Mystery Solved

On This Day ……. 12th April 1923 After remaining a mystery for more than, 30 years the solution of the method by which the convict Frederick Clark escaped, from Geelong gaol in 1889 has now been found. A larger brass key was discovered while prisoners were clearing the grounds of the Geelong Supreme Court. It […]

Flogging at Beechworth Gaol

On This Day……… 8th April 1872 The first flogging in the Beechworth Gaol took place on this day in 1872. The victim was a chinaman call Ah King, convicted of an indecent exposure. He was tied to a wooden tripod, which was known as being married to the three sisters. The prison received 17 lashes […]

Almost Executed

On This Day……… 7th April 1857   On this day in 1857, Rosanna Nicholls had the dubious honour of being the first person to be sentenced to death in Beechworth. Rosanna was convicted of murdering her child and ordered to be sent to Melbourne for sentence to be carried out. Rosanna missed another first, if […]

Stabbing Attempt

ON THIS DAY…… 20th December 1877 A man named Edward Heyward was charged at the Geelong police court on this day in 1877 with attempting to stab another man named George Shipway, on the 17th of November. The prisoner was remanded to the Geelong Gaol.  

Maintenance Order

On This Day ….. 13th December 1898 On this day in 1898, an order for 2/6 weekly was made against a man named Robert Tough for maintenance of his children in the schools, but Tough failed to comply with the order, and a sum ¬£63/15/7 has accumulated against him. Tough disappeared, and a warrant was […]


On This Day – December 3, 1929 Patrick Lynch a prisoner who was being taken from Pentridge to the Geelong Gaol on the 3rd of December 1929, jumped from the window of a fast moving express train near Manor. He suffered a compound fracture of both legs, and injuries to the face and hands. The […]

Percy Ramage Again ….

On This Day – November 30, 1900 A prisoner, named Percy Ramage who is serving along sentence for violently assaulting a policeman in Melbourne, is not making his lot any more pleasant by repeated breaches of gaol discipline. He has been frequently dealt with in the local¬†gaol and elsewhere by the visiting justices, he was […]

Convict George Cairns Bradshaw

ON THIS DAY…… 20th November 1900 Convict George Cairns Bradshaw George Cairns Bradshaw, a married man, was charged with an unlawful assault upon Jane Bateman at Terang, on 20th October. Mr Garnet appeared to prosecute for the Crown. On being arraigned, the prisoner pleaded guilty and was returned to the cell whilst His Honour perused […]

Notorious gangster – Percy Ramage

ON THIS DAY…… 17th November 1900 Notorious gangster Percy Ramage starts fight Two of three prisoners in the local gaol, Percy Ramage and Patrick Prendergast, quarrelled on this day in 1900, and a stand up fight resulted. The pair were brought before the visiting magistrate, and each was sentenced to seven days solitary confinement.

New convicts arrive in Geelong

ON THIS DAY…… 14th November 1902 Five new convict arrive at Geelong gaol Five prisoners of the vagrant class, under the escort, of two constables, arrived by the midday train from Melbourne on this day, and were taken to the Geelong gaol, where they will complete their sentences. The oldest of the batch is 83 […]

Smuggling into Geelong Gaol

ON THIS DAY…… 10th November 1921 Smuggling into Geelong Gaol Smuggling into the Geelong Gaol has been suspected for some time past and Detective Sickerdick and Plain-clothes Constable Dunn have been making investigations. They are convinced that they have sufficient evidence to involve one of the warders, and it is stated that instructions have been […]

The fire king dies at Geelong Gaol

ON THIS DAY…… 7th November 1901 The Fire King dies at Geelong Gaol At an inquest held at the Geelong Gaol, on the body of the aged prisoner Harry Cutmore, who is known as “The Fire King,” a verdict was returned that deceased committed suicide by throwing himself from the balcony to the ground floor, […]