Oldest Resident

ON THIS DAY …….. 25th March 1908 Thomas Sinclair, an old age pensioner, about 75 years old, and one of the oldest residence of the Three Mile, at Beechworth, North East Victoria was found death on this day in 1908. Sinclair house was burnt to the ground and his charred remains were found amongst the […]

Empire Hotel Fire

ON THIS DAY …….. 23rd March 1867 On this day in 1867, one of the biggest town fires in North East Victoria began in Beechworth. The fire started in the stables of the Empire Hotel in Camp St. Before the fire had burnt itself out, seven buildings were destroyed, four severely damaged, and between £11,000 […]

First Lunatic to Escape Beechworth

ON THIS DAY …….. 22nd March 1868 There was great excitement in Beechworth, North East Victoria on the 22nd March 1868, when the first lunatic escaped from the newly opened Asylum. A young man suffering from idiocy, escaped from the Asylum by climbing over a section of the Ha Ha wall still in construction. The […]

Character form Ned Kelly History

On this day ………… 12th March 1893 Another fragment of the living Kelly Gang history died on this day in 1893. Anton Wick, who achieved lasting fame when Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly used him as a decoy to shoot Aaron Sherritt. Wick was a long time resident of the Woolshed area near Beechworth, who […]

Congregational Minister Sent to Gaol

On this day ………… 8th March 1926 There was great excitement in Wodonga on this day in 1926 when the Rev. William Dawson the Congregational Minister, had been taken to Gaol in Beechworth. All over the matter of Principle….. The Rev. Had refused to pay a fine imposed on him by the court for riding […]

Great fire in North East Victoria

On this day ………… 1st March 1879 Beechworth’s second great fire started on this day in 1879. An explosion in a down factory would see the complete destruction of the entire block along Camp Steet between Ford and High Streets, reminiscent of the 1867 fire. The Empire Hotel would fall to the flames again causing […]

Father Kills Three Children

ON THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 28, 1892 Arthur Pattison, a farmer at Caniambo in North East Victoria was charged with the murder of his three children. In February 1892 Pattison, massacred his three young children, Arthur aged five, Florence aged six, and Margaret, aged eight, whilst they lay in bed. The instrument used was an […]

Shocking Accident

On this day ………… 28th February 1871 A shocking accident involving Mr. Hoyle, the coach driver, who died as the result of his injuries. At 4am on the morning of the 28th, the coach was preparing to star from Baddaginnie, North East Victoria, when the horses suddenly took fright and bolted. The driver Tommy Hoyle, […]

Earthquake in North East Victoria

On this day ………… 27th February 1868 As earthquake go, it wasn’t all that big, lasting only four or five seconds, but there was much shaking of building and rattling of crockery and a distant rumbling, on this day in 1868. The shock waves, which appeared to move in a north to south direction, were […]

Prisoners Escape from Beechworth Gaol

On this day ………… 24th February 1934 A search by the police failed to reveal any trace of the two indeterminate prisoners, Raymond Brown (24) and William Bentley (27), who escaped from Beechworth gaol, in North East Victoria on this day in 1934. The men were regarded as dangerous characters and one of them has […]

Greatest Shakespearian Actor

On this day ………… 22nd February 1860 The whole population of Chiltern in North East Victoria, was waiting on the arrival of the greatest Shakespearian actor of his time. The celebrated G.V. Brooke, who was on tour of the Colonies, and due to perform in Chiltern on this day in 1860, but failed to arrive. […]

Publican Murdered at Beechworth

ON THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 14, 1874 James Fagan was well known as the proprietor of the Water Right Hotel, located on the corner of Mellish Street and the Myrtleford road, Beechworth. On the 14th of February, whilst standing in the door of his Hotel, Mr. Fagan was struck by a man later identified as […]