No Fixed Abode

ON THIS DAY – October 21, 1952 Bail was refused at the City Court today when William Wallace Preston, 49, of no fixed abode, was remanded until November 6 on a charge of murder. Preston is alleged to have murdered Phyllis Rachel Kerry, at Fitzroy, on or about October 20. Det.-Sgt. C. H. Petty said […]

Chinese Dispute

ON THIS DAY…… 23rd September 1926 Inquiries which resulted in his death were received by a Chinese in a fight with another Chinese in Marion street, Fitzroy, on the morning of September 23. The meat choppers and two knives, as well as a piece of lead piping and a large and heavy stick, were used […]

Australia Prime Minister’s Plane Accident – Canberra

On this day …….. 6th September 1952 The 12th Prime Minister of Australia Robert Menzies and his family were involved in a near-serious mishap when leaving Fairbairn airport, Canberra, to Melbourne on this day in 1952. The R.A.A.F. Dakota in which they were travelling blew out a tyre just before leaving the ground when travelling […]

infant Inquest

ON THIS DAY…… 3rd September 1897 At an inquest on the body of a newly born female child, found in the public reserve at Fitzroy, a verdict of wilful murder against some person unknown was returned.

Oldest Woman in Victoria

On this day …….. 5th of August 1938 CENTENARIAN’S PARTY Mrs. Isabel Munro, aged 104 years, of Fitzroy, believed to be the oldest woman in Victoria, went to a party last Friday night. She returned to her home at 2.30 a.m. and at 11 o’clock she complained to a visitor that she was being kept […]

Alfred Deakin, Australia’s second Prime Minister, is born.

On this day …….. 3rd of August 1856 Alfred Deakin was born on 3 August 1856 in Fitzroy, Melbourne. In 1879, Deakin gained a seat in the colonial Parliament of Victoria, and after holding office in several ministries, he began to turn his efforts towards the push for Federation. Following Federation in 1901, he was […]

Escaped By Prison Truck

On this day …….. 3rd of August 1955 A youth who stole the Langi Kal Kal training centre truck to escape on March 31 was gaoled for three months on this day in 1955. He is George Edward Bennett, 17, of Dunlop ave., Ascot Vale, who told Judge Moore in General Sessions that he escaped […]

Life Terms for Murder

ON THIS DAY – July 29, 1976 Three men who battered an older man to death in the course of “teaching him a lesson” were each found guilty of murder by a Criminal Court jury. Mr Justice Jenkinson sentenced each of the three to be imprisoned for the term of his natural life. They were […]

Accused Man’s Defence

ON THIS DAY – July 26, 1943 Giving evidence in his defence on a charge of murdering Pearl Oliver at Fitzroy on July 26, Harold Nugent, truck-driver, said in the Criminal Court today that he did not shoot the girl and did not have a weapon of any sort in his possession. Nugent said he […]

Food Leads to Murder

ON THIS DAY – July 17, 1946 TAILOR CHARGED WITH MURDER The Coroner (Mr Marwick) . at the inquest today into the death oF Philip Elmore Johnson, 65, labourer, near Mornington on July 12 committed Trevor McKenzie, tailor, of Melbourne, for trial on a charge of murder. Johnson’s body was found under a sheet of […]

Medical Evidence At Murder Trial

ON THIS DAY – June 29, 1951 A doctor told a Criminal Court jury today that a young doctor’s widow, charged with the murder of her five months old blind daughter, had said she had been extremely unhappy in her married life, and did not want any association in her home with the baby. The […]

Murder of Pearl Oliver

On This Day – June 27, 1943 Beer Party Incident Gives Clue Clues obtained in the shooting episode at Fitzroy on the night of July 27, when Pearl Oliver (19) was murdered and Joseph Fanesi (26) and Peter Croft, an Allied sailor, were seriously wounded, have led police to a party where several kegs of […]