Remarkable Escape

On this day …….. 22nd of June 1910 A young boy from Back Creek near Yackandandah, Victoria, had a remarkable escape on this day in 1910. He was walking behind a car, on which his father had a large empty square water tank. When the tank slipped, to the horror of all who was watching, […]

Prime minister in car accident

On This Day ……. 30th May 1954 Sir Arthur Faddan (13th Prime Minister of Australia) was injured in a car accident at Grantham, about 80 miles from Brisbane on the eve of the Federal election on this day in 1954. He under when a minor operation for the removal of congealed blood. Because of the […]

Flying Baby

On this day …….. 23rd May 1930 When part of the seating in Wirth’s Circus collapsed during a performance at West Maitland, New South Wales, on this day in 1930, a woman threw her baby forward over the heads of five rows of people, as she fell. It was caught unharmed by a man in […]

Blackwood Hotel, Victoria

One of the teams favourite “haunts” is the Blackwood Hotel.  We hold regular investigations here with the next one being on Sunday, June 12. Nestled in the Wombat State Forest, the town of Blackwood has an interesting past from the early days of the Victorian Gold Rush to the present.  This hotel opened in 1868 […]

Mother and Son

On this day …….. 30th April 1933 Mrs George Deaton was playing golf at Sydney’s La Perouse course on this day in 1933 with her husband and daughter when she was hit in the left eye by a stray golf ball. Mrs Deaton was wearing. Glasses at the time and a pieces of broken glass […]

Accident in Rope Mill

On this day …….. 29th April 1914 A accident happened in a rope mill in Melbourne on this day in 1914 to Claud Hodgson, 17 years of age. Hodgson was employed at Miller’s Rope Works, Brunswick, and was working at a twine winder, when he somehow got his arm caught in the twine, severing his […]

Killer Elephant

On this day …….. 26th April 1974 Mr Doug Laing-Smith, 38, died in hospital on this day in 1974, 27 days after he was crushed by an elephant while working for Ashton’s Circus in Melbourne. He was knocked down and crushed by Abu the elephant after it was frightened by children playing on mini-bikes, Mr […]

Serious Burning Accident

On this day …….. 18th of April 1901 A young woman named Mary M’Gregor, employed as a domestic servant by Mrs. John Fairhall, of Ascot Vale, met with a severe burning accident on this day in 1901. She was left in charge of the house, and it is supposed put kerosene on the fire. The […]

Patient Set on Fire

On this day …….. 15th of April 1912 A strange accident happened to a patient in No. 13 ward of the Melbourne Hospital on this day in 1912, in which Mrs. Phoebe Bochstein 70 years of age had her head slightly burned. Mrs Bochstein was brought to hospital in poor health, and it was deemed […]

Killed by Train

On This Day……… 10th April 1894 An accident at Wangaratta railway station on this day in 1894, brought to the end one young man’s dreams of making his fortune in the golden west. It was the time of the gold discoveries at Coolgardie WA, and a young man had boarded the train at Wodonga, to […]

Platform No.3, Flinders-street Station

On this day ……… 31st of March 1917 Accident was caused on platform No.3, at Flinders-street station on this day in 1917. When the 12.52 pm, train arrived several people were struck and knocked down by an open door of a compartment of the incoming train from Camberwell. The names of the people struck by […]

Cycling Accident at Castlemaine

ON THIS DAY ……. 28th March 1908 Whilst cycling down a hill on the Castlemaine Rd, Melbourne a young man named Clifford Jubber fell, and as he was carrying an axe at the time, he could not make any effort to save himself. The right side of his face was badly lacerated, the skin being […]