Schoolboy Accident

ON THIS DAY – October 5, 1944 On October 5th, 1944, two boys, John Graham and Geoffrey Clay, aged 8 and 9 respectively walked to Clay’s home for lunch from school. In Clay’s bedroom, the two boys were looking through a penny dreadful magazine. The boys decided to try and emulate the front cover, which […]

Murder of Constable McGrath

On This Day – October 1, 1915 In the early hours of Tuesday, 1st October, 1915 Constable McGrath and other police went to the Trades Hall in Lygon Street, Carlton in answer to a report and a burglary was in progress. The policemen entered the building, and found that an attempt had been made to […]

Execution of Castillo

EXECUTED THIS DAY – September 16, 1889 THE CARLTON MURDER. The last scene in the tragedy which opened in Somerset-place. Carlton, on the 8th July was enacted at the Melbourne Gaol at 10 o’clock yesterday morning, at which hour the miserable man Castillo suffered death at the hands of the common hangman. A minute or […]

Australia Prime Minister’s Plane Accident – Canberra

On this day …….. 6th September 1952 The 12th Prime Minister of Australia Robert Menzies and his family were involved in a near-serious mishap when leaving Fairbairn airport, Canberra, to Melbourne on this day in 1952. The R.A.A.F. Dakota in which they were travelling blew out a tyre just before leaving the ground when travelling […]

Pyjama Girl – Discovery and Initial Investigation

ON THIS DAY…… 27th August 1934   Mrs Agostini disappeared from friends and family in late August 1934, around a week before the unidentified Pyjama Girl was found in Albury near Splitter’s Creek on the New South Wales side of the border with Victoria. The victim’s body was discovered by a local man named Tom […]

The Pyjama Girl

ON THIS DAY…… 27th August 1934   Linda Agostini was murdered in Carlton on the 27th August 1934, she was identified as the “Pyjama Girl”, a murder victim found on a stretch of road in Albury, New South Wales, Australia, in September 1934. Linda Agostini was born Florence Linda Platt in Forest Hill, a suburb […]

Father Shoots Daughters Abductor

ON THIS DAY…… 26th August 1956 A 15-YEAR-OLD, dark-eyed Italian girl told the Criminal Court that a man who was shot, dead at her home on this day in 1956, had forced his attentions on her. She said the man Vincenzo Impiombato 32, of Lygon st., Carlton forced her to accompany him to Brisbane. The […]

Drowning Clue to Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 24th August 1942 Detectives hope to be able to say whether a man found drowned in the Yarra on Friday was associated with the murder of Mrs. Catherine Whitley aged 65, in a lane behind a hotel at the northern end of Elizabeth Street, City, near Gratten Street, Carlton. By his finger prints, […]

Murder of Ginger Tommy

ON THIS DAY…… 21st August 1918 Roma Smith or as she was know on the street Ginger Tommy. Smith was described as a prostitute “of the lowest type”. Like many women of the day, prostitution was the only way to make ends meet. Smith was murdered in her house in Cumberland Place in Carlton.  She […]

Murder of Frederick McDonald

ON THIS DAY…… 15th August 1952 Thomas William Harrison, aged 44, laborer, of Little Elgin st., in Carlton, was charged at the city watch-house with having murdered Frederick McDonald, a 70 year-old, of the same address.  McDonald died in the Royal Melbourne Hospital.  He was admitted to hospital after a brawl at his home on […]

Guilty of Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY …….6th August 1938 After a retirement of four hours a jury in the Criminal Court found Edward Allan May aged 30, laborer, not guilty of having murdered Mrs. Yoland Joan Shirley Bordin aged 21, of Carlton, but guilty of manslaughter. He was remanded for sentence after having admitted to prior convictions, including […]

Golf Club Murder

ON THIS DAY……. 1st August 1953 Two men were charged in the City Court on this day in 1953 with the murder of Ernest Clarkson, 69, of Gordon-avenue, Tecoma. Charged were two Cypriots, Vassos Socratous, 24, of Flemington-road, North Melbourne, and Lenndras Yiannakou, 39, of Rathdown street, Carlton. Both men were remanded to the City […]