Shielding a Murderer

ON THIS DAY – June 17, 1917 SHIELDING A MURDERER Declaring there was a conspiracy of silence, Dr. R.H. Cole, City Coronoer, yesterday adjourned an inquiry into the death of Charles Edward Cleary, who was admitted to St. Vincents’s Hospital on June 3rd with a revolver bullet in his head and died on June 17th.  […]

Charge of Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY – June 5, 1916 On June 5 at Glenferrie, Norah Florence Rudge, aged 8 years, was knocked down and killed by a motor car driven by William Mackie Irving. An inquest was held today, and Irving was committed for trial on a charge of manslaughter

The Woodend Murder

ON THIS DAY – April 19, 1907 WOODEND The trial of the young German swagman, Kurnschoenrr, the alleged murderer of William Panton, another swagman, at Woodend on April 19, has commenced at the Central Criminal Court. The evidence was the same as that adduced, at the inquest. Mr. G. W. Maxwell is appearing for the […]

Supposed Fall

On This Day – April 9, 1910 At the Morgue on April 9, the Coroner (Dr. Cole) opened on inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of William George Trott, a caretaker, 50 years of age. The deceased, was discovered in Menzies’ Alley at the back of the Empire Hotel on April 3 suffering a […]

William Street Infanticide

ON THIS DAY – 20th December 1908 A little boy named Christian Bulguard informed his parents on this day in 1908, that there was a parcel behind some scaffolding of William St, Melbourne. The matter was brought under the notice of the police, Constable Porter, made an examination and discovered that the parcel contained the […]

Murder Charges Dropped

On This Day – November 27, 1947 Charges against Thomas Gerald Buckley, 40, of Droop st, Footscray, and Clarence Gordon McGlynn, 38, of Moore st, Footscray, of having murdered Malcolm Appleby at Footscray on November 27, were struck out in the City Court yesterday. An open finding was recorded at the inquest on Monday.

James Scobie’s Inquest

  Murdered on this day ………….. 7th October 1854 On the 7th of October 1854 Coroner David John Williams held an inquest into the death of James Scobie. Twelve jurors (many of whom had known Scobie – Arthur Anderson; John Gillott; Henry Green; John Fletcher; John Phelan; Walter Davis; David Richards; Duncan Henderson; John Campbell; […]

The Wonthaggi Murder

On This Day – September 28, 1928 Inquest on Victim The inquest into the death of Margaretta Williams, who was found dead with her throat cut at her brother’s  house at Wonthaggi on September 28, was commenced today. William Watson Carr, English migrant, 24, who is charged with the murder, was present in custody. The […]

Watched a Man Drown

On This Day – September 21, 1912 TEN MEN WHO COULD NOT SWIM. Ten men, including Senior-constable Carmody, stood on the pontoon at Mosman Bay, Sydney, about midnight on September 21, and saw James MacInroe, 27 years of age, a labourer, who was drunk, drown six or seven feet from them, without it was stated […]

Body near Home for Fallen Women

  ON THIS DAY…… 12th September 1886 An inquest was held at the Melbourne morgue by Mr. Candler, the district coroner, on the body of a male child unknown, which was found on this day in 1886, on a vacant piece of land next to Dr Singleton’s Home for Fallen Women, in Islington street, Collingwood. […]

Murder Inquest

On This Day – September 1, 1938 The city coroner (Mr. Tingate, P.M.) will conduct an inquest to-day into the murder of Mr. Frederick William Sherry, who was shot in a payroll hold-up at Clifton Hill on September 1. Forty-three witnesses, including eight detectives and many eye-witnesses of the crime, will give evidence. Selwyn Wallace, […]

White Murder in Ballarat

ON THIS DAY …….3rd August 1943 At the close of the inquest today into the death of Mrs Clarice Anasthasia White, 30, of Dawson st, Ballarat, Mr G. S. Catlow, coroner, committed the woman’s husband, Kenneth Geoffrey White, 34, fitter, for trial on a charge of murder. White was present in custody on a charge […]