Bushrangers Ellis, Fogarty and Jepps

ON THIS DAY – June 28, 1842 Charles Ellis (alias Yanky Jack), Martin Fogarty , Daniel Gepps (Jepps) and Jack Williams, were raiding farm houses and robbing people around the Dandenong area, when it became too hot there they moved over to the Plenty River area. They made a raid on Campbell Hunters house on […]

Geelong Girl’s Death – Three Women Convicted of Murder

On This Day ……. 23rd June 1910 In the Criminal Court before Mr Justice Hood, and a jury, the trial was concluded of Elizabeth Downey, Clara Pennington, and Minnie Long, who were charged with murdering Isabella Nelson McCallum, on the 7th of May last. Mr Maxwell addressed the court on behalf of Mrs Downey, and […]

Execution of the Convict Woodlock

ON THIS DAY – June 1, 1857 JAMES WOODLOCK – MELBOURNE GAOL This unhappy man underwent the extreme penalty of the law yesterday morning, at eight o’clock, in the Melbourne gaol. James Woodlock formerly kept the Rose, Shamrock, and Thistle public-house, in Elizabeth-street, but at the time of his commission of the crime which led […]

Governor of Melbourne Gaol

On This Day ……. 30th May 1914 Mr. W Furnell as governor of the Geelong gaol, was promoted to Melbourne to the Governor of the Melbourne gaol (old Melbourne gaol). Until his replacement Mr Finnish arrives from Beechworth, Mr. M. Hayward will take charge.

Jack the Ripper suspect – MELBOURNE

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY …….. 23rd of May 1892 Frederick Deeming was tried at Melbourne Supreme Court on 25 April 1892, for the murder of his wife in Windsor. Alfred Deakin, (who would become the 2nd Prime Minister of Australia) his counsel, tried to mount a plea of insanity. The defence also questioned the impact […]

The Execution of William Barnes

EXECUTED THIS DAY……. 15th May 1885 Melbourne William Barnes was executed at the Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Joseph Bragge Slack at South Melbourne on the 9th September last. Since his conviction the prisoner had been much depressed, and he showed signs of breaking down. He became subject to fits of stupor, but during […]

Execution of Joseph Brown

EXECUTION THIS DAY – May 4, 1865 MELBOURNE The execution of Joseph Brown, who at the last Criminal sitting of the Supreme Court was sentenced to death for the murder of Emanuel Jacobs on March 22, at the Whittington Tavern Bourke-street, took place at the Melbourne gaol, in presence of about twenty spectators. At an […]

The Albert Park Tragedy

EXECUTED THIS DAY – April 29, 1912 VICTOR PFEFFER Joseph Victor Pfeffer, 33 years of age, suffered the extreme penalty of the law in the Melbourne gaol to-day for the murder of his sister-in-law, Florence Whitley, at Albert Park. The condemned man appeared resigned to his fate, and took a farewell of his wife yesterday […]

Execution of Price’s Murderers

EXECUTED THIS DAY – April 28, 1857 THOMAS WILLIAMS, HENRY SMITH (ALIAS BRENNAN) AND THOMAS MALONEY THE MURDER OF MR. PRICE. Execution of Thomas Williams, Henry Smith alias Brennan, and Thomas Maloney. On this day in 1857, at eight o’clock, Thomas Williams, Henry Smith alias Brennan, and Thomas Maloney, the first three prisoners convicted at […]

Execution of Fatta Chand

EXECUTED THIS DAY – April 27, 1891   On this day in 1891, the execution of Fatta Chand took place for murdering his Hindoo partner, Juggo Mull, near Healesville in November last, took place within the Melbourne gaol. The condemned man on finding he could not accomplish his purpose of cheating the gallows by starving […]

Buck To Be Hanged

ON THIS DAY – April 27, 1895 SOUTH MELBOURNE The case of the man Arthur Buck, who is now in Melbourne Gaol under sentence of death for the murder of his paramour Kate Norton on April 27 last, was considered by the Executive Council. After carefully discussing the facts the Executive decided that the law […]

Inquiry into Patient

On This Day……… 10th April 1859 Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum – Kew On this day in 1859, an inquiry was held into the condition of a patient transferred from Melbourne Gaol to Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum. Mary Ann Wilcox body was covered in cuts and sores covering her body. John Gale stated: I am the […]