Birregurra Police Court

On This Day ……. 27th of July 1913 At the Birregurra Police Court on this day in 1913, a young man named Roy Thomlinson, arrested in Geolong, was charged with larceny of £10 from H. A Brady. a local hotelkeeper. He pleaded guilty, and the bench, sentenced him to two months’ imprisonment at Geelong gaol.  

Cattle stealing

On This Day ……. 26th May 1904 A young man named John Smith, who was arrested at Colac by Senior-constable Arthur and Constable McKenzie for alleged ‘cattle stealing, has been brought into the Geelong gaol on remand. He was brought before the Geelong court a week later, and further to the gaol.

Doctor sent to gaol

On This Day ……. 16th May 1860 One of the larger than life characters of the early gold rush in North East Victoria was locked up in the Beechworth Gaol on this day in 1860. Doctor Radley had been practising in Chiltern, where there was some doubt about him being qualified doctor. Popular opinion was […]

Law Week 2017

Twisted History is proud to be a part of Law Week 2017!  There are over 100 events in the program. To see the full program of events, go to: Twisted History have a range of tours running from our Ghost Tours to Investigations to Murder Tours and our brand new Jack the Ripper tour. Bookings […]

Warden charged

On This Day ……. 15th May 1906 Charges were formulated on this day in 1906, against Robert Barker, a warder from the Geelong Gaol, who is was under suspension from duty, in relation to communicating with relatives of a prisoner under his charge and carrying from prisoners in gaol to friends outside.  

Mothers Day

Have you ever wanted to scare your mother……. Why not bring your mother on a ghost tour of the old Geelong gaol this Sunday Night. What better way to spend Mother’s Day night…… For information and bookings please call 1300 865 800

Execution of Joseph Brown

EXECUTION THIS DAY – May 4, 1865 MELBOURNE The execution of Joseph Brown, who at the last Criminal sitting of the Supreme Court was sentenced to death for the murder of Emanuel Jacobs on March 22, at the Whittington Tavern Bourke-street, took place at the Melbourne gaol, in presence of about twenty spectators. At an […]

Three Years Hard Labour

On This Day ……. 21st April 1870 Adolph Thieves, convicted on two charges of larceny, asked His Honour to he kind enough to pass a lenient sentence, as it was the first time he had been in gaol, and he could prove when he came out that the property was not Mr Gosling’s at all. […]

Execution of Cornelius Bourke

EXECUTED THIS DAY – April 20, 1891 The execution of Cornelius Bourke, convicted of the murder of Peter Stewart at the Hamilton lock-up, took place in the Ballarat Gaol at 10 o’clock on Monday morning. It will be remembered that after sentence was pronounced, some doubts arose as to the sanity of the prisoner, and […]

Death of Carl Williams

ON THIS DAY …… April 19, 2010 Barwon Prison On 19 April 2010, Williams died from head injury while incarcerated at Barwon Prison. He was struck with part of an exercise bike by another inmate, Matthew Charles Johnson, who was convicted for the murder, and sentenced in December 2011 to 32 years’ jail. Williams’ funeral […]

Apprentices Returned to Vessel

On This Day ……. 17th April 1923 An application was made on this day in 1923 by Captain Umfeldje, of the Danish Government barque Sterna, to have the 13 apprentices released from the Geelong gaol, where they had been confined for a week having been sentenced to one months imprisonment for deserting from the vessel. […]

Last Execution at Old Melbourne Gaol

ON THIS DAY………..14th of April 1924 ANGUS MURRAY Angus Murray was last to be executed in old Melbourne Gaol, a bank robber and murderer, in 1924. After the Melbourne prison closed, the hanging beam and the hangings were taken to Pentridge Prison, in what’s now a suburb of Melbourne. The beam came back to Old […]