On This Day ……. 19th May 1913 Enid Harris, a young married woman, was in the Geelong Court on this day in 1913, presented on several charges of having passed valueless cheques and obtained goods by false representations. She was arrested at Beechworth, when she was doing the rounds of the district in a motor […]

Aboriginal Charged

On This Day ……. 16th May 1906 An aboriginal named James Major, who recently arrived in Geelong from Williamstown, was charged with assaulting his wife, a white woman with a deck’ chair was sentence to the Geelong gaol.  

Half sovereigns

On This Day ……. 13th May 1910 At the Geelong police court, Robert Bryer, aged 17, was charged with having stolen a suit of clothes, a hat, two half sovereigns, and some silver, the property of R. J. Connelly. He was sentenced to two months imprisonment in Geelong Gaol.  

Murder of Donald Maxfield

ON THIS DAY – May 13, 1953 GEELONG The headless, dismembered body of Donald Maxfield was recovered on August 1, 1953 from the Barwon River. Russell Hill and Andrew Kilpatrick were both charged with murdering Maxfield at Geelong on May 13, 1953. Donald Maxfield was reported missing from Colac on the 13th of May, 1953. […]

Grevious Bodily Harm

ON THIS DAY – May 12, 1945 GEELONG COURT BROKE DOWN MURDER CHARGE Edward George Carr, 36, of Chilwell, Geelong, labourer, was committed for trial on a charge of having inflicted grievous bodily harm on James George McKenna, of Geelong, on May 12. Carr had originally been charged with having wounded McKenna with intent to […]

Two years imprisonment

On This Day ……. 12th May 1911 Justice A’Beckett presided at sittings of the Geelong Supreme Court on this day in 1912. Norman Maloney pleaded guilty to having in January, 1910, broken into the residences of Mr F. Hodges and Harry Clarke, from which jewellery and plate were stolen. He pleaded guilty to each charge, and […]

Obtained money by false pretences

On This Day ……. 11th May 1911 Douglass Louis Singer pleaded guilty to three charges of having obtained money by false pretences at Maryborough. He was sent to geelong gaol for six months on each charge, the sentences to be concurrent.  

Sunny Bywater

On This Day ……. 8th May 1912 The prisoner Condor, alias Malone, who gave the police a lot of trouble was sentenced on several charges of misbehaviour, was conveyed to “Pentridge from Geelong gaol to serve his term. An old identity named Sammy Bywater alias Percy Ramage was removed from the Geelong gaol to the […]

Pull up your socks

On This Day ……. 7th May 1954 Sir Edmund Herring, Chief Justice, said in the Supreme Court on this day in 1954 that a jury had apparently been lenient with a man because a theft he had committed had been “hard work.” Edward Joseph Greagon, 22, laborer, Fyan st., Geelong, was charged with stealing 75 tons […]

Fatally Injured by Car

ON THIS DAY – May 7, 1924 GEELONG Before Judge Williams and a jury, in the Court of General Sessions, James Robertson Ritchie, butcher, Malop street, Geelong, was charged with the manslaughter of Laurie Yvonne Ackland, aged 8 years, of Western place, Geelong, who on May 7 was fatally injured by a motor-car driven by […]

Intoxicating Liquor

On This Day ……. 4th May 1955 Joseph Stanley Bundy, labourer, served two years and seven months’ imprisonment, pleaded guilty in Geelong City Court on this day in 1955 to a charge of having at Geelong on June 24, 1954, driven a car while under the influence of intoxicating liquor. He was fined £25, in […]

Stolen Bicycle

On This Day ……. 3rd May 1941 Leo Alexander Willard, of Newtown, was sentenced to one month’ imprisonment in Geelong for having stolen a bicycle, the property of Francis Martini. The machine was taken from a Geelong West industry. Constable Child, of Footscray, said that Willard called at the Footscray police station to give himself […]