Alleged Malpractice

ON THIS DAY – June 29, 1905 VERDICT OF WILFUL MURDER – AGAINST A PERSON UNKNOWN Dr. R. H. Cole, the district coroner, yesterday concluded the inquest into the death of Emily Eden Lilias Chandler, a waitress, 28 years of age, who died in the Melbourne Hospital on July 3 from septicaemia, the result of […]

Car Driver Remanded

ON THIS DAY – June 23, 1928 Charged with the manslaughter of Mrs Rose Mangan, Ralph Hitchens, 24, of Park street, North Carlton, was remanded at the Carlton Court today until July 3. A charge of negligent driving was withdrawn, while a further charge of having failed to stop after allegedly knocking down a woman […]


ON THIS DAY – June 16, 1908 At the Central Criminal Court on the 18 June 1908 a young woman named Elizabeth Anderson, 19 years of age, was presented on a charge of having wilfully murdered her illegitimate child at Carlton on 16th ult. The evidence showed that the accused was a domestic servant. Her […]

The Knowing

Knowing is a 2009 science fiction thriller directed by Alex Proyas and starring Nicolas Cage. The project was originally attached to a number of directors under Columbia Pictures, but it was placed in turnaround and eventually picked up by Escape Artists. Production was financially backed by Summit Entertainment. Knowing was filmed in Docklands Studios Melbourne, […]

McNamara’s Execution

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 14th April 1902 Albert Edward McNamara, was executed at Old Melbourne Gaol On the 5th of January 1902, Albert Edward McNamara took his wife and children for a long walk, and when they returned he gave his wife some gin and then she and the children went to bed. McNamara […]

New Turn in Inquiries

ON THIS DAY – April 7, 1931 CARLTON Detectives inquiring into the murder of Matthias Handley, 55, an invalid pensioner, at Carlton on April 7, believe that the crime is closely associated with the attempted murder of Hugh Gulliver, 25, business agent, of Elwood, on the same night. An hour and a half later after […]

Wife Murder Case

ON THIS DAY – April 7, 1912 CARLTON Jason O’Mahoney was charged at the Criminal Court, with manslaughter of his wife, Catherine, at Carlton, on April 7. It was alleged by the Crown that O’ Mahoney had knocked his wife down and had caused the injuries which resulted in her death. O’Mahoney denied that he […]

Charge of Murder Withdrawn for Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY – April 5, 1915 CARLTON The charge of murder against Charles Wilson in connection with the death of James Gregory in a disturbance at Carlton on this day in 1915 was withdrawn at the City Court. Detective Bannon, who has been making inquiries into the affray, stated that it was not the […]

Murder of Veniamin

ON THIS DAY ……….. 23rd of March 2004 Veniamin was killed in the La Porcella restaurant in Carlton on this day in 2004 at 2.30pm after being shot by former associate Domenic “Mick” Gatto. Gatto was charged with his murder but acquitted on self-defence grounds. During the trial, Gatto claimed Veniamin had pulled out a […]

Bank Managers Death

On this day ………… 3rd March 1904 On this day in 1904, a gentleman riding on the dummy of a tram (bumper bar) in Richmond fell on the track, and was picked up in an unconscious condition. He was removed to the Melbourne Hospital, where he had several fits, and on being admitted to the […]

Love Hate Relationship

ON THIS DAY – February 25, 1896 ALBERT PARK Enquiries made concerning the murder and suicide at Albert Park on this day in 1896, were not altogether successful in demonstrating a motive for the crime. Some additional facts were discovered, however, which tend to show that John Priestley was probably seriously involved in domestic troubles, […]

The Watchman’s Murder

ON THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 17, 1928 CARLTON William Fitzgerald, a night watch man, in Rathdowne street, Carlton, was murdered on this night in 1928. The lack of any important clue as to the identity of the murderer caused the police officers much additional work as many lines of inquiry have been followed without success. […]