King Alfred’s Skeleton

ON THIS DAY ……. 30th March 1891 Workmen on the railway to Mansfield, under construction at the time, unearthed a skeleton. No one was quite sure who it was but locals thought it was probably King Alfred, an aboriginal tribal leader who had been elevated to regional status by the early landholders in the area. […]

The Fitzroy Explosion

ON THIS DAY ……. 26th March 1910 John William Crabtree, a grocer who’s premises were destroyed by an explosion on this day in 1910. Crabtree was taken to the Melbourne Hospital where he died. During the inquest to his death, Crabtree was found to be an escaped prison. In 1885, Crabtree had been sentenced to […]

Suspicious Death

ON THIS DAY …….. 26th March 1911 Thomas Hill, aged 72 years, an inmate of the Benevolent Asylum at North Melbourne, died on this day in 1911, under peculiar circumstances. He complained to Nurse Moroney that he was not well, and about three tablespoonful of rum in water were given to him. Subsequently he became […]

Trial of May McNeal

ON THIS DAY ……….. 26th of March 1930 Before Mr. Justice Lowe, in the Criminal Court of Melbourne the trial of May McNeal, a married woman, of Bennett Street, Richmond, began on a charge of murder. The charge against Mrs McNeal was that at Richmond on the 26th of March 1930 she murdered Margaret Jean […]

Men Grapple For Axe

ON THIS DAY …….. 22nd March 1934 RICHMOND Ernest Kirkwood, a young man, was charged with having murdered Claude Leslie Cooper at Richmond on this day in 1934. Death was alleged to have been caused through a blow on the head by an axe. Kirkwood maintained a quiet demeanour in court when the charge was […]

Fatal Railway Accident

ON THIS DAY ……… 21st March 1913 Bert Gouller, aged 13 years, whose leg and arm were cut off through falling under a Coburg train at the Flinders-street station, died on this day in 1913.    

Fatal Vehicular Accident

ON THIS DAY ……… 20th March 1904 James A. Milner was carting wood on this day in 1904 at Wattle Flat, near Bendigo. While putting, on the brake he was knocked down, the wheel passing over his body. He was brought to the hospital, and died on arrival.    

Accident to Cyclist

ON THIS DAY ……… 20th March 1909 Melbourne Harold Reidy, from North Melbourne, was crossing Sydney rd on this day, in 1909. While at the intersection of Gatehouse street in Parkville, when he collided with the dummy of a passing tram. He sustained severe injuries to his face and head, and was admitted to the […]

Death by Onion

On this day ………… 14th March 1864 A very melancholy accident occurred on this day in 1864 to the infant child of John Williams, a shepherd at Digby, western district of Victoria It appears that the little fellow had been roasting onions at the hut fire and carrying them outside to eat them; it is […]

Accident in a Case Factory

On this day ………… 13th March 1912 An accident which occurred on this day in 1912, resulted in the death of Robert Palmer, 22 years of age. Palmer worked at a case factory in North Melbourne and while working a circular saw a piece of wood flew from it and struck him on the abdomen. […]

Character form Ned Kelly History

On this day ………… 12th March 1893 Another fragment of the living Kelly Gang history died on this day in 1893. Anton Wick, who achieved lasting fame when Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly used him as a decoy to shoot Aaron Sherritt. Wick was a long time resident of the Woolshed area near Beechworth, who […]

Body Found in House: Woman on Murder Charge

ON THIS DAY – March 9, 1932 In the dock of the City Court stood Katherine Masterton, aged 46, charged with having at Richmond on the 9th of March murdered Dorothy May Draper, aged 20. Masterton was arrested by detectives, who found the body of the girl in a house. The police said that she […]