Falling horse

On this day …….. 4th of December 1904 Falling horse James Wessan, a resident of Brunswick, was treated at the Melbourne Hospital on this day in 1904 for an injury to his head owing to his horse falling over.

Born at sea

ON THIS DAY…… 22nd November 1899 Born at sea An old man, named Thomas Joyce, whose ago is stated to be 99 years and 8 months, was brought into the Melbourne Hospital on this day in 1899 from South Morang, in a state of exhaustion. The medical offers discovered, that the old fellow’s condition was […]

Richmond Charge of Murder

ON THIS DAY – November 16, 1907 Two men, Roy Sherrin, 19 years of age, a labourer, living in Nicholson street, Abbotsford, and William Thomas, driver, of River-street, Richmond, have been arrested, charged with the wilful murder of John Bradford. Bradford sustained a fracture of the skull in a brawl in Hoddle-street, on November 16, […]

Murder and Death of a Dwarf

ON THIS DAY – November 15, 1904 On the 15th September 1904, an accident occurred in Elizabeth Street where Sarah Ann Robins, her husband James and her 27 year old daughter, Rosina Hubbard, who was described as a dwarf were thrown from a cart. This accident set in a motion a series of events that […]

Melbourne Murder Charge

ON THIS DAY – November 7, 1931 Charged with having murdered Edward O’Connor (30), of little Bourke street, City, George Mitchell (42), labourer, of Carlton, appeared at the City Court yesterday. When O’Connor was knocked down in a fight in Little Bourke-street on November 7, he received injuries from which he died in the Melbourne […]

Rival Gangs

ON THIS DAY – October 29, 1927 NORTH MELBOURNE RIVAL GANGS. Charge of Attempted Murder. Walter Lew Shing (19), fruiterer, and Leslie Coe (19), labourer, were charged at the City Court to-day with having, on October 29, at North Melbourne, attempted to murder Richard Dunstan.   Senior-Detective Bruce said that it was alleged that accused are […]

Husband Kills Himself

ON THIS DAY – October 14, 1917   Bertha Silk (59), a married woman, was admitted to the Melbourne Hospital late on October 14, with two bullet wounds in the back. She was found lying near the front gate of her home, and later the dead body of Frederick Silk (74), her husband, was discovered […]

Murder Charge Withdrawn

On This Day – September 10, 1922 As the result of a street affray on September 10 Gerald Vincent Smith, ager 29, had his skull fractured, and died in the Melbourne Hospital next day.  At the conclusion of an enquiry to-day the Coroner (Dr. Cole) returned an open verdict. A charge of murder against George Thompson, aged 17, […]


On this day …….. 10th of August 1928 Charles Lyons, of Essendon, whose age was believed to have been between 106 and 115 died on this day in the Melbourne Hospital. Lyons had worked at his ocupation as a jobbing gardener until a few days before he became ill.  

Accused Murderer on Remand

ON THIS DAY – July 22, 1914 CHARGED WITH MURDER. Brunswick Court was crowded on July 22 when Frank White, 22, a wood machinist, appeared on remand on a charge of having inflicted grievous bodily harm upon Richard Wood, baker, of Audley street. East Brunswick, on Saturday night, July 11. The charge was altered to […]

Brunswick Charge of Murder

ON THIS DAY….. 10th July 1914 In the Brunswick court when Frank White (22) appeared on a charge of having inflicted grievous bodily harm upon Richard Wood on July 10, the charge was altered to one of the murder. Sergeant McLoughlin said Wood died in the Melbourne Hospital as the result of a depressed fracture […]

Alleged Malpractice

ON THIS DAY – June 29, 1905 VERDICT OF WILFUL MURDER – AGAINST A PERSON UNKNOWN Dr. R. H. Cole, the district coroner, yesterday concluded the inquest into the death of Emily Eden Lilias Chandler, a waitress, 28 years of age, who died in the Melbourne Hospital on July 3 from septicaemia, the result of […]