On this day …….. 9th of December 1873 Daniel Lynch a labour working in Euroa had a turn while at work and was found to be suffering insanity. Lynch was taken to Beechworth by train and transferred to Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum on the 20th of August 1871, on admission it was not known where […]

Mental weakness of a Celestial

ON THIS DAY…… 24th October 1902 A Chinese in the Geelong Gaol, named Ah Lee Goon, who was transferred some time, ago from the Melbourne Gaol on account of mental weakness, has developed into a violent lunatic. On this day in 1902, two magistrates attended at the local gaol and committed the Celestial to a […]

Golden Square Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 28th September 1890 A terrible murder was committed on this day in 1890 in Golden Square, Sandhurst, the victim being Richard Whitford, a miner, aged 60, and the perpetrator his wife, Catherine, aged 55. On the previously Saturday night Whitford, who had been drinking heavily, went to bed in a drunken sleep. […]

Lunatic in pyjamas breaks into house – Ararat

On this day …….. 18th September 1954 After escaping from Ararat Mental Hospital, clothed only in his pyjamas, broke into a house where a woman was alone with her children, in the early hours of the 18th of September 1954. Many shift workers in the Ararat area were afraid to leave their families alone at […]

Lunatic on the run for 7 days – Beechworth

On this day …….. 18th September 1868 Jacob Jobbles was transferred from Yarra Bend Asylum to the Beechworth Asylum on the 23rd of November 1867. Jobbles escape on the 18th of September 1868, he was on the run for 7 days.  

Lunatic Cyril Anthony Ashiev – Beechworth Asylum

On this day …….. 13th September 1949 Cyril Anthony Ashiev a 38 year old patient who was described as a thief who escaped from the Beechworth Mental Hospital on the 13th of September 1949. Local residents have been reminded to take there keys out of there cars and lock their vehicles, shed and homes.  

Kew Asylum lunatic escapee

On this day …….. 11th September 1896 A lunatic named Coghlan escaped from the Kew Asylum on 11th of September 1896. At about 10.30 a.m. Constable W. Whiddett, who was witching near the bridge on the Flemington road, saw a man approaching shouting and gesticulating. Whiddett in a moment concluded that the man was the […]

Two Lunatic escape – Beechworth Asylum

On This Day ……. 7th September 1868 Catherine Carey was transferred from the Beechworth Gaol to May Day Hills Lunatic Asylum on the 25th of April 1868. Carey’s husband Thomas had walked out and left her in 1861, it was believed that he lived on Melbourne rd, Donnybrook. Carey escaped on the 7th of September […]

Mont Park Escapee – Melbourne

On this day …….. 4th September 1936 An inmate from the Mont Park Mental Home escaped and made his way northward to the foot of the ranges. He was seen at Arthur’s Creek and Strathewen the following day, where he called at the home of Mrs Brain. After wards he left in the direction of […]

Lunatic makes his way to Nhill

On this day …….. 23rd of August 1933 The police have not been able to trace a patient who escaped from the Ararat Hospital for the Insane, Victoria on the 23rd of August 1933. The patient was brought to the institution from the Nhill district where he lived with his family on a farm. The […]

Lunatic walks out the front gate

On this day …….. 21st of August 1869 John Darly was committed on the 3rd of October 1868. Darly managed to escaped on the 18th of November 1868, by walking out the front gate of the Asylum and down the hill into Beechworth, Victoria. Darly was recaptured and brought back to the asylum on the […]

Mont Park Escape – Sydney Cockle

On this day …….. 20th of August 1926 The police were been notified that two patients, a man and a woman had escaped from the Mont Park Hospital for Insane, Melbourne. About 3:30 on the afternoon of the 20th of August 1926, Sydney Cockle, aged 30 years, escaped from the hospital. He was as later […]