On this day …….. 9th of December 1938 An elephant escaped from a circus at Bentleigh on this night in 1938, and walked into the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Mall. The elephant made a great mess of the garden before mounting the front verandah and tried to turn around an electric light fitting. While […]

Escaped elephant – Richmond

On This Day ……. 29th October 1954 Escaped Elephant – Richmond An escaped elephant from Wirth’s Circus’ temporary camp outside Olympic Park in Richmond, Melbourne caused a mild panic on the 29th October 1954. At 9.30 p.m. a check was made by the boys guarding the elephants, and it was found that one was missing. […]

Stringybark Creek Police Shooting

On this day …….. 26th of October 1878 A group of four policemen from Mansfield set out to search for the Kelly brothers who they thought were hiding in the bush near Mansfield. They set up camp at Stringbark Creek on 25 October 1878, not knowing that the Kellys were living in a small hut […]

Two escaped from Geelong gaol

ON THIS DAY…… 3rd October 1962 Two prisoners Robert Leslie Dennis aged 26, and Donald John McCumber aged 29, escaped from the Geelong Gaol on the 3rd of October 1962. After steeling a car in Swanston st, Geelong they headed north to the boarder. An intensive hunt was made for them throughout South-West N.S.W. after […]

Illegally at Large – Collingwood Stockade Escape

On this day …….. 28th September 1860 William Haynes, a prisoner of the Crown, was charged on this day with being Illegally at Large after having escaped from Collingwood Stockade.  

Lunatic John O’Brien – Sunbury Asylum Escape

On this day …….. 26th September 1896 An inmate of the Lunatic Asylum at Sunbury, names John O’Brien made his escape on the 26th of September 1896, got on the railway line and walked towards Footscray. He was followed by a warder on horseback, but through the horse, breaking, down a ceed any further. A […]

Three convicts escape from Geelong Gaol

On this day …….. 24th September 1852 An interesting a attempt of an escape was made by three prisoner on the 24th of September 1852. Three prisoners, had by some means obtained possession of a small saw and a jemmy bar, which they used to cut away part of the roof, half an inch steal […]

Lunatic on the run for 7 days – Beechworth

On this day …….. 18th September 1868 Jacob Jobbles was transferred from Yarra Bend Asylum to the Beechworth Asylum on the 23rd of November 1867. Jobbles escape on the 18th of September 1868, he was on the run for 7 days.  

Kew Asylum Escape

On this day …….. 16th September 1947 A patient escaped from the Kew Mental Asylum. Any person who can give information that might lead to his apprehension is asked to contact the police immediately.: The patients’ – description is: Age- 23. years, 5 -feet 10 inches, dark hair-: and dark eyes, wearing Government issue grey’ […]

Lunatic Cyril Anthony Ashiev – Beechworth Asylum

On this day …….. 13th September 1949 Cyril Anthony Ashiev a 38 year old patient who was described as a thief who escaped from the Beechworth Mental Hospital on the 13th of September 1949. Local residents have been reminded to take there keys out of there cars and lock their vehicles, shed and homes.  

Kew Asylum lunatic escapee

On this day …….. 11th September 1896 A lunatic named Coghlan escaped from the Kew Asylum on 11th of September 1896. At about 10.30 a.m. Constable W. Whiddett, who was witching near the bridge on the Flemington road, saw a man approaching shouting and gesticulating. Whiddett in a moment concluded that the man was the […]

Lunatic escaped over the wall – Sunbury Asylum Escape

On this day …….. 10th September 1881 The police have received information that a very dangerous lunatic named Joshua Dunston escaped from the Sunbury Asylum about 4 o’clock on the afternoon of the 10th of September, by over the wall while his guardian’s back was turned. He is twenty-seven years of age, about 6ft. high, […]