Build up to Eureka Stockade – Ballarat

On this day …….. 22nd of October 1854 On the 22nd of October 1854, Ballarat Catholics met to protest the treatment of Father Smyth. The next day, the arrests of miners McIntyre and Fletcher for the Eureka Hotel fire on the 17th of October in Ballarat, Victoria provoked a mass meeting which attracted 4,000 miners. […]

Angry mob burn down Bentley’s Eureka Hotel – Ballarat

On this day …….. 17th of October 1854 On the 17th of October 1854, 10,000 miners gathered at Bentley’s Eureka Hotel on the Goldfields of Ballarat, Victoria to protest the acquittal of James Bentley, the hotel proprietor and prime suspect in the murder of Scottish miner James Scobie, by an allegedly corrupt magistrate. The miners […]

Murder of Kate Beazley

MURDERED ON THIS DAY ………. 13th October 1904 A shocking murder was committed at 1.30am on the 13th of October 1904 in Lydiard street, Ballarat, near the Mining Exchange, The victim was Miss Kate Beazley, a resident of Daylesford. It appears that the young woman was being maintained at an hotel in Lydiard by James […]

Riot at Ballarat

ON THIS DAY – October 7, 1854   The letter from our Geelong correspondent contains some further particulars of a disturbance of an unusual and violent character which occurred at Ballaarat. There are many rumors in circulation in Melbourne, the truth of which it is difficult to ascertain, but it is certain that the Government […]

Murder of James Scobie – leads to Eureka Stockade – Ballarat

On this day …….. 7th of October 1854 On the 7th of October 1854, Scottish miner James Scobie was found murdered at the Eureka hotel in Ballarat, Victoria. Ten days later 10,000 miners gathered at the hotel to protest the acquittal of the Publican James Bentley, the prime suspect in Scobie’s murder, by an allegedly […]


ON THIS DAY…… 15th September 1910 Yeo Lee, otherwise known as Peter Long, a Chinese herbalist, was charged at Ballarat with having caused the death of Florence Jelbert, on this day in 1910.  The jury failed to agree, and the accused was remanded. Eleven members of tho jury forwarded a petition to the Attorney-General, stating […]

Second time escaping – Ararat

On this day …….. 4th September 1868 Oliver Dragoon was committed to Ararat lunatic asylum, Western Victoria, on the 10th of February 1868. Dragoon managed to escaped from the Ararat Lunatic Asylum on the 4th of September 1868. He was arrested in Piggoreet on the 11th of September and was taken into Ballarat by Constable […]


On This Day – 31st August 1849 Such a phenomenon has been witnessed on several occasions, even in the heart of our great city. But only once and once only, has Melbourne had a snowstorm to equal the great old city’s of Europe. On the morning of the 31st of August 1849, the mercury dropped […]

Jason Carson died at Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 31st of August 1920 Jason Carson, a laborer, aged 75 years, died at 3am on this day in 1920, at the Geelong Gaol. He was convicted at Ballarat on August 24th for being idle and disorderly, and was sentenced to six mouths’ imprisonment at the Geelong Gaol. He was received here […]

Charge of Murder Withdrawn

ON THIS DAY…… 31st August 1903 The charge of murder preferred by the police against Henry Stevens, in connection with the death of Elizabeth Johnstone, at Ballarat on August 31, has been withdrawn. The charge of murder preferred by the police against Henry Stevens, a collector of marine stores in connection with the death of Elizabeth Johnstone, at Steinfeld street, […]

Murder in Chinatown

ON THIS DAY…… 30th August 1884 Ah Goon had come to Australia in the 1850s to make his fortune on the Victorian goldfields, like many of his fellow Chinamen. However Ah Goon worked out quickly that he could make more money in selling supply’s here in Melbourne, to the Chinese leaving for the Goldfields. On […]


On this day …….. 6th of August 1906 A lunatic by the name Thomas Parker Ewing, whilst being transferred from Dr. Mailer’s home in Ballarat to the Ararat Asylum, escaped on the 6th of August 1906, from his attendant at the railway station. Ewig was found the next morning hiding in a railway carriage in […]