Driving Without Lights

On This Day – 22nd March 1892 A young man named Samuel Edward Bees, was at the Geelong Court on the double barrelled charge of furious driving and driving without lights on the 3rd March. The evidence of the prosecutor was to the effect that on the evening of the day named defendant drove along […]

Accident at Coldstream

On this day ………… 15th March 1899 A sad accident happened on this day in 1899, to Mr Harry Smedley. Mr Smedley, who has been working for Mr Gillies, timber contractor, decided to go to Gippsland with the other employees of Mr Gillies. A number of men set out on a large wagon drawn by […]

Serious Mining Accident at Stawell

On this day ………… 15th March 1881 A sad accident happened on this day in 1881, at the A 1 Perthshire Company’s claim, Stawell, Victoria to a tributor named John Bevan. Bevan was working at the face of the reef, 12 feet thick, getting away stone from the headwall. For this purpose two shots were […]

Accident in a Case Factory

On this day ………… 13th March 1912 An accident which occurred on this day in 1912, resulted in the death of Robert Palmer, 22 years of age. Palmer worked at a case factory in North Melbourne and while working a circular saw a piece of wood flew from it and struck him on the abdomen. […]

Character form Ned Kelly History

On this day ………… 12th March 1893 Another fragment of the living Kelly Gang history died on this day in 1893. Anton Wick, who achieved lasting fame when Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly used him as a decoy to shoot Aaron Sherritt. Wick was a long time resident of the Woolshed area near Beechworth, who […]

Spectacular Fall

On this day ………… 7th March 1861 On this day in 1861, Mr Jones a miner on the Wahgunyah, North East Victoria Gold fields, was halfway up a 220 ft mine shaft when he fell. Normally a fall over 100ft would be followed by instantaneously dead, however Jones not only survived, but sustained only minor […]

School Boy Injured

On this day ………… 4th March 1914 A painful accident happened to Master James Peatling on this day in 1914. Whilst playing at State school in Bendigo, he was accidentally hit on the back of the head with a stone. The head teacher (Mr. E. Morphy) attended the boy, and Mr. J. Pitson drove him […]

Child Killed at Mildura

On this day ………… 3rd March 1913 Merbein Lowe a 3 year old girl, the first child born in the Merebein settlement, was knocked down at home by a buggy on this day in 1913. The wheel passed over deceased’s chest severing her head, death was instantaneously. The father and mother were laid up very […]

Stove Explosion

On this day ………… 2nd March 1909 A severe accident, befell a young man named Bert Westmore, 26 years of age, a resident of Malvern. Westmore who worked as a shipping clerk for Welch, Perrin and Co., in South Melbourne on this day in 1909 walking in the yard at the rear of the firm’s […]

Shocking Accident

On this day ………… 28th February 1871 A shocking accident involving Mr. Hoyle, the coach driver, who died as the result of his injuries. At 4am on the morning of the 28th, the coach was preparing to star from Baddaginnie, North East Victoria, when the horses suddenly took fright and bolted. The driver Tommy Hoyle, […]

Billy’s Cricket Accident

On this day ………… 17th February 1921 On this day in 1921, while playing cricket in Melbourne, Billy Hughes 7th Prime Minister of Australia succumbed to an accident. Hughes who was an avid cricket play, while making a run, stumbled and fell on his back. An ambulance was call, but the Prime Minister insisted on […]

Saved by Seagulls

On this day ………… 15th February 1929 Mr Robinson had a close shave when he fell overboard from a yacht off Smoky Cape, NSW on this day 1929. Another crew member saw him go over, but by the time the yacht was brought round, Robertson was almost a kilometre astern. The occupants of the yacht […]