Large Squads of Armed Police

ON THIS DAY ……. 26th March 1949 Robert Whyte Sparks, 40 years old lunatic who was described as being 5ft 9in high with long dark hair, sallow complexion, protruding eyes with a tooth missing from his upper jaw, and walks with a stoop, escaped on this day in 1949, at 4am. Sparks escaped from a […]

First Lunatic to Escape Beechworth

ON THIS DAY …….. 22nd March 1868 There was great excitement in Beechworth, North East Victoria on the 22nd March 1868, when the first lunatic escaped from the newly opened Asylum. A young man suffering from idiocy, escaped from the Asylum by climbing over a section of the Ha Ha wall still in construction. The […]

Attempt To Break Out of Gaol

On this day ………… 7th March 1900 On the 7th of March 1900, Edward Brown, prisoner attempted to escape from the Geelong Gaol, in which he was serving a sentence of five years for burglary. It is not regarded seriously by the prison authorities. The facts of the case have been brought under the notice […]

Inquest on body of Lunatic

On This Day – 6th March 1854 A coroner’s inquest was held at the Geelong Gaol on this day in 1854, at 1pm. Coroner, Mr Forster Shaw and a respectable Jury, view the body of Ann Connelly, late a prisoner lunatic. George Coward, colonial assistant surgeon, being sworn. The deceased, Ann Connelly, had been in […]

Death of a Lunatic

On This Day – 5th March 1854 A sad case of the death of a Lunatic at the Geelong gaol on this day in 1854. The body of a deceased lunatic, Ann Connelly, shows how horribly the authorities neglect to provide for the wants of the community. By the evidence there given, we find the […]

Lunatic Prisoner

On This Day – 1st March 1854 On the 1st March 1854, Catherine Smith, female turnkey of the Geelong gaol, described a lunatic prison Ann Connelly. The Prisoner was rather violent and was very dirty in her habits, and required attendance as a child. She has been obliged to keep her bed from dysentery, and […]

Dangerous Lunatic Escaped

On this day ………… 24th February 1908 Benjamin Harvey an inmate who escaped from the Ararat Asylum, Victoria on the 24th of February 1908, dressed only in his’ shirt, was captured at an early hour of the 27th of February by Constables Wood and, Lovitt, of Ararat. On the run Harvey called at Mr. Delaney’s […]

Admonished Convict

On This Day – 21st February 1866 Convict Mary Egin was charged with ill treating a lunatic in the gaol yard. Egin charged by Turnkey Bridget Burns and was admonished (told off) by the visiting justice of peace.    

An Escaped Mental Patient

On this day ………… 19th February 1944 Thomas Vernon Vernell (30), surrendered at the Collingwood police Station on the 22nd of February 1944. After escaping from the Ararat asylum on the 19th of February, Vernell ransacked a doctor’s dwelling in the asylum grounds and stole clothing which he changed to replace his mental hospital garments. […]

Murder of Sergeant Dodds

ON THIS DAY – FEBRUARY 17, 1858 PORT FAIRY On the 17th of February 1858, Sergeant Dodds came to the assistance of a Constable at the Star of the West Hotel in Belfast. (Belfast was the original name of Port Fairy). The Constable had arrested John Rutledge for being drunk and disorderly, but a struggle […]

Declared Insane

ON THIS DAY – February 15, 1922 Frederick Curley, aged 22 years, was charged with having murdered his stepmother, Ann Curley, at Upper Plenty, near Wallan, on the 15th February. Two doctors gave evidence that Curley was insane, and was a fit person for care and treatment in a lunatic asylum. The bench committed Curley […]

Two Lunatics On The Run

On this day ………… 14th February 1895 Two men who were confined in the criminal ward of tho Ararat Lunatic Asylum, Victoria escaped on the 14th of February 1895. One was Andrew Miller, aged 22, sentenced for robbery under arms, and the other Fredrick Wilson, aged 37, sentenced to death in connection with a rape […]