Infantile Paralysis Epidemic

On This Day – 27th March 1938 Restrictions placed on concert parties visiting the gaol because of the Infantile paralysis epidemic has been lifted, and the first concert for the year was given on Sunday, the 27th of March, when a party from Melbourne visited the gaol.  

The Bombing of Russell Street

ON THIS DAY ……… 27th March 1986 On this day in 1986, the Russell Street Police Headquarters complex in Russell Street was a target of a bombing attack which would bring the Victorian Police Force and Melbourne to a stand still. The explosion was caused by a car bomb hidden in a stolen 1979 Holden […]

The Fitzroy Explosion

ON THIS DAY ……. 26th March 1910 John William Crabtree, a grocer who’s premises were destroyed by an explosion on this day in 1910. Crabtree was taken to the Melbourne Hospital where he died. During the inquest to his death, Crabtree was found to be an escaped prison. In 1885, Crabtree had been sentenced to […]

Release of a Prisoner

On This Day – 24th March 1895 The Mayor of Geelong stated that he had signed a petition to be presented to the acting governor asking for the release from gaol of Mrs Hoffman, of Pettavel. He intended also joining a deputation to wait on the Acting Governor, and urging for Mrs Hoffman’s liberation. He […]

Stealing Boots

On This Day – 13th March 1866 An old man named Richard Finley, was sent to gaol for one mouth, for stealing a pair of boots from the Barwon Bridge Hotel. His capture was singular. He was seen to leave the hotel, and in trying to avoid notice he went too near the deep embankment […]

The Execution of Long Poy

EXECUTION THIS DAY ……… March 10, 1866 CASTLEMAINE At 10am on the 10th of March 1866, at the Castlemaine Gaol, a Chinaman named Long Poy, was executed for murder. Before the execution, the Rev Mr Allnutt attended the criminal, with James Ah Coy, interpreter of Castlemaine. Long Poy was deeply affected and resigned to his […]

Congregational Minister Sent to Gaol

On this day ………… 8th March 1926 There was great excitement in Wodonga on this day in 1926 when the Rev. William Dawson the Congregational Minister, had been taken to Gaol in Beechworth. All over the matter of Principle….. The Rev. Had refused to pay a fine imposed on him by the court for riding […]

Feeble Class Prisoners

On This Day – 8th March 1907 Four prisoners, of the usual vagrant and feeble class, were received at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1907 from Pentridge, and the police escort took back two female prisoners to Coburg. Since the Penal authorities transferred the matron from the gaol, it has been necessary to […]

Attempt To Break Out of Gaol

On this day ………… 7th March 1900 On the 7th of March 1900, Edward Brown, prisoner attempted to escape from the Geelong Gaol, in which he was serving a sentence of five years for burglary. It is not regarded seriously by the prison authorities. The facts of the case have been brought under the notice […]

Inquest on body of Lunatic

On This Day – 6th March 1854 A coroner’s inquest was held at the Geelong Gaol on this day in 1854, at 1pm. Coroner, Mr Forster Shaw and a respectable Jury, view the body of Ann Connelly, late a prisoner lunatic. George Coward, colonial assistant surgeon, being sworn. The deceased, Ann Connelly, had been in […]

Death of a Lunatic

On This Day – 5th March 1854 A sad case of the death of a Lunatic at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1854. The body of a deceased lunatic, Ann Connelly, shows how horribly the authorities neglect to provide for the wants of the community. By the evidence there given, we find the […]

Indeterminate Prison

On This Day – 4th March 1922 On this day in 1922, the Geelong gaol was visited by Mr Mclvor, Inspector General of the Penal Department. As a result it is expected that a portion or the gaol will be set apart for an indeterminate prison. Men serving indeterminate sentences will be sent to Geelong. […]