Escapee Angus Murray friend of Squizzy Taylor

ON THIS DAY…… 22nd October 1923 On the 24th of August 1923, Angus Murray, who is serving a sentence of 15 years for robbery under arms, mace his escape, by mean’s of a small saw, he removed of the stones at the base of his window. The bars were then loosened, leaving him sufficient room […]

Murder of Annie

ON THIS DAY – October 19, 1917   Alfred Edward Budd, 39 Stevedore’s labourer to-day, at the City Watch house, was formally charged with the murder of Annie Elizabeth Samson, at Princess Street, Port Melbourne, on October 19. Accused was the adopted brother of deceased, who was a married woman. He attempted to commit suicide […]

Murder of Constable McGrath

On This Day – October 1, 1915 In the early hours of Tuesday, 1st October, 1915 Constable McGrath and other police went to the Trades Hall in Lygon Street, Carlton in answer to a report and a burglary was in progress. The policemen entered the building, and found that an attempt had been made to […]

Murder of Elizabeth Finnessy

ON THIS DAY…… 26th September 1853 Elizabeth and Michael Finnessy were married in Burra, South Australia, they had two children who had both died. The couple had moved to Victoria and lived in a small house in Chinatown. A week before Elizabeth was murdered, she had found at that her husband was married to another woman, […]

Convicts in Victoria

ON THIS DAY…… 16th September 1861 On this day in 1861, there were altogether 291 prisonors in the gaols of Melbourne; 214 males and 3 females in the Central Gaol; 31 males and 43 females in the Western Gaol. Tho prisoners are classified as follow:-Awaiting trial at the Police Court, 18 males, 1 female ; […]

Execution of Castillo

EXECUTED THIS DAY – September 16, 1889 THE CARLTON MURDER. The last scene in the tragedy which opened in Somerset-place. Carlton, on the 8th July was enacted at the Melbourne Gaol at 10 o’clock yesterday morning, at which hour the miserable man Castillo suffered death at the hands of the common hangman. A minute or […]

Insane Mother

On This Day – August 13, 1905 At the police court, Mary Ellen Cuthbert, a young unmarried woman, was charged with having murdered a female infant. The child was found dead in an oilcloth bag, on the banks of the Campaspe, on the 13th August 1905. Accused was housed at the Melbourne Gaol. A certificate […]


On this day …….. 12th of August 1848 On this day in 1848, a plot of a rather serious nature was discovered in the Melbourne gaol, and had it not been providentially disclosed, the most serious consequences might have occurred. It appeared that on that morning, Harris the executioner, entered the treadmill yard to prepare […]

Rare Ned Kelly Photo auctioned

A rare photo of Ned Kelly not seen by the public in 138 years has resurfaced A RARE photo of outlaw bushranger Ned Kelly not seen by the public for 138 years went under the hammer at auction in February 2016. The photo has only previously been seen by a select few when Lawsons auction […]

Execution of Richard Rowley

EXECUTED THIS DAY – July 26, 1859   Richard Rowley, who was sentenced to death at the Supreme Court on the 18th instant, for a violent and premeditated assault, with intent to murder, committed by him on Denis Kilmartin, one of the overseers at the Pentridge Stockade, on the 25th of June, suffered the extreme […]

Hanged for Murder

ON THIS DAY – JULY 25, 1916 Antoine Picone the Italian who shot and killed Joseph Luricella, a compatriot, in Queen Victoria Market on July 25, was hanged in Melbourne Gaol. Picone had been attended until the last minute by Father J. Donovan, and when led on to the scaffold carried his hand a small […]

Cooley’s Confession

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ……………. 11th of July 1861 Henry Coolley, sentenced to death for the murder of his wife at Heathcote, was executed on the 11th inst., at the Central Gaol, Melbourne. On the previous night he made a full confession, a copy of which We append:—”Central Jail, Melbourne, “Wednesday evening, 10th July, 1861. […]