. Loughnan at Carlton on November 25, was to-day further remanded for a week, bail being extended on the same conditions, defendant reporting daily to the police.

Stolen Aboriginal

ON THIS DAY…… 25th November 1789 Bennelong, the Aborigine, is captured, to be used as an intermediary between the Aboriginal and white cultures. The Aborigine Bennelong was a senior man of the Eora, a Koori, people of the Port Jackson area, when the First Fleet arrived in Australia, in 1788. He was captured on 25 […]

Murder of Bank Teller

On This Day – November 24, 1924 Douglas Robertson, aged 33 years, a skilled Worker, who was arrested at Sydney and, later charged at Melbourne with having murdered William Frederick Charles Almeida, bank teller, at Hampton, on November 24, 1924, was to-day again remanded. William¬†Almeida was a¬†teller of the Hampton agency of the Commercial Bank […]

Dutch explorer Abel Tasman

ON THIS DAY…… 24th November 1642 Dutch explorer Abel Tasman On the 24th of November 1642, Dutch explorer Abel Tasman discovered a previously unknown island on his voyage past the “Great South Land”, or “New Holland”, as the Dutch called Australia. He named it Van Diemen’s Land after the governor of Batavia. The Dutch, however, […]

Murder of William Braslin

ON THIS DAY – November 23, 1914 BEECHWORTH William Braslin was known by police as a Chinese camp loafer. He first came to their attention in July 1883 when William, his brother Frank, and another man named William Rowe were charged with wilfully setting fire to Sue Wing’s hut at the Chinese Camp. The boys […]

Stolen dead cat

ON THIS DAY…… 23rd November 1930 THIEF’S GOOD DEED Two business girls who share a flat in South Yarra were distressed when they found their pet cat dead. As their ‘yard’ consisted of a square or concrete, they could not give the body proper burial, and they did not like consigning it to the dust […]

World’s longest bare knuckle fight

ON THIS DAY…… 23rd November 1855 world’s longest bare knuckle fight The world’s longest bare knuckle fight took place at Fiery Creek, near Daylesford, Victoria, on this day in 1855. James Kelly and Jonathan Smith fought for six hours and fifteen minutes before the match was ended in a draw.


ON THIS DAY – November 23, 1909 COBURG THE NEGRO CONVICT. CHARGE OF ATTEMPTED MURDER. The negro convict, William King, who recently attacked a warder at Pentridge prison, and stabbed him several times with a knife, is to be charged with attempted murder. King is still very troublesome. NOTORIOUS NEGRO CONVICT. CHARGE OF ATTEMPTED MURDER. […]

Curse of Ned Kelly

ON THIS DAY…… 23rd November 1880 Curse of Ned Kelly After a very short illness Judge Sir Redmond Barry died in East Melbourne on the 23rd November 1880, only twelve days after the execution of Ned Kelly. Once passing the death sentence of the notorious bush ranger Ned Kelly, Kelly stated “We will both be […]

Death of “Mad Charlie”

ON THIS DAY – November 23, 1998 CAULFIELD 42-year-old stand-over man Charles Hegyalji, known as “Mad Charlie”, was killed at his Caulfield home on 23 November. He was an acquaintance of Chopper Read and had been associated with the amphetamine industry. Dino Dibra was linked to the killing, which was believed to be either drug […]

World’s oldest sheep dies

ON THIS DAY…… 23rd November 2009 The world’s oldest sheep on record, dies. The average life-expectancy of sheep ranges between ten and twenty years. Not so for Lucky, the world’s oldest sheep, who died at the age of 23. Lucky was a hand-reared sheep who lived on a farm at Lake Bolac, west of Ballarat, […]

Born at sea

ON THIS DAY…… 22nd November 1899 Born at sea An old man, named Thomas Joyce, whose ago is stated to be 99 years and 8 months, was brought into the Melbourne Hospital on this day in 1899 from South Morang, in a state of exhaustion. The medical offers discovered, that the old fellow’s condition was […]