Prisoners in the Botanical Gardens

On This Day ……. 20th April 1875 A letter was received by the Governor of the Geelong Gaol, on this day in 1875, from the Minister of Lands and Agriculture, requesting to be informed when prison labor will be available for works in the Botanical Gardens.  

Execution of Cornelius Bourke

EXECUTED THIS DAY – April 20, 1891 The execution of Cornelius Bourke, convicted of the murder of Peter Stewart at the Hamilton lock-up, took place in the Ballarat Gaol at 10 o’clock on Monday morning. It will be remembered that after sentence was pronounced, some doubts arose as to the sanity of the prisoner, and […]

Prosecution of Officials

ON THIS DAY – April 20, 1908 BRAYBROOK DISASTER The trial of the railway officials charged with manslaughter in connection with the railway accident at Braybrook. The Stationmaster of Braybrook, who was committed for trial by the coroner on a charge of manslaughter, will not be tried with the engine drivers of the Bendigo tram, […]

Melbourne Holiday Train Disaster Kills 44

On this day …….. 20th of April 1908 On this day in 1908, a Bendigo-bound holiday train collided with another heading for Ballarat in the Sunshine rail yards, west of Melbourne. Forty-four people were killed and more than 400 hurt. The Age did not believe in sheltering the victims’ next-of-kin. Down on the rails among […]

Boiled to Death

On this day …….. 19th of April 1898 Margaret Geary, 4 years of age, residing with her parents at Heathcote. While playing with her little brother, stepped backward and fell into a boiler of boiling water which was standing on the hearth. Her injuries were so severe that she died in great agony.  

15 Year Old Wife Shot Dead

ON THIS DAY – April 19, 1944 NORTH CARLTON HUSBAND GUILTY OF MANSLAUGHTER The jury in the Criminal Court this evening found Victor Dowling, a 19-year-old soldier, guilty of the manslaughter of his 15-year-old wife, Jean Dowling, who was shot dead at her mother’s home in North Carlton on April 19. Dowling was presented for […]

Murder of Nicole Patterson

On this day ….. 19th of April 1999 Nicole Amanda Patterson was a 28 year old psychotherapist and youth counsellor employed with the Ardoch Youth Foundation, an organisation formed to assist young drug users. Patterson had desired to operate her own private practice and was using her Northcote home as an office. She placed several […]

Motorist Kills Telegraphist

ON THIS DAY – April 19, 1914 MELBOURNE MOTORIST KILLS A TELEGRAPHIST BUT ESCAPES MANSLAUGHTER The trial of Betro Callil, warehouse man, on the charge of manslaughter of Rose Despard, telegraphist, was concluded in the Criminal Court to-day. On April 19, deceased was knocked down and fatally injured by a motor car driven by Callil […]

The Woodend Murder

ON THIS DAY – April 19, 1907 WOODEND The trial of the young German swagman, Kurnschoenrr, the alleged murderer of William Panton, another swagman, at Woodend on April 19, has commenced at the Central Criminal Court. The evidence was the same as that adduced, at the inquest. Mr. G. W. Maxwell is appearing for the […]

Shooting Accident at Broadmeadows

On this day …….. 19th of April 1930 Percy Broyd, aged six years, of Whitby-street, West Brunswick, and William Evans, a youth, of Moonee Ponds, were wounded this afternoon while shooting rabbits at Broadmeadows. Both the boys were admitted to the hospital for treatment.  

Fifteen Years in the Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 19th April 1930 In the Geelong Supreme Court on this day in 1930, Erie Harris Brockwell aged 24, was charged with having murdered Horace Thomas Walpole on the 28th of April 1929. Walpole’s body was found in his motor car on the Queenscliff-road. There were injuries to the head, and a […]

Death of Carl Williams

ON THIS DAY …… April 19, 2010 Barwon Prison On 19 April 2010, Williams died from head injury while incarcerated at Barwon Prison. He was struck with part of an exercise bike by another inmate, Matthew Charles Johnson, who was convicted for the murder, and sentenced in December 2011 to 32 years’ jail. Williams’ funeral […]