On this day …….. 20th of December 1942 A convict who escaped from Beechworth goal three years ago was arrested in Sydney on this day in 1942. He was charged with breaking and entering and theft of £1000 worth of property. The man, William McEntee, aged 51, escaped from Beechworth prison by scaling a high […]

An Unexpected Luxury

On this day …….. 16th of December 1857 Beechworth drinkers were surprised and delighted when on this day in 1857, three local hotels offered the luxury of ice with their drinks. The ice was from North American, where the lakes were frozen for winter, a large quantities could be sawn up and shipped to Australia […]


On this day …….. 14th of December 1949 Francis Blair, 34, a dangerous criminal lunatic, who escaped on the 14th of December 1949 from Beechworth Mental Hospital, was recaptured in a Barber’s shop in Wangaratta on the 21st. He had gone into a barber’s saloon to have a shave, and was recognised by his long […]

“Boys, The Game is Up”

On this day …….. 10th of December 1937 Richard L Jackson, and Leslie George Atkins, who escaped from the prison reformatory garden on the 3rd of December, were recaptured at Yackandandah on this day in 1937, by Constable W. Knowles, and were both given an extra 18 months’ imprisonment by the Beechworth honorary Justices. Jackson, […]


On this day …….. 9th of December 1873 Daniel Lynch a labour working in Euroa had a turn while at work and was found to be suffering insanity. Lynch was taken to Beechworth by train and transferred to Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum on the 20th of August 1871, on admission it was not known where […]

Murder of William Braslin

ON THIS DAY – November 23, 1914 BEECHWORTH William Braslin was known by police as a Chinese camp loafer. He first came to their attention in July 1883 when William, his brother Frank, and another man named William Rowe were charged with wilfully setting fire to Sue Wing’s hut at the Chinese Camp. The boys […]

Lunatic Asylum Opens – Beechworth

On this day …….. 24th of October 1867 On this day in 1867, Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum opened in Beechworth, North East Victoria. The first patients were transferred from the Beechworth Gaol under the control of Superintendent Dr Dick. The Beechworth asylum was one of three large Lunatic Asylums built in Victoria.  

Old fashion duel – Beechworth

On this day …….. 23rd September 1867 Most of the duelling done on the goldfields was with fist, but on this day in 1867 a report circulated in Beechworth, North East Victoria that a real duel had been arranged, following a falling out between Colonel Probst, the commander of the Beechworth German Rifles, and his […]

Struck by lightning

On this day …….. 20th September 1929 Mrs Baird of Baarmutha near Beechworth in North East Victoria, had an amazing escape from injury in a storm. She was picking up wood under her back verandah of her house, when a flash of lightning hit a met safe which was hanging from the rafters. The current […]

Lunatic on the run for 7 days – Beechworth

On this day …….. 18th September 1868 Jacob Jobbles was transferred from Yarra Bend Asylum to the Beechworth Asylum on the 23rd of November 1867. Jobbles escape on the 18th of September 1868, he was on the run for 7 days.  

Spring Creek Diggings Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 18th September 1854 When gold was first discovered in Beechworth in 1852, John Edward Cox was one of the first to arrive and set up business. He quickly became well known in the Spring Creek Digging as a reliable and trusted gentleman. With his business growing almost overnight with more and more […]

Transportable buildings – Beechworth

On This Day ……. 7th September 1857 The first transportable buildings arrived in Beechworth, North East Victoria to ease the chronic shortage of accommodation on this day in 1857. Four transportable, in knocked down form, numbered and coded for speedy erection, were sent to house the swelling police force, boosted dramatically in the weeks following […]