Vote for Prohibition

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1930 On this day in 1930, the people of North East Victoria, voted on a referendum to bring in Prohibition. The campaign up to the Poll was fought over a two month period, with a coalition of churches and temperance groups under the banner of The Victorian Prohibition League […]

Wrestling a Shark

On this day ………… 13th March 2013 A British man who received worldwide attention for wrestling a shark away from kids on an Australian beach has been sacked from his job as a result. When Paul Marshallsea, 62, made the daring rescue at Australia’s Bulcock Beach in Queensland in late January, he was actually on […]

Driving in Reverse

ON THIS DAY ……… 12th March 2006 On this day police charged a man with reversing further than necessary, after he drove backwards for more than 40km along one of Australia’s busiest highway. They stopped the 23 year old man on the Hume highway between Sydney and Melbourne as he was heading home to Numurkah […]

Voted Out of Office

On this day ………… 10th March 1971 Sir John Grey Gorton was the 19th Prime Minister of Australia, from the 10th of January 1968 till the 10th of March 1971. Concerns about his leadership led to a Party Room vote on this day. Votes for and against him were equally divided but he used his […]

A Strange Affair at MacDonnell Bay

On this day ………… 10th March 1879 An ‘extraordinary supernatural occurrence’ took place on the coast north of Port MacDonnell in 1879 and created a great sensation. Walter and William Carrison had been at work for some little time obtaining oil from a stranded whale. A few days later they were out shooting and did […]

Granny Smith Apples

On this day ………… 9th March 1870 Granny Smith is a variety of apple with green skin and tart flesh, originating in Australia around 1865 from a chance seedling propagated by Maria Ann Smith, aka Granny Smith. Granny Smith was born Maria Ann Sherwood in Peasmarsh, Sussex, England, sometime in late 1799. The daughter of […]

Prime Minister Car Accident

On this day ………… 8th March 1993 Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser was sent last to hospital for observation, after a car accident on this day in 1993. Police said Mr Fraser, also suffering from shock, was in a satisfactory condition in Hamilton Hospital in western Victoria. Mr Fraser’s chauffeur driven Commonwealth car crashed into […]

Arrest of Agostini

ON THIS DAY – March 3, 1944 “Pyjama Girl” Case Echo Deportation Order Against Agostini Antonio Agostini, husband of the “pyjama girl,” has appealed to the Minister for Migration (Mr. Calwell) against an order for his deportation to Italy. In 1944, after a 10-year police search in 87 countries, Agostini was sentenced to six years […]

Coles Circus and Menagerie visit to Benalla

On this day ………… 1st March 1881 Coles American circus arrived in Benalla, North East Victoria, bring to town not only a troupe of real live North American Red Indians, in traditional clothing, but also electric lights. It was the first time most people had seen anything so brilliant and exciting. Whatever the attraction, Coles […]

Australia’s First Execution

On this day ………… 27th February 1788 One of the first permanent structures erected in Australia was the gallows in Sydney Town. The first person to be executed was 17 year old James Barrett on this day in 1788, one month after settlement had been established. Barrett had stolen food because he was hungry, but […]

First Recorded White Person in Australia

On this day ………… 26th February 1606 Willem Janszoon, often known as Willem Jansz, is believed to have been born in 1570, in the Netherlands. He worked for one of the trading companies which preceded the Dutch East India Company. He sailed for the Dutch East Indies first in 1598 and again in 1601. Willem […]

Dutch not English

On this day ………… 25th February 1834 It is also generally accepted that the Dutch were disinclined to colonise Australia, and that the first European settlement occurred with the convicts, marines and officers of the First Fleet. This, however, is not entirely the case. The first prisoners in Australia were Dutch seamen Wouter Loos and […]