On This Day – December 17, 1942 Florence Maddalon aged 27, of South Yarra was found not guilty on a charge of having murdering her husband. Mrs Maddalon, collapsed on hearing the verdict of not guilty on the 17th December 1942. Her husband, Gulseppe Maddalon aged 40 was found fatally shot. She was also acquitted […]


ON THIS DAY – December 5, 1953 Neville Read Hudson (29), dry cleaner, of Chirnside Avenue, Werribee, yesterday was sent from Geelong Coroner’s Court, for trial at the Supreme Court on a charge of manslaughter.  The inquest, conducted by Mr. Steedman. S.M., was into the deaths of Charles Maxwell Marshall (29), and Francis Henry Chandler […]


ON THIS DAY – December 5, 1936 Giacomo Tarca (30), farm labourer. who was sentenced in Melbourne in March last to eight years’ imprisonment on a charge of manslaughter was deported on the Italian motor ship Romolo, which left Fremantle for Italy on Friday. Local interest in the case was increased by the fact that […]

Murder of a Child

ON THIS DAY – November 29, 1930 Dr. David Rosenberg, a well-known practitioner at Richmond, appeared at the Criminal Court on Friday, before the Chief Justice, having been committed from the Coroner’s Court on a charge of manslaughter, arising out of the death of a child, 5 1/2 years of age, named Ruby May Clementine […]

Quarrel in Echuca

On This Day – November 21, 1884 ECHUCA On the 21st November 1884, a quarrel occurred between two men named Rogers and Michael Walsh, in front of the John Crown Hotel on Packenham street. Both were the worse of liquor and Rogers, who is a young athletic fellow, seized Walsh, an elderly man, and threw […]

On This Day – November 20, 1898

A VERDICT OF MANSLAUGHTER. FOOTSCRAY Mrs. Ellen McNabb. a young woman, was placed on trial at the Criminal Court today for the murder of her infant child at Footscray on November 20. The jury returned a verdict of manslaughter but strongly recommended the accused mercy on account of the provocation she had received. The Chief Justice […]

Manslaughter Charge

 On This Day – November 20, 1902 In the Criminal Court to-day, before Mr. Justice Hood and a jury of 12, Emil Forsell, a young Norwegian sailor, was charged with having, on November 20 last, wilfully murdered Sophia Rigg, in Latrobe street west, near to Spencer street. An interpreter had to be sworn, as accused […]

On This Day – November 19, 1910

MANSLAUGHTER CHARGE FITZROY In the Criminal Court to-day Ernest Arthur Sims was charged with the manslaughter of Mary Maud Whitesides, at Fitzroy on November 19. Accused pleaded not guilty. Whitesides died from burns sustained at accused’s house. At the close of the Crown’s case Justice Hodges said that there was no clear evidence to go […]

Soldier Acquitted of Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY – November 5, 1946   In General Sessions yesterday, after a four-day trial, Kevin James Fogarty, 19, soldier, of Broadmeadows military camp, was acquitted on a charge of the manslaughter of Jean Albyn Cheeseman, 22, of Queen’s rd, Melbourne, in St Kilda rd on November 5, 1945. Accused was discharged by Acting […]

Death of an Infant

ON THIS DAY – November 5, 1901 The story told at the trial of Catherine Kelly for the manslaughter of her infant, five months old, which tool place at the Criminal Court yesterday, before Mr Justice Holroyd, was of a very painful character. The woman was found on November 5 in a drunken state, with […]

Manslaughter at White Hills

ON THIS DAY – October 17, 1898   At the Bendigo Assizes today, before Mr. Justice Williams, Thomas Waters, aged 39, was presented on a charge of murdering his wife at White Hills on October 17. After a long retirement the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter. Prisoner was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment with […]


ON THIS DAY – October 17, 1931   Robert DeVilllers Dreyer, the so called naturopath, was committed by the City Coroner to-day tor trial on a charge of the manslaughter of Herman Arnold, 55 salesman. Arnold died in Dreyer’s naturopathic hospital at Middle Brighton on October 17, having been admitted on September 23 when he had […]