A Pentent Confession

On This Day – September 8, 1904 THE EXECUTION OF JAMES WILLIAMS. The execution of the youth James Williams, who on 19th July murdered Mrs. Veitch, at Clifton Hill, Victoria, was carried out at the Melbourne Gaol. On the previous day the Rev. C. Bardin, the Church of England clergyman, who has been giving spiritual […]

Murder Inquest

On This Day – September 1, 1938 The city coroner (Mr. Tingate, P.M.) will conduct an inquest to-day into the murder of Mr. Frederick William Sherry, who was shot in a payroll hold-up at Clifton Hill on September 1. Forty-three witnesses, including eight detectives and many eye-witnesses of the crime, will give evidence. Selwyn Wallace, […]

Clifton Hill Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 19th August 1944 CLIFTON HILL John Turnbull, 28, soldier, who was appearing before Justice Martin on a charge of murder, told the court on this day in 1944, that, when he struck Ernest Price, 32, with, an axe, he was acting in self defence.  It was alleged that Turnbull had killed Price […]

Clifton Hill Murder Suicide

ON THIS DAY…… 14th August 1941   A case of Murder and Suicide.  On this day in 1941 the police discovered in a house in Clifton Hill, the bodies of a man and a woman believed to be Mr. and Mrs. Healey. They had been there for some time.    

The Hoddle Street Massacre

ON THIS DAY …….9th August 1987 The Hoddle Street massacre was a mass shooting that occurred on the evening of Sunday, 9 August 1987, in Hoddle Street, Clifton Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, in Australia. The shootings resulted in the deaths of seven people, and serious injury to 19 others. After a police chase […]

The Events of Hoddle Street

ON THIS DAY ………. 9th August 1987 Hoddle Street is where the majority of the shootings took place. The first car that Knight opened fire on contained a married couple, Con and Rita Vitkos. Rita received minor wounds and her husband drove on before stopping at a Mobil service station about 150 metres further south […]

Williams Committed for Murder

ON THIS DAY – July 19, 1904 The Coroner, Mr. Cole, concluded the inquest to-day concerning the death of Mrs. Mary Amelia Veitch, at Clifton Hill, on July 19. James Williams, the young man who was arrested on a charge of murder, was present in custody. He displayed hardly any interest in the proceedings. The […]


ON THIS DAY – July 11, 1936 WOMAN FOR TRIAL – Intent to Murder Charge  On a charge of having shot at Mrs J Florence Mackinlay at Clifton Hill, on July 11, with intent to murder, Emily Willmott, married, of Collingwood, to-day was committed for trial. Police evidence was to the effect thatn on the […]

Robbery and Murder

ON THIS DAY – July 9, 1944  MURDER CHARGE John Turnbull, 28, soldier, who is appearing before Mr. Justice Martin on a charge of murder, told the court to-day that when he struck Ernest Price, 32, with an axe he was acting in self-defence. It was alleged that Turnbull killed Price in a dark alley-way […]

Dead Baby in Suitcase

ON THIS DAY – June 14, 1920 FEMALE INFANT – CLIFTON HILL The City Coroner (Dr. R. H. Cole, P.M.), after having inquired at the Morgue yesterday into the death of a newly born female child, who was found in a suit case in the Merri Creek, Clifton Hill, on June 14, committed Annie Gallagher, […]

Execution of Wilson

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 23rd of March 1891 John Wilson, age 23 was executed in Old Melbourne gaol John Wilson, a tram conductor, was engaged to 24-year-old domestic servant Stella Leah Marks. On the 24th of January 1891, he saw her walking arm in arm with another man in Bourke street and on seeing […]

A Fatal Mistake

ON THIS DAY ……….. March 8, 1898 CLIFTON HILL Dr. S. J. Williams, died on this day in 1898, from the effects of an injection of atropine, dispensed to him in mistake for cocaine by James Christopher, chemist, of Clifton Hill. James William Christopher, was guilty of manslaughter. He was committed for trial.