Vermin Infested House

On This Day – April 7, 1912 Minnie Kinsley, married, was charged at the Fitzroy Court to-day with having her premises in such a state as to be a nuisance. Charles James Eassie (sanitary inspector) stated that the house rented by Mrs. Kingsley contained eight rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, and 19 people were […]

Acropolis Now (1989)

Acropolis Now is a cult Australian television sitcom set in a fictional Greek cafe in Fitzroy, Melbourne. The title of the show being a play on the film Apocalypse Now. Its brand of cross-cultural humour still resonates today in such shows as Pizza and Here Come The Habibs. The show was produced by Crawford Productions […]


ON THIS DAY – December 18, 1945 YARRA RIVER Leo Clinton Cartledge aged 23, of George Street, Fitzroy, labourer, was charged with the murder of Raymond Theodore Combs, aged 20 an American negro seaman. He was remanded until January 9. Combs’ body was found in the Yarra at Studley Park on December 24. Police allege […]


On this day …….. 14th of December 1926 A meat chopper, knives, a tomahawk, lead piping, and sticks were used as weapons in a fight between two Chinese in Fitzroy, on September 23. The fight ended fatally for one of the Chinese. As a result, Chung Wah Lee, aged 36, stood on trial on this […]

Fitzroy Women Beaten To Death

ON THIS DAY – DECEMBER 14, 1956 FITZROY The finding of the battered bodies of two women in their home in North Fitzroy yesterday has provided Melbourne police with the greatest murder mystery since the killing of teenager Shirley Collins, three years ago. The dead women were Mrs, Mary Boanas, 82, and her daughter, Mrs. […]


ON THIS DAY – 12th December 1913 With his head battered shockingly by a blunt instrument, Rev. H. L. Cecil, of St. Saviour’s Church of England, at Fitzroy, was found dead in his vicarage shortly after 8pm on this night 1935. He is believed to have been the victim of thieves whom he had disturbed. […]

Drops Murder Charge

On This Day – November 28, 1947 Following the finding by Coroner Burke, PM, yesterday that Joseph Patrick Turner, 29, of Abbotsford, had acted in self-defence because he feared he was in danger of serious bodily harm, police in the City Court today withdrew the charge against Turner of having murdered George Edward Barrett, alias […]

Boys Charged with Murder

ON THIS DAY – November 4, 1919 William Joseph Flynn, aged 15, of Hood street, Collingwood, and James Patrick Smith, aged 16, of Palmer street, were charged in the Children’s Court at Fitzroy on Monday with having wilfully murdered a boy named Ernest Stanley Worseldine, of Rose street, Fitzroy, on November 4. Mr. N. L. […]

A Nocturnal Affray

ON THIS DAY – October 30, 1921   Vivid details of the sensational nocturnal affray at Fitzroy were given by witnesses at the enquiry at the Morgue by Dr. Cole (city coroner) to-day into the death on October 30 of John Thomas Olsen (36), clerk, Joseph Lennox Cotter (28), commission agent, was present in custody, […]

No Fixed Abode

ON THIS DAY – October 21, 1952 Bail was refused at the City Court today when William Wallace Preston, 49, of no fixed abode, was remanded until November 6 on a charge of murder. Preston is alleged to have murdered Phyllis Rachel Kerry, at Fitzroy, on or about October 20. Det.-Sgt. C. H. Petty said […]

Chinese Dispute

ON THIS DAY…… 23rd September 1926 Inquiries which resulted in his death were received by a Chinese in a fight with another Chinese in Marion street, Fitzroy, on the morning of September 23. The meat choppers and two knives, as well as a piece of lead piping and a large and heavy stick, were used […]

Australia Prime Minister’s Plane Accident – Canberra

On this day …….. 6th September 1952 The 12th Prime Minister of Australia Robert Menzies and his family were involved in a near-serious mishap when leaving Fairbairn airport, Canberra, to Melbourne on this day in 1952. The R.A.A.F. Dakota in which they were travelling blew out a tyre just before leaving the ground when travelling […]