Execution of William Jones

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 26th of March 1900 William Robert Jones, aged under 40 was executed at Old Melbourne gaol The charred and mutilated body of eight-year-old Olive Rita Lillian Jones was discovered at Broadford on the 28th of December 1899. She had been raped, strangled, and her skull was smashed to pulp. Rita […]

Execution of Wilson

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 23rd of March 1891 John Wilson, age 23 was executed in Old Melbourne gaol John Wilson, a tram conductor, was engaged to 24-year-old domestic servant Stella Leah Marks. On the 24th of January 1891, he saw her walking arm in arm with another man in Bourke street and on seeing […]

Execution of Phelan

EXECUTED ON THIS DAY ………. 16th of March 1891 John Thomas Phelan, aged 30 was executed in the Old Melbourne gaol John Thomas Phelan, an engine driver on the railways, had been cohabiting with 25-year-old Ada Hatton for two years, when she left him, presumably for another man. On the 15th of January 1891 Phelan […]

Transfer of Paterson

On This Day – 11th March 1908 It was decided on this day in 1908, that some important changes in the Penal Department with the transfer of Mr. R. Paterson, governor of the Geelong gaol, to a post in the Melbourne gaol. Mr. Furnell, governor of the Beechworth gaol, succeed him in Geelong.    

Executions of Chu-A-Luk and William Twiggem

EXECUTION THIS DAY – March 10, 1857 MELBOURNE At 8am, the condemned criminals, William Twiggem and Chu-a-luk, a Chinese, underwent the last sentence of the law in the Melbourne gaol. Twiggem, it will be recollected, was the accomplice of the notorious Gipsy Smith, in the murder of Sergeant McNally, and was sworn to on the […]

Execution of Brown and Jones

EXECUTED THIS DAY – March 1, 1858 On the 1st of March 1858, at 8am the convicts Edward Brown and William Jones, who were found guilty at the Ballarat Sessions of the crime of robbery with violence, were executed at Melbourne Gaol. Edward Brown, who belonged to the Roman Catholic Church, was attended in his […]

Murder of James Stevens

On this day ………. 15th February 1882 William Crook was charged with murdering James Stevens on the 3rd of January 1882 in Lang Lang. Crooks stabbed Stevens on the right side under his ribs with a butchers knife after an argument on the street. The jury found Crook guilty and he was sentenced to be […]

Peculiar Loss Of Memory

On this day ………… 9th February 1894 The police authorities at Russell street station report that a respectably-dressed man entered the office on February 9 and asked to be taken in charge, on the ground that he had forgotten his name and wanted to find out who he was. Medical evidence showed that the man […]

Execution of Albert Budd

EXECUTED THIS DAY – January 29, 1918 ALBERT EDWARD BUDD – MELBOURNE GAOL Albert Budd was hanged in Melbourne gaol on this day for the murder of his foster sister. When asked whether he wished to say anything he replied “Nothing. ” He shook hands with the governor of the gaol, saying “Good-bye, sir.” Death […]

Child murdered with iron wedge

ON THIS DAY – January 20, 1901 A middle-aged man named Edward Charles Holland was arrested on a charge of the wilful murder, at North Melbourne of a child, Frederick Gladstone Geach, aged two years and a half. Mrs. Geach, who is about 42 years of age, and has five children, ranging in age from […]

Death of Elizabeth McGuinness

ON THIS DAY…… 19th Janurary 1875 Elizabeth McGuinness, 41 years of age, was a prisoner received on the 19th of January 1875 to Geelong from Melbourne Gaol under 6 months hard labour. On arrival she was an Invalid and suffering from chest complaint and placed in hospital. Elizabeth died of Pulmonary Consumption.    

The Coburg Murder

ON THIS DAY – January 13, 1887 Mrs. Elizabeth Hampton, wife of Charles Hampton, a warden at Pentridge Gaol, in a fit of religious frenzy murdered her little girl in Coburg, and was found guilty on the ground of insanity and was sent to three years at Melbourne Gaol. In 1890, Elizabeth was considered in […]