On This Day ……. 19th May 1913 Enid Harris, a young married woman, was in the Geelong Court on this day in 1913, presented on several charges of having passed valueless cheques and obtained goods by false representations. She was arrested at Beechworth, when she was doing the rounds of the district in a motor […]

EXECUTIONS THIS DAY ……. 12th May 1873

THOMAS BRADY AND JAMES SMITH – BEECHWORTH The execution of the two men James Smith and Thomas Brady, who were condemned to death at the Beechworth Circuit Court for the murder of Mr. Watt, at Wooragee, took place in the Beechworth Gaol. At 7am the irons were struck off the condemned men. Smith was the […]

Beechworth Post Office

On this day …….. 4th May 1853 On this day in 1853, the first Beechworth Post Office opened.  Of course the building that stands today is not the original.  The first was a makeshift affair, of wooden construction, bearing the name Spring Creek Post Office, Ovens Goldfields. Two months later, the name would change to […]

Infamous Spider Dance

On this day …….. 24th April 1858 On this day in 1858, the infamous Spider Dance arrived in Beechworth. However not pre formed by the notorious creator Lola Montez. For some reason, Lola was unable to keep her engagement in Beechworth, and the miners had to content themselves with reading about Lola’s exploits in other […]

Arm Torn from Body

On this day …….. 22nd April 1938 Desmond Thomas, aged 14 years, had the a limb torn from his body, while working at Zwars Tannery in Beechworth on this day in 1938. The boy was caught in shafting when his arm became entangled and ripped from his body. Thomas is employed as an improver at […]

Murdered by a Mate

On This Day …….. 21st April 1858 One of the most shocking murders which has ever been seen in Beechworth occurred at Chinaman’s Flat. Luke Lyons and Patrick Saxton arrived in the Colony together and were believed to be sharing a claim. The murderer and his victim were mates and up until the time of […]

Narrow Escape from Fire

On this day …….. 18th of April 1914 Mr. Steve Dewan’s residence, at the rear of the Beechworth Hospital for Insane, narrowly escaped destruction by fire on this day in 1914. By some means unknown the grass in the paddock became ignited, and, fanned by the breeze, drove on to a stack of wood adjoining […]

Bushranger Killed

On This Day……… 9th April 1865 The notorious bushranger Dan Morgan was shot on this day in 1865, at a homestead at Peechelba. He layed wounded for a number of hours with out medical attention, before dying at 2:15pm. His body was taken to the woolshed, and placed on public display. Photographers from Beechworth and […]

Fresh Water at Beechworth

On This Day……… 2nd April 1874 After years of enduring water supplies which worked intermittently, or not at all, Beechworth in North East Victoria rejoiced on this day in 1874 when Victoria’s Solicitor General, G.B Kerferd, opened the valve and released water held in storage at Lake Kerford in the hills above the town. The […]

Opening of Bridge at Beechworth

On This Day……… 2nd April 1874 April the 2nd of 1874 was a busy day in Beechworth. At the completion of the water turn on in the centre of the town, the crowd moved to the site of the new stone bridge being built to replace the old one connecting Beechworth with Newtown, and proceeded […]

Governor Paterson to Melbourne Gaol

ON This Day – 31st March 1908 It was arranged by the Penal authorities, that Mr. R. Paterson, governor of the Geelong gaol, shall take over, the charge of the Melbourne Gaol on this day in 1908. He return to Geelong in the evening, and hand over the care of the Geelong gaol to Mr […]

Veteran of Waterloo

On this day ……… 31st of March 1855 An interesting character turned up in Beechworth, on this day in 1855, needing assistance. His name was Thomas Allen, a veteran of Waterloo, where he had been wounded. Allen had also been at Ballarat during the Eureka uprising, his tent had been burnt, and he had lost […]