Fatal Accident at Ballarat East

ON THIS DAY …….. 25th March 1892 A fatal accident happened at the Ballarat East railway station on this day in 1892, to a young man named Henry Arthur Gregory. He was crossing a siding to get to the platform when an engine with a tender in front of it ran him down, The wheels […]

Accident in a Windlass

ON THIS DAY …….. 23rd March 1904 Ballarat John Davies, a miner, working at the Napoleons mine, near Ballarat was injured on this day in 1904. Davies while being hauled to the surface by a windlass, fell from the bucket to the bottom of the shaft, a distance of 30ft. The accident happened when the […]

Husband Charged With Murder

ON THIS DAY – March 4, 1947 Mrs. Isobel Maud Williamson, 34, of Burnley, who was wounded in the right side when she was shot while on her way to work on the 4th of March, died in hospital. Her husband, Francis Authorn McGregor Williamson, 35, laborer, of Ballarat has been charged with murder.   […]

A Young Robert Menzies

On this day ………… 6th February 1908 Master Robert Menzies, son of Mr Jas. Menzies JP, Jeparit, succeeded in coming out ‘top’ of 1400 candidates in the recent State School Scholarship Examinations, scoring 672 marks out of a possible 900, and exceeding the next best scholar by 36 marks. The boy has only just turned […]

Welcome Stranger

On this day ………… 5th February 1869 The world’s largest recorded gold nugget is the “Welcome Stranger”, found in Australia on 5 February 1869. The Welcome Stranger measured 61cm by 31cm and was discovered by prospectors John Deason and Richard Oates at Moliagul, about half-way between Maryborough and St Arnaud in western Victoria, Australia. No […]

A Strange Marriage

On this day ………… 3rd February 1903 Eichard Ince (72), a well-known resident of Ballarat, was married to a young woman from Western Australia. The newly-married pair were going to Western Australia by the H.M.S. Ophir, but they missed the steamer, and engaged a room at the Victoria Coffee Palace, intending to catch the express […]

Murdered by Lunatic Brother

ON THIS DAY – January 28, 1934 At the inquest at Maryborough into the death of Henry George Vincombe, aged 59, of Red Lion, near Talbot, the Coroner found that he had been feloniously murdered by his brother, William Vincombe. Vincombe was committed for trial at the Supreme Court at Ballarat on February the 11th. […]

Murder in a Lunatic Asylum

ON THIS DAY – January 27, 1909 A murder was committed at the Ballarat Lunatic Asylum this afternoon. A party of inmates were working in the garden under the charge of two warders, and one of the lunatics, Charles Russell, struck another, William Bates, on the head with a pick. Bates was taken to one […]

The Ballarat Mystery

ON THIS DAY – January 23, 1908 In regard to the Ballarat North mystery information was received by the police from Longwood, midway between Euroa and Benalla, which showed that the fossicker Charles Ronalds was entirely wrong in his surmise that the body of the woman found in the abandoned shaft at Vale Park was […]

Playing the Ghost

On this Day …….. 22nd of January 1903 The terrible results that may follow dangerous pranks of malicious persons, who occasionally resort to the practice of acting the ghost, were illustrated by a case heard at Ballarat on this day. A lad, employed as telegraph messenger, was charged with having broken into a house and […]

Escape from Ararat Mental Hospital

On this day …….. 21st of January 1961 Ballarat and Melbourne detectives last began an in tensive search in the Lexton area for a man believed to be Victor Maxwell Jones, who escaped from the Ararat Mental Hospital on January 21st, 1961. The man sought for was believed sighted near a deserted farm house about […]

Beaten to Death with Crutch

On This Day – January 18, 1871 Skipton On 18th January, about 6 o’clock in the evening, Charlotte Doe, in a state of intoxication (nothing unusual on her part), went to the Ripon Hotel, where she complained of her head being ill. The landlady examined the woman’s head, and, observing nothing wrong, advised her to […]