Mutiny at Norfolk Island

On this day …….. 15th of January 1833 After a serious of mutiny on Norfolk Island, 55 convicts were tried on this day in 1833, and 29 condemned to death, of whom 13 actually were executed.    

The Cheltenham Murder of Jane Fegan

ON THIS DAY – January 15, 1902 What appears to be a deliberate attempt at murder took place at Cheltenham, Melbourne. A slaughterman, George Fegan, aged 37, went home to his wile, aged 40, and his child, aged 8, and demanded money for drink from the former, who helps to support the family by doing […]

London Bridge is Falling Down

On this day …….. 15th of January 1990 London Arch in Port Campbell National Park in Victoria was a natural wonder on the Great Ocean Rd. Until the 15th of January 1990 it was a spectacular double sea arch, known as London Bridge because of it’s resemblance to its namesake. The inner arch collapsed unexpectedly […]


On this day …….. 15th of January 1906 Mr Hamilton, of Mirboo North, Victoria hearing his nine-year-old son calling, went to the bedroom, where be found a tiger Snake on the bed with its fangs fast in the boy’s foot. The reptile got away. The wound was tended to, and the boy taken to the […]

Concealment of Birth at Geelong

ON THIS DAY…… 15th Janurary 1902 The young woman, Mary Romaro, who gave birth to a child on the 28th of December 1901, and immediately afterwards went about her household duties, was formally charged with concealment of birth, and was remanded to the Geelong Gaol Hospital. The coroner (Mr. G. W. Patterson) also openedan inquest […]

Attack at the Melbourne Zoo

On this day …….. 15th of January 1936 On this day in 1936, a baby silver gull escaped from the wire netting enclosure at the Melbourne Zoo, into the water birds’ aviary, and was swallowed by a pelican. The silver gulls, after rearing one chick, nested a second time, and the pelican’s victim was hatched […]

Cold Blooded Murder

On this Day¬†– 15th January 1859 The cold-blooded murder of Joseph Hartwig was committed on the main road from Beechworth. Joseph also known as German Joe, was heading home with his bullock dray, after delivering a load of vegetables. Two witnesses, Hugh Watt and John Roberts stated that they heard a man cry out “Don’t! […]

The Body in Sugarloaf Creek

On This Day – January 14, 1935 Floating face downwards in 4ft. of water, the body of James Albert Ross, aged 23 years, carpenter, of Tallarook, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances on the 11th of January, was found in Sugarloaf Creek on this day in 1935. There were two bullet wounds in the head, one […]

Mini Tornado

On this day …….. 14th of January 1977 Mini tornado touched down in North East Victoria on this day in 1977, cyclonic force winds hit Milawa, wrecking St Paul’s Anglican Church and devastating Brown Brothers Winery. In twelve minutes $2,000,000 of damage was recorded.    

Message in a Bottle

On this day …….. 14th of January 1940 Near the Torrumbarry Weir on the Murray River on the 14th of January 1940, a local man named J.F Williams found a corked bottle with a message inside. Although the paper was badly discoloured, the writing was still decipherable and Williams was amazed to find that it […]

The Murder of Ada Hatton

ON THIS DAY – January 14, 1891 Shortly after 7pm, a ghastly tragedy was perpetrated in a narrow lane off Chapel-street, Prahran, known as St. James’s-place. In one of the small wooden house lived three women and two or three men, one being a labourer named Monteith. One of the women, Ada Hatton, was constantly […]

Robbery of Mother

ON THIS DAY…… 13th January 1933 At the sittings of the Supreme Court Geelong before Mr. Justice McFarlan was the trial of Manus Diamond, 47 years, a labourer, on a charge of robbery. On the night of 13th of January, Diamond went into the bedroom of his 90 year old mother and demanded money. She […]