Manslaughter at White Hills

ON THIS DAY – October 17, 1898   At the Bendigo Assizes today, before Mr. Justice Williams, Thomas Waters, aged 39, was presented on a charge of murdering his wife at White Hills on October 17. After a long retirement the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter. Prisoner was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment with […]


ON THIS DAY – October 17, 1931   Robert DeVilllers Dreyer, the so called naturopath, was committed by the City Coroner to-day tor trial on a charge of the manslaughter of Herman Arnold, 55 salesman. Arnold died in Dreyer’s naturopathic hospital at Middle Brighton on October 17, having been admitted on September 23 when he had […]

The Death of Caroline Bruce

ON THIS DAY…… 29th August 1869 Mr. Zincke, a solicitor practising at Beechworth, defended a man named Dunstan in an affiliation case brought before the local police court. The plaintiff, Caroline Bruce who is described as a fat, bloated woman of easy virtue, was subjected to a severe cross examination by the learned gentleman as […]

Murder Not Manslaughter

On This Day – August 10, 1952 Robert Kevin Vernon, 27, builders’ labourer, of South Melbourne, was found guilty to-day of manslaughter, but not guilty of murder. He was charged with having murdered Keith Charles Marshall, 25, an outstanding amateur footballer, in a South Melbourne street on August 10.  Vernon, who admitted 14 convictions, was remanded for sentence to allow his counsel to prepare […]

Manslaughter Finding

On This Day – August 7, 1946 A man who is alleged to have driven a car through a tram safety zone in Fitzroy st, St Kilda, on August 7, knocking down four persons and killing an army officer, was yesterday committed for trial by Mr Marwick, coroner, who recorded a finding of manslaughter. He […]

Abbotsford Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY …….3rd August 1918 William Henry Mogdridge,18 years of age, who was found guilty of the manslaughter of Eugene Charles Vernon, 54 years of age at Abbotsford, on August 3, came before Mr. Justice Cussen, in the Criminal Court, for sentence yesterday. The jury made a strong recommendation for mercy. Mr. Justice Cussen […]


ON THIS DAY – July 12, 1909 At the Warrnambool Supreme Court, Albert Hay and Martha Dorothy Caroline Cox were charged with the wilful murder of Edward Boothby Cox, the husband of the female prisoner, at Horsham, on July 12. The charges were heard separately. The evidence was similar to that given at the inquest. […]

Labourer Acquitted of Murder

ON THIS YEAR – July 5, 1974 A young labourer who shot and killed a judo instructor at North Altona on July 5 last year was acquitted of murder but found guilty of manslaughter by a Criminal Court jury today. Mr Justice Crockett sentenced the labourer, Mr David Robert Elbourne, 24, of Morwell, to nine […]

MELBOURNE – Manslaughter Charge

ON THIS DAY – June 26, 1926 Inquiries made by detectives into the death or Mr John Vale, the secretary of the Independent Order of Rechabites, who was knocked down by a motorcar on June 26 led to the appearance of Edward Murray, aged 34 years, at the City Court. He was charged with the […]

Bendigo Shooting Case

ON THIS DAY – June 25, 1918 CHARGE OF MANSLAUGHTER. The adjourned inquest concerning the death of Christian Andrea, who died on June 25 from the effects of a revolver wound received in McKenzie street on June 22, was concluded on Monday by the coroner, Mr. D. Berriman, P.M., who committed a youth named Clyde […]

Manslaughter Acquittal

ON THIS DAY – June 23, 1934 Judge Moule, in General Sessions yesterday, directed the acquittal of Horatio Wainwright, truck-driver, of Fell crescent, East Malvern, who was charged with the manslaughter of Edward Francis Tierney, aged 30 years, telephone linesman, of Deakin street, Hampton. Wainwright was discharged. Tierney and David Mollison, another postal employee, were […]

Drunken Brawls to Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY – June 22, 1892 BENDIGO The position in which a man named David Storey found himself recently at Bendigo should be a warning to all men who, with hasty temperaments and temporary under the influence of liquor, give vent to passion and action. Storey was in company with a Constable named Brown, […]