Murder in Punch Lane

ON THIS DAY…… 20th August 1872 Margaret had only been in the colony for three years and was lucky to be alive herself. The boat that she had travelled on from Ireland sank on its arrival in Geelong. On the night of the murder, Margaret had an argument with Mary O’Rourke, saying that if you […]

Mont Park Escape – Sydney Cockle

On this day …….. 20th of August 1926 The police were been notified that two patients, a man and a woman had escaped from the Mont Park Hospital for Insane, Melbourne. About 3:30 on the afternoon of the 20th of August 1926, Sydney Cockle, aged 30 years, escaped from the hospital. He was as later […]

Australia’s First Two Midwifery Patients

On this day …….. 19th of August 1856 On this day in 1856, the first two midwifery patients were admitted to Australia’s first public women’s hospital, in Melbourne.  

Mont Park Escape Lunatic

On this day …….. 18th of August 1939 Whittlesea Council – MENTAL PATIENTS – Closer Supervision Urged At the monthly meeting of the Whittlesea Shire Council a letter was received from Mr. H. O. White, M.L.A., enclosing a copy of a letter from the Chief Secretary (Mr Bailey) following representations made by Mr. White on […]

Escaped Lunatic – William Harrison

On this day …….. 13th of August 1907 People living in the vicinity of the Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum, Melbourne are getting a bit scared owing to the frequent escapes from the Lunatic Asylum.’ The second escape from the asylum within three weeks was reported to the police. The escaped patient was William Harrison, 35 […]

Escaped Lunatic – D’Arcy Harcourt

On this day …….. 12th of August 1903 On this day in 1903, a fifty pounds reward was given for information regarding the where abouts of D’Arcy Harcourt, who escaped from Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum Melbourne, on the 19th of May 1902. It was believe the Harcourt caught a steamer to Sydney.  

Convict Transferred from Sydney to Geelong

On This Day ……. 12th of August 1865 The convict Ethridge, who was remanded from Sydney to Geelong, charged with embezzling money from the Bank of New South Wales, in Geelong. He arrived in Melbourne by the steamer Alexandra, and after spending a few hours in the watch house was forwarded on to his destination […]

Woman’s Death From Burns

On this day …….. 12th of August 1930 While toast was being made in the kitchen of the Britannia Hotel, in Swanston street, Melbourne on the morning of August 12th, 1930, by Ellen Alice Rodgers, her clothing caught fire. Miss Rodgers, a waitress, aged 24 years, of Carnarvon street, Brunswick, died from burns and shock […]

Remain’s of Australia’s most infamous bushranger ID

The headless remains of Australia’s most infamous criminal, Ned Kelly, have been identified. Victoria state Attorney General Robert Clark said that a team of forensic scientists identified Kelly’s remains among those exhumed from a mass grave at Pentridge prison in Melbourne in 2009. Kelly led a gang of bank robbers in Victoria in the 19th […]

Alfred Deakin, Australia’s second Prime Minister, is born.

On this day …….. 3rd of August 1856 Alfred Deakin was born on 3 August 1856 in Fitzroy, Melbourne. In 1879, Deakin gained a seat in the colonial Parliament of Victoria, and after holding office in several ministries, he began to turn his efforts towards the push for Federation. Following Federation in 1901, he was […]

Ned Kelly’s Childhood Home

The childhood home of bushranger Ned Kelly at 44 Kelly St, Beveridge, north of Melbourne was sold on the 20th of September 2014 for $640,000. The house is believed to have been built around 1859 or 1860, when the young Ned was about four years old. According to Heritage Victoria, the original house had just […]

Killed by Buffalo – Australia

The town of Nhulunbuy lies in a remote corner of the Northern Territory and is surrounded by bush land where wild buffaloes roam free. In May 2005 a 46 year old man was killed on the town’s outskirts by a wild buffalo when he went for a walk to check the water supply line to […]