Sydney Girl on Murder Charge

ON THIS DAY – November 7, 1904 Detective-sergeant O’Donnell and Detective Carey arrested in Canada place— a small street running between Cardigan and Madeline streets, Carlton, Melbourne — a young woman named Maude or Margaret Anne Woods, and charged her with vagrancy. That charge, however, was laid only to secure her identification with a girl named […]

The Bodies at Edenhope

ON THIS DAY…… 22nd September 1885 Our readers will remember that some time since the bodies of a woman and child were found not far from Edenhope, a township in the Western District, on this side of the South Australian border. Much mystery surrounded the case, but eventually the remains were identified as those of […]

Suffocated Infant

ON THIS DAY…… 8th September 1910 On this day in 1910, the police found the dead body of an infant in a dress basket at a coffee palace in Warrnambool. At the inquest, a girl named Mary Jane Watson, employed at the coffee palace, was committed for trial on a charge of wilful murder. To […]

infant Inquest

ON THIS DAY…… 3rd September 1897 At an inquest on the body of a newly born female child, found in the public reserve at Fitzroy, a verdict of wilful murder against some person unknown was returned.

Infant Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 1st September 1885 A young woman named Martha Jane Heffer, in the employ of Mr. H. M. Sutherland, of the Commercial Bank, Dandenong, was arrested on a charge of having wilfully murdered her female infant, whose body was found in the Dandenong Creek on this day in 1885. While being escorted to […]

Child Found Dead

ON THIS DAY…….2nd August 1904 An inquest was held at the Morgue yesterday morning concerning the death of a newly born male child whose body was found on August 2 on a vacant allotment near Howe crescent, South Melbourne. The child is fully developed and had been killed by being strangled with a piece of […]

Nurse to Face Trial For Murder

ON THIS DAY – July 28, 1934 After having heard evidence at an inquest today into the death of a newly-born male child, whose body was found by a railway employee while cleaning out a carriage at the Joilmont yards on July 28. The coroner (Mr. Grant) committed Edith Clyne, aged 20, formerly a nurse […]

Medical Evidence At Murder Trial

ON THIS DAY – June 29, 1951 A doctor told a Criminal Court jury today that a young doctor’s widow, charged with the murder of her five months old blind daughter, had said she had been extremely unhappy in her married life, and did not want any association in her home with the baby. The […]

Baby Dead on the Beach

ON THIS DAY – June 24, 1933   At the inquest yesterday on a newly born male child found on the St. Kilda beach on June 24, witnesses gave evidence that the child was born to Irene Williams, 21, single, waitress, on June 23, and that on June 25 the mother was admitted to the […]

Concealment of Birth

ON THIS DAY ……. 14th April 1918 MELBOURNE Doris Bland, a young woman, was tried for the murder of her infant by cutting its throat at the Victoria Coffee Palace on this day in 1918. The jury acquitted her of murder but convicted her of concealment of birth. She was ordered to be imprisoned until […]

Murder of Innocents

ON THIS DAY – April 4, 1917 “GRAVE AND TERRIBLE DISORDER.” Sentence of death was passed this afternoon in the Criminal Court by the Chief Justice (Sir John Madden) upon Clarence Victor Sefton, who had been found guilty on a charge of child murder. The victim, an infant, one month old, was the illegitimate child […]

Execution of George Pinkerton

EXECUTION THIS DAY – April 4, 1853 Shortly after eight o’clock, the extreme sentence of the law was carried into effect upon George Whitfield Pinkerton, the murderer of the unfortunate Mrs Smith and infant at Brighton, the particulars of which must fresh in the recollection of our readers. From the moment of Pinkerton’s condemnation, the […]