Juvenile Discipline

On this day …….. 29th of June 1918 A group of boys ruefully returned to their homes in Wangaratta after spending 10 days in detention in Melbourne. They were members of the local Cadet Company. Thirteen of them had been ordered to Swan Island, Queenschiff, Victoria, for ten days discipline. The boys complained that the […]

Alleged Malpractice

ON THIS DAY – June 29, 1905 VERDICT OF WILFUL MURDER – AGAINST A PERSON UNKNOWN Dr. R. H. Cole, the district coroner, yesterday concluded the inquest into the death of Emily Eden Lilias Chandler, a waitress, 28 years of age, who died in the Melbourne Hospital on July 3 from septicaemia, the result of […]

The Siege of Glenrowan – Day Two

On this day …….. 27th of June 1880 Most of the law abiding element of Glenrowan’s population had been rounded up by Ned Kelly and his gang and held hostage in Ann Jones Inn. This was so the Kelly’s could de rail the train tacks and no warning of the trap towards the police and […]

A Centenarian Convict

On this day …….. 25th of June 1875 In the obituary notices in The Argus newspaper, it appeared the death of a person named Elizabeth Wickets, at the great age of 103 years. She was a native of Paisley, in Scotland, but at an early age went to Lancashire, where she was employed as a […]


It is well document in the early days of Melbourne, every family had a dog, and in some cases some had a dog for every one of their children. Contemporary records show that 1,200 stray dogs were slaughtered by the police in Melbourne in the year 1848, and that even after that holocaust a fresh […]

The Lonsdale Street Murder

ON THIS DAY – June 24, 1850 The inquest on the body of Samuel Jones, reported in to-day’s  issue, resulted in a verdict of wilful murder against some persons unknown, and the committal of the landlord, cook, and waiter as accessories before the fact, which is a capital offence. The evidence against them is far […]


On This Day …… 22nd June 1928 Alarm was caused in certain suburbs on the 22nd of June 1928, when a report was circulated that a lion had escaped from the Royal Park Zoo, Melbourne. A statement to that effect was said to have been broadcast by radio, but all the broadcasting stations gave it […]

Bus Driver on Five Counts of Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY – June 20, 1966 CHILTERN 15 lights of a semi-trailer rammed by a passenger bus near Chiltern should have been visible to anyone following it, the prosecutor, Mr J. F. Howse, said in the Supreme Court. He said that shortly before the crash, in which five passengers in a Red line Bus […]

Murder at the Southern Cross Hotel

ON THIS DAY – June 19, 1894 The trial of Cecilia Anderson for the murder of John Fraser at the Southern Cross Hotel, Bourke-street, on 19th June, was held on Thursday at the Criminal Court, Melbourne, before the Chief Justice. Mr. Walsh, QC., stated the case for the Crown. He said that on Mrs. Anderson’s […]


ON THIS DAY – June 15, 2000 Mark Anthony Moran (4 July 1964 – 15 June 2000) was an organized crime figure of the infamous Moran family from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, notable for its involvement in the illegal drug trade and the Melbourne gangland killings. Moran was murdered outside his Aberfeldie home, allegedly by Carl […]


On This Day ……. 13th June 1901 An Indian, who had developed symptoms of insanity since his transfer to the Geelong gaol from Melbourne, was token to the Yarra Bend Asylum. With the Indian travelled an elderly lunatic patient who was committed to the Kew Asylum by the Geelong bench. The pair were under the […]


On this day …….. 13th of June 1939 The Victorian Railway Department’s ghost train will run again soon through dimly-lit stations, while planes overhead will try to spot it. The train has been fitted with dimmed lights to enable night trips to be made safely In the event of an enemy attack on Melbourne. The […]