Execution of Deutschmann

ON THIS DAY – June 29, 1908 The fourteenth execution in the Ballarat Gaol took place at 10 o’clock this morning, when Charles Henry Deutschmann paid the supreme penalty for having murdered his wife. The crime took place at Dobie, a few miles from Ararat, on Saturday evening, April 11. Mrs. Deutschmann, who had been […]

OLINDA – Two counts of murder

ON THIS DAY – June 27, 1979 City Court was told that a man alleged to have murdered Miss Lisa Maude Brearley at Olinda on August 8 had been on remand on another murder charge at the time. The prosecutor, Inspector D. Scott, said this in an application for the remand of Mr Robert Lindsay […]

Verdict at Richmond Inquest

On This Day – June 27, 1930 Murder and suicide was the finding of the City Coroner (Mr. Grant, P.M.) today after the inquiry into the death of George Young, horse trainer, and Lily Maude Veal, 49, whose bodies were found after a violent quarrel at a house in Kent street, Richmond, on June 27. […]

The Yea Murder

ON THIS DAY – June 26, 1922 The inquest on the death of Mrs M’Laughlin was continued at Yea. Reuben Fox, who is charged with her murder, was present in custody. Detective Bruce said he went to Fox’s house and found a suit of clothes blood stained, also a blood stained hat and towel. Fox […]

Murdered By The Kelly Gang

On this day …….. 26th of June 1880 Ned Kelly, Australia’s most famous bushranger, was born in December 1854 in Beveridge, Victoria. As a teenager, he became involved in petty crimes, regularly targetting the wealthy landowners. He gradually progressed to crimes of increasing seriousness and violence, including bank robbery and murder, soon becoming a hunted […]

Fatal Friendship

ON THIS DAY ………. 26th of June 1880 Aaron Sherritt was born in 1855 and was an associate by Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly on the 26th of June 1880. On the night of the 26th June 1880 Sherritt was at home with his wife, mother-in-law and four policemen, Constables Armstrong, Alexander, Ducross, and Dowling. […]

Millgrove Murder

ON THIS DAY – June 25, 1922 David Kelly, 38, was charged at the City Court with the murder of Ada Florence Overall at Millgrove, near Warburton, on June 25, 1922. He was also charged with having forged in the name of Ada Overall two documents purporting to be receipts for £500 each. He was […]

Police-backed, Television Re-enactment

ON THIS DAY – June 23, 1978 A dramatic, police-backed, television re-enactment of 12 year old Denise McGregor’s rape and murder prompted a huge community response in 1978 when it was shown during evening television news on Channel 0, now Channel 10, over three nights from the 23rd to the 25th of June. A scene […]

Geelong Girl’s Death – Three Women Convicted of Murder

On This Day ……. 23rd June 1910 In the Criminal Court before Mr Justice Hood, and a jury, the trial was concluded of Elizabeth Downey, Clara Pennington, and Minnie Long, who were charged with murdering Isabella Nelson McCallum, on the 7th of May last. Mr Maxwell addressed the court on behalf of Mrs Downey, and […]

Child Killer

On This Day ……. 22nd June 1916 Amongst five prisoners receiver at the Geelong Gaol on this day in 1916 was the George Henry Leake. He was convicted for the killing 4 years old Doris Foley from Beach Forest at Apollo Bay early in 1916, and was under sentence of ten years.

Drunken Brawls to Manslaughter

ON THIS DAY – June 22, 1892 BENDIGO The position in which a man named David Storey found himself recently at Bendigo should be a warning to all men who, with hasty temperaments and temporary under the influence of liquor, give vent to passion and action. Storey was in company with a Constable named Brown, […]

A Charge of Murder

ON THIS DAY – June 20, 1907 WILLIAMSTOWN Charlotte Kenny was on trial charged with murdering her infant by poison at Williamstown on June 20. The defence was that her mind was un-hinged at the time owing to being prosecuted for an attempt to pass certain valueless cheques. The case is proceeding. Kenny received two […]