EXECUTED THIS DAY – December 22, 1941 ALFRED BYE – MELBOURNE Alfred Bye, 42, formerly a military transport driver at Darley Camp, was executed at Pentridge on this day in 1941. He made no final statement. Bye was sentenced to death for the murder of Thomas Edward Walker, 45, a soldier, of Broadmeadows Camp, in […]

The Execution of Basilo Bondeitto – 1876

EXECUTED THIS DAY – December 11, 1876 BASILO BONDEITTO Basilo Bondeitto, who was, after a three days trial, convicted of the murder of Carlo Comisto, at Sandy Creek, Victoria, on or about the 4th September last, suffered the extreme penalty of the law for the deed on the morning of Monday, December 11 in the […]

Execution of James Barrett

Executed This Day – December 1, 1863 MELBOURNE GAOL Yesterday morning, at ten o’clock, the culprit James Barrett, convicted at the last criminal sittings of the Supreme Court, Melbourne, of the murder of Mrs. Beckinsale, suffered the extreme penalty of the law, in the presence of about sixty persons. The wretched criminal, who had been […]


On This Day – November 27, 1890 A revolting murder is reported as having occurred at Mount Riddle, three miles from Healesville, where the naked trunk of a man has been discovered, slightly covered with earth and boughs. It was found beside the bank forming a waterhole in a paddock belonging to Mr. Steel, J.P. […]

Execution of Cockcroft

On This Day – November 12, 1894 The execution of Elijah Cockroft for the murder of Fanny Mott at Noradjura, in the Wimmera district, took place at the Ballarat Gaol this morning, when only six persons besides the gaol officials were present. Punctually at 10 o’clock, Cockroft was brought out of his cell and led […]

Public execution in Geelong

ON THIS DAY…… 11th November 1854 Public executions in Geelong Execution on this day in 1854, two men, who had been convicted, one of administering poison, and the other of murder, were executed at the Geelong gaol. The crowd outside the gaol numbered about 2000, to witness this, the first instance of public execution in […]

Murder of Rose and Margaret Taylor

ON THIS DAY – November 11, 1917 A sodden photograph dredged from the Goulburn gave the first clue to the identity of a murderer who used many names.   On a warm and drowsy summer Sunday afternoon – November 18,1917- a soldier on leave from Seymour Camp, four miles away, rested after a long walk. He […]

Murder of Pop Kent

ON THIS DAY – November 7, 1949  Pop Kent was an elderly SP Bookmaker targeted by Jean Lee, Norman Andrews and Robert Clayton because of a roll of cash Pop was seen with in the University Hotel in Carlton. Inviting the trio back to his home, he would be beaten to death.  Lee, Andrews and […]

Murder at Wooragee

ON THIS DAY – October 15, 1872 Living on the goldfields was hard and the threat of bush rangers was constantly on one’s mind. On the evening of the 15th of October three bushrangers named James Smith, Thomas Brady and William Heppanstein bailed up the Wooragee Post Office robbing them of their takings. They then […]

Murder of Elizabeth Finnessy

ON THIS DAY…… 26th September 1853 Elizabeth and Michael Finnessy were married in Burra, South Australia, they had two children who had both died. The couple had moved to Victoria and lived in a small house in Chinatown. A week before Elizabeth was murdered, she had found at that her husband was married to another woman, […]

Execution of Castillo

EXECUTED THIS DAY – September 16, 1889 THE CARLTON MURDER. The last scene in the tragedy which opened in Somerset-place. Carlton, on the 8th July was enacted at the Melbourne Gaol at 10 o’clock yesterday morning, at which hour the miserable man Castillo suffered death at the hands of the common hangman. A minute or […]

The Final Parting

EXECUTED THIS DAY – September 13, 1897  Charles John Hall who murdered his wife Minnie at Eaglehawk on February 11th was executed at the Bendigo Gaol this morning.  Hall’s parents spoke to him for the last time on Saturday evening, and the parting was a most painful sight, moving the warders to tears. One warder […]