Execution on James Cornick

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 16th of March 1857 James Cornick was executed at the old Melbourne gaol for the murder of his girl friend Agnes Horne at Eaglehawk Flat. Cornick met his fate with considerable firmness, walking from his cell with a firm step when apprised by the sheriff that the hour had come […]

Executions of Chu-A-Luk and William Twiggem

EXECUTION THIS DAY – March 10, 1857 MELBOURNE At 8am, the condemned criminals, William Twiggem and Chu-a-luk, a Chinese, underwent the last sentence of the law in the Melbourne gaol. Twiggem, it will be recollected, was the accomplice of the notorious Gipsy Smith, in the murder of Sergeant McNally, and was sworn to on the […]

The Execution of Long Poy

EXECUTION THIS DAY ……… March 10, 1866 CASTLEMAINE At 10am on the 10th of March 1866, at the Castlemaine Gaol, a Chinaman named Long Poy, was executed for murder. Before the execution, the Rev Mr Allnutt attended the criminal, with James Ah Coy, interpreter of Castlemaine. Long Poy was deeply affected and resigned to his […]

Last Woman to be Executed in Australia

EXECUTED THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 19, 1951 On 19 February 1951, Jean Lee was executed at Pentridge Gaol. Lee on the morning of the execution became hysterical and had to be sedated. She fainted when the executioner came to her cell and she was strapped semi-conscious to a chair. She was executed at 8am. At […]

Execution of Thomas McGee

EXECUTED THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 19, 1863 Thomas McGee was executed at Old Melbourne Gaol on this day in 1863. M’Gee and Ellen Hoskins charged with the murder of Alexander Brown, at Maiden Gully, (Bendigo) on the 16th October. Ellen Hoskins received 2 years inprisonment.    

Last person to be Executed in Australia

EXECUTED THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 3, 1967 Eleven hours before the time he was due to hang, Ronald Ryan was joking with his warders, and was in good spirits, in his H division cell at Pentridge. Ryan’s constant companion during the past few weeks, the Reverend Father John Brosnan, said this when he left the […]

Last Men to be Sentenced to Death in Victoria

On This Day – January 31, 1971 Christopher Lowery and Charles King, were charged with the brutal murder of a 15 year old school girl, Rosalyn Nolte, in Hamilton, Western Victoria. On this day in 1971, Lowery and King were driving down Gray Street, Hamilton’s main street, in Lowery’s Holden panel van, when they stopped […]

Execution of Albert Budd

EXECUTED THIS DAY – January 29, 1918 ALBERT EDWARD BUDD – MELBOURNE GAOL Albert Budd was hanged in Melbourne gaol on this day for the murder of his foster sister. When asked whether he wished to say anything he replied “Nothing. ” He shook hands with the governor of the gaol, saying “Good-bye, sir.” Death […]

Police Killer

EXECUTED THIS DAY – January 24, 1916 John Jackson was hanged in the Melbourne Gaol on this day in 1916, for the murder of Constable McGrath at the Trades’ Hall. Death was instantaneous. The Rev. W. Forbes, of the Church of England. who attended the condemned man, said that Jackson was very reticent at first, […]

Execution of Thomas Johnson

EXECUTED THIS DAY – January 23, 1939 PENTRIDGE PRISON At the Pentridge Gaol, Coburg, on this day in 1939, Thomas William Johnson, aged 40 years, labourer, was hanged for the murder of Robert Gray, aged 73 years, and Adam Bunney, aged 61 years, at Dunolly on the 6th of October 1938. Johnson, who had refused […]

Dismembered and Burnt in Kitchen Fire

ON THIS DAY – January 22, 1893 John Conder was charged with the murder of an Indian hawker, Kaizi Singh, near Buchan on the 22nd January 1893. Conder it is believed to have shoot Singh before dismembering him, before burning the body in his hut fire. After a retirement of about two hours the jury […]

Victoria’s First Execution

EXECUTED THIS DAY – January 20, 1842 Melbourne’s first public execution happened on this day in 1842. The prisoners were two Aboriginal men known as Bob and Jack, who had been accused of murdering two whalers in the colony’s Westernport district. Unable to give evidence in their own defence, or to call Aboriginal witnesses, they […]