Blackwood Hotel, Blackwood

Blackwood Hotel is a great haunted location in Victoria close to Ballarat. Fantastic meals, and open fireplace for those cold and foggy nights. Three known hauntings ……. will you see the ghost of Laura Dalton. The cellar also doubled as the town morgue.

Irish Murphys Hotel Ballarat

Irish Murphy’s Hotel in Ballarat, Victoria is a great venue for a Guinness Pie and a Kilkenny Stout when exploring the amazing goldfields city. Well documented for strange paranormal activity, but no evidence of a connection to historical figures .

Murder of Daughter

ON THIS DAY – 20th December 1890 A man Mr. James Johnston has been removed from hospital to the Ballarat gaol under a warrant for murdering his daughter. Johnston asked Dr. Scott if he was in a mad house. Sergt. Charles, who read the warrant, says that Johnston seemed bewildered, and that when he was […]


On this day …….. 20th of December 1910 The weather in Melbourne on this day was quite wintry, and colder than has been for some time. At Ballarat such cold weather has not been experienced in December for about 40 years, snow fell.  


On this day …….. 17th of December 1927 Suddenly confronted in a city street by a kangaroo standing between five feet and six feet high at 4am on this day in 1927. Constable Allen was too startled for the moment to believe his eyes. When he tried lo approach the kangaroo, it hopped off much […]


On this day …….. 17th of December 1914 Two kangaroos and six wallabies presented to the Ballarat City Council by Mrs George Russell, were placed in the Gardens as the nucleus of a zoo. They were found dead on this day. An emu was placed in the same enclosure and was unaffected. The Council is […]


On this day …….. 16th of December 1928 An Italian fruiterer in Ballarat excitedly Informed the police that he had found a bomb in his yard,. A soldered tin, weighing 3 lbs., was taken possession of by the police. It had a piece of fuse attached and another piece of fuse, which had been lighted, […]


On this day …….. 14th of December 1938 Found guilty of the murder of two prospectors at Dunolly on the 3rd of October 1938. Thomas William Johnson (36). labourer, was sentenced to death at the Ballarat Supreme Court to-night The jury reached their verdict after deliberating for five and a half hours. Both men were […]

Snake Valley Ghost

On this day …….. 8th of December 1903 The residents of Snake Valley, in the Ballarat district, have been troubled, lately by a fowlyard thief, who is carrying on operations under the protecting influence of the flowing white robes of the traditional ghost. On this night in 1903 John Ryan endeavoured to recover a bird […]

Death of Dick Hart – Kelly Gang

ON THIS DAY…… 28th November 1934 Death of Dick Hart – Kelly gang One of the most important players in the Kelly drama died on this day in 1934. Dick Hart was Steve Hart’s brother. It was he who took charge of the bodies of Steve Hart and Dan Kelly after fire at the Glenrown […]

World’s oldest sheep dies

ON THIS DAY…… 23rd November 2009 The world’s oldest sheep on record, dies. The average life-expectancy of sheep ranges between ten and twenty years. Not so for Lucky, the world’s oldest sheep, who died at the age of 23. Lucky was a hand-reared sheep who lived on a farm at Lake Bolac, west of Ballarat, […]

Ballarat Courier

ON THIS DAY…… 25th October 1871 The Ballarat Courier learned on this day in 1871, that some important evidence has been secured in Ballarat with regard to the charge of murder on which a man named Geary is now incarcerated in the Geelong Gaol. The evidence will be given by a cabman named Wilson, and […]