Murder of Atlas

ON THIS DAY…… 15th September 1869 Although old in appearance, Richard Atlas who also went by the alias of Ham and Eggs, was only 37 at the time of his death. Having lived in Wangaratta for 14 years, it is believed that Richard had inherited some £7000 and had previously travelled to Europe before he […]

Construction begins on Australia’s Overland Telegraph Line – Adelaide to Darwin

On this day …….. 15th September 1870 The Overland Telegraph Line was a major feat of engineering, which connected Australia to the rest of world via a single wire. The motivation for building the Overland Telegraph Line came from the fact that a submarine cable already reached from England to Java, and the British-Australian Telegraph […]

Murchison Road Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 15th September 1877 A terrible murder was committed on the Murchison road, about half a mile from Rushworth, the victim being Henry Parkinson a miner and of Sergeant Parkinson, the sergeant in charge of the Prahran police station.The deceased had formerly had a mate, named Joseph Kelly, but they parted some time […]

Near miss for Tom Thumb

On this day …….. 15th September 1870 The celebrated American Dwarf General Tom Thumb arrived in Benalla, North East Victoria on this day in 1870 with his troupe of fallow dwarfs, after a narrow escape from flood waters. Tom and his party had been almost swept away by a swollen river at Baddaginnie. How ever […]

Elephant kills circus hand – Gunnedah

On this day …….. 15th September 1987 An elephant crushed a circus worker to death in Gunnedah, North East New South Wales, as spectators watched in horror. Sergeant John Wilkinson, of Gunnedah police, said the man, in his early 50s, had been working with Ashton’s Circus for about 18 months. He was killed when he […]

Search for fugitive – Beechworth Asylum

On this day …….. 15th September 1943 On the 15th of September 1943 Robert Bunning aged 30 escaped from Beechworth Mental Hospital. Bunning was a farm labourer and escaped from while working on the hospital farm. Bunning had been committed to the hospital 3 years ago after he had been declared insane while awaiting trial […]

Royal Park Murder

On This Day – September 14, 1914 Accused Sentenced to Death The Italian, Antonio Soro, was found guilty in the Criminal Court to-day of the murder at Royal-park, on September 14, of Miss Patricia Angela Bickett, school-teacher, aged 28, and was sentenced to death. Expert evidence was given of the accused’s sanity. When the jury […]

Electricity switched on – Wangaratta

On this day …….. 14th September 1922 The first talk of using electricity for lighting in Wangaratta, North a East Victoria dates back to 1888, but it was decided to use gas instead. In 1911, the council started thinking about electricity again, but it wasn’t until 1921, when council revived a proposal from the new […]

Watchmaker died at Geelong Gaol

ON THIS DAY…… 14th September 1908 A prisoner named John Jackson, described as a watchmaker, died in the Geelong gaol on this day in 1908. He was in a sentence of five years’ imprisonment imposed in Melbourne in April for larceny. In March of the present year he was transferred from Pentridge to the Geelong […]

9 Convicts Arrive

ON THIS DAY…… 14th September 1900 9 Convicts Arrive A batch of nine prisoners arrived from Melbourne to the Geelong gaol on this day in1900 to complete sentences. They were escorted by three constables.  

Percy Ramage brought back to Geelong Gaol

ON THIS DAY…… 14th September 1900 The prisoner, Percy Ramage, who himself conspicuous at the Bendigo gaol few days ago by misconduct, was on this day in 1900 brought to the Geelong gaol to complete a lengthy sentence for an assault with violets. He was removed from Bendigo to Geelong account of ill-health.  

Lunatics escape from Royal Melbourne Show

On this day …….. 14th September 1909 Three lunatics escaped during the last few days. One from Kew Asylum, and the others were taken to the Royal Show form an outing where they eluded their attendants.