Battle of Risdon – Tasmania

On this day …….. 3rd May 1804 For many years, Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania) was thought to be part of the mainland of Australia. In January 1799 Bass and Flinders completed their circumnavigation of Tasmania, proving it to be an island. As an island, Tasmania enjoyed the uniqueness of its own fauna and flora, […]

Man Knocked Down by Car

ON THIS DAY – April 24, 1934 PRAHRAN CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER A finding of criminal negligence amounting to manslaughter against a motor car driver was recorded by the corner (Mr McLean P M ) at the city morgue. At about 6.45 p m on April 24 in High street Prahran, Charles Duigan Naples, aged 70 […]

Three Dingos One Bullet

On this day …….. 23rd April 1913 Harold Gossip of Tyalgum, New South Wales, went to investigate a disturbance amongst his cows at 2am on this morning in 1913 when he saw dingoes attacking one of his herd. It was a moonlit night and Gossip fired at the nearest dingo with his rifle. He was […]

Fifteen Years in the Geelong Gaol

On This Day ……. 19th April 1930 In the Geelong Supreme Court on this day in 1930, Erie Harris Brockwell aged 24, was charged with having murdered Horace Thomas Walpole on the 28th of April 1929. Walpole’s body was found in his motor car on the Queenscliff-road. There were injuries to the head, and a […]

Motorist Committed for Trial

ON THIS DAY ……. 14th April 1923 NORTH FITZROY After an enquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of James H. Foggie, who was killed by a motor car at North Fitzroy on this day in 1923. The City Coroner committed Matthew Curtin, the driver of the car, for trial on a charge of manslaughter. […]

Justifiable Homicide

On This Day……… 10th April 1865 On this day in 1865, the inquest was held into the shooting death of the notorious Bushranger Dan Morgan. It was found that John Wendlan, an employee of Rutherford and McPherson of Peechelba, had shot and killed Morgan. The verdict of the inquest was that the killing of Morgan […]

Mad Dog Morgan Killed

On this day ……. 9th April 1865 John Fuller aka Daniel Morgan aka Mad Dog Morgan was born in 1830 and was killed by police on this day in 1865. He was an Australian bushranger from North East Victoria and Southern NSW. After he killed a trooper in July 1864, the Government put a £1,000 […]

Knocked Down and Died

ON THIS DAY ……. 9th April 1927 Neville Currey, aged 29 years, manufacturing chemist, was charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of William Charles Lyte on this day in 1927. Evidence was given that Currey was driving a car at Malvern when he knocked down and killed Lyte, who was 60 years of […]

Ballarat Explosion

On This Day……… 9th April 1855 On this day in 1855, at about 9am the boiler of a steam engine, on the road leading from Bakery Hill towards the bridge in Ballarat, burst with a loud explosion. Numerous parties of men were at work all round it, and yet, strange to say, in every instance […]

Dam Burst

On This Day……… 4th April 1929 Early in April 1929, heavy rainfalls of 450mm saturated the catchment above the Briseis Dam, in Tasmania. On the 4th of April 1929, another 125mm was dumped in the space of an hour and a half. The deluge broke the dam, sending a wall of water down into the […]

Railway Employees in the Dock

ON THIS DAY ……. 3rd April 1909 CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER. Two employees of the Victorian Railway, named William Harry, a driver, and David Thomas, a fireman, were placed on their trial in Geelong on a charge of manslaughter. The case arose out of the death of James Boxell, a gatekeeper, who was killed by an […]

Collapse of a Building

ON THIS DAY – April 2, 1925 CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER. THREE PERSONS COMMITTED. On the 2nd of April, a four storied building which was being erected for the British Australasian Tobacco Company collapsed and four workmen were killed. The coroner, after an exhaustive inquiry, committed George . A. Royal (clerk of works), William Robert Astley […]