Miner Scalp

ON THIS DAY ……. 27th March 1892 A miner named Alfred Rogers, residing at Ironbark, whilst working in the stopos of the Golden Age mine at Bendigo Victoria on this day in 1892, sustained a painful injury. A slab came away accidentally and struck him on the head heavily. Dr. Thomas was called to the […]

Five Years’ Gaol For Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY ……. 24th March 1951 YARRAWALLA SOUTH Herbert Frederick Wason aged 16, of Long Gully, Bendigo, was sent to gaol for five years by for the manslaughter of his former employer. Wason, who cannot read or write and is said to have the mental age of about 9 1/2 years, was charged with […]

Fatal Vehicular Accident

ON THIS DAY ……… 20th March 1904 James A. Milner was carting wood on this day in 1904 at Wattle Flat, near Bendigo. While putting, on the brake he was knocked down, the wheel passing over his body. He was brought to the hospital, and died on arrival.    

The Mildura Tragedy

ON THIS DAY – March 7, 1908 A VERDICT OF MANSLAUGHTER At the adjourned coronial enquiry, conducted by Mr. S. Risbey and a jury of five, regarding the tragedy which occurred on Saturday night, a large amount of evidence was submitted, mainly on the lines of the report that has been already published in “The […]

School Boy Injured

On this day ………… 4th March 1914 A painful accident happened to Master James Peatling on this day in 1914. Whilst playing at State school in Bendigo, he was accidentally hit on the back of the head with a stone. The head teacher (Mr. E. Morphy) attended the boy, and Mr. J. Pitson drove him […]

The Dingee Tragedy

ON THIS DAY – February 24, 1902 EDWARD WOODS The trial of Richard Henry Wills for the alleged murder of Edward Woods at Dingee on February 24, commenced in Bendigo before Judge A’Beckett and a jury of twelve. All the evidence had been taken and Mr. Murphy had finished his address to the jury when […]

The Body in the Suitcase

ON THIS DAY – February 23, 1935 COURTHOUSE HOTEL, BENDIGO Zillah Rowe, aged 29, domestic, of Cohuna, who was charged before the Supreme Court with the murder of an unnamed child, on February 23, was found guilty of manslaughter. The jury added a strong recommendation to mercy. Evidence was given by Plainclothes Constable Trewarne that […]

Murder of Mrs Hall

ON THIS DAY – February 22, 1897 The murder by Charles John Hall, of his wife at Eaglehawk, on the 22nd of February 1897, is one of the most brutal and cowardly in the annals of Victorian crime. Hall was a well-known footballer, and when he rushed away to call the neighbors to see his […]

Execution of Thomas McGee

EXECUTED THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 19, 1863 Thomas McGee was executed at Old Melbourne Gaol on this day in 1863. M’Gee and Ellen Hoskins charged with the murder of Alexander Brown, at Maiden Gully, (Bendigo) on the 16th October. Ellen Hoskins received 2 years inprisonment.    

Axe Murder in Bendigo

ON THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 15, 1892 A horrible murder was committed between 7 and 8pm on February 15, in a house in Glasgow-lane, off Arnold-street, Bendigo. A man named Henry Andrews, an Englishman, who was a first-class sergeant in the 4th Hussars, but retired 22 years ago, murdered his wife Catherine by knocking her […]

UFO or Ghosts

On this day ………… 13th February 1888 An interesting sighting was viewed at White Hills, near Bendigo on this day in 1888. Described as a most marvellous phenomenon happening between 730pm and 8pm Through opening in the trees planted in the street could be seen the appearance, apparently of numberless vehicles, which were in quick […]

Wax Model of the Murder Victim

ON THIS DAY – February 11, 1897 Convicted wife murder, Charles John Hall, from Eaglehawk, Bendigo, sent a letter to the Governor in Council. In it Hall states that the tragedy was really, at most, one of manslaughter. On the morning of February 11 he and his wife had a violent quarrel about Eva Scott […]