Died from Exhaustion Upon Exposure at Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 20th of August 1887 On this day in 1887 a prisoner named John Delaney, aged 57 years, died from exhaustion, consequent upon exposure. At the formal enquiry held during the afternoon it was stated that he was admitted to the gaol on the 27th of July., having been picked up in […]

Thomas Creely

On This Day ……. 20th of August 1866 On this day in 1866, Thomas Creely, was sentenced to thirty months’ imprisonment in Geelong gaol, for fraudulently uttering a forged cheque.  

OLD OFFENDER – Elizabeth Wills

On This Day ……. 20th of August 1880 Elizabeth Wills, who has several times recently been fined for drunkenness, and was sent to the Geelong gaol for one month on this day in 1880.  

Suicide of Convict John Hassett

On This Day ……. 19th of August 1898 A magisterial inquiry was held at the Geelong Gaol, by Mr. P. Smyth, J.P., into the circumstances surrounding the suicide of a prisoner named John Hassett on the 6th of December 1901. Evidence was given by Mr. Charles Patterson, governor of the gaol, that the man John […]

Served in the Mexican war of 1846-47

On This Day ……. 18th of August 1853 On this 1853, Goldman was arrested in the Plenty Ranges. He had probably been able to lose himself among the crowds of miners working on the goldfields, and had thus escaped detection until chance brought him within the ken of a former comrade, who remembered him, and […]

Transferred from Pentridge to Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 17th of August 1910 Three prisoners from Pentridge were received at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1910. The behaviour of the prisoners in the gaol has been remarkably good lately, and the visiting magistrate has had no cases brought under his notice.  

Extra Time in Gaol – John Martin

On This Day ……. 16th of August 1887 Sentence of three months’ imprisonment was given to a man named John Martin, an inmate of the Geelong gaol, who had just completed his term, but was unable, through illness, to leave the institution. Mr Pinniger, the governor of the Gaol stated that Martin was suffering from […]

Stealing a Butcher’s Knife – Richard Ryan

On This Day ……. 14th of August 1902 Richard Ryan was was to gaol for one month by the Coburg Court for stealing a butcher’s knife. Ryan had only bean, discharged from the Geelong gaol four days earlier, after serving a sentence of 12 months. He only enjoyed liberty for a few hours when he […]

Senior-constable Davidson

On This Day ……. 13th of August 1880 Senior-constable Davidson arrested a youth, about 18 years of age, on this day in 1880, and charged with committing a capital offence upon an elderly woman named Wright, residing at the Springs, near Queenscliff. He was remanded to Geelong gaol.  

Convict Transferred from Sydney to Geelong

On This Day ……. 12th of August 1865 The convict Ethridge, who was remanded from Sydney to Geelong, charged with embezzling money from the Bank of New South Wales, in Geelong. He arrived in Melbourne by the steamer Alexandra, and after spending a few hours in the watch house was forwarded on to his destination […]

Death of Female Convict at Geelong Gaol – Eliza Rogers

On This Day ……. 11th of August 1885 On this day a magisterial enquiry was held at the Geelong gaol, by Mr Pardey, J.P., on the body of an aged woman named Eliza Rogers, who died there in the morning, The evidence showed that the deceased had been sent to the gaol by the Geelong […]

New Locks for Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 10th of August 1880 On this day in 1880, B. J. Burnett won the tender to supply several hundreds of locks and cell-door fittings to the gaol.