Clifton Hill Murder

ON THIS DAY…… 19th August 1944 CLIFTON HILL John Turnbull, 28, soldier, who was appearing before Justice Martin on a charge of murder, told the court on this day in 1944, that, when he struck Ernest Price, 32, with, an axe, he was acting in self defence.  It was alleged that Turnbull had killed Price […]

TWIST CREEK – Yackandandah

ON THIS DAY…… 19th August 1865 Selina Baxter was murdered by William Nicholls, a man she was living with yet had recently separated from, in the small mining town of Twist’s Creek. During an alcohol fuelled argument which was witnessed by another woman, Selina was hit over the head with a shovel so violently that […]

ROWDY FLAT – Yackandandah

ON THIS DAY…… 19th August 1865 Patrick Sheehan was found guilty of the wilful murder of James Kennedy, publican of the National Hotel at Rowdy Flat. Sheehan, who was in the bar quite drunk, was turned out of the hotel by Kennedy. Sheehan then went round to the kitchen and got a knife before trying […]

Mistaken Identity

ON THIS DAY…… 11th August 1862 Senior Constable Book and his assistants have been were brought before the Kilmore Court, for the wilful murder of Mr Cosgrove, shot at Yea on this day in 1862.  The police believed he was the notorious bushranger Gardiner. He wasn’t ………

White Murder in Ballarat

ON THIS DAY …….3rd August 1943 At the close of the inquest today into the death of Mrs Clarice Anasthasia White, 30, of Dawson st, Ballarat, Mr G. S. Catlow, coroner, committed the woman’s husband, Kenneth Geoffrey White, 34, fitter, for trial on a charge of murder. White was present in custody on a charge […]

Assault by Lilley

ON THIS DAY……. 2nd August 1949 In the Ballarat Supreme Court, John Lilley, former licensee of the Commercial Hotel, Hopetoun, denied having kicked his wife in the head when he assaulted her at the hotel on this day in 1949, but admitted having struck her in the face and kicked her in the buttocks.  Lilley […]

Murder of a Murderer

ON THIS DAY – July 22, 1988 PENTRIDGE PRISON CONVICTED murderer Alex Tsakmakis’s brutal killing earned very little sympathy among his fellow inmates.  Before we was clobbered to death behind bars, he too had carried out a prison killing. Before coming to police attention, Alex Tsakmakis appeared to be a company director and Ivanhoe family […]

Inquest left Coates Murder Unsolved

ON THIS DAY – July 19, 1947 DESPITE an intensive investigation, no evidence had been found to establish responsibility for the shooting of James Coates, 46, on July 19, Detective W. W. Mooney said yesterday at an inquest into Coates’ death. Coates was found dead on a vacant allotment at the corner of Punt rd and […]

Murdered Melbourne Gangster stole from the Swedish Royal Family

ON THIS DAY – July 19, 1947 Melbourne Gangster James Coates who scammed £40,000 from an Australian grazier, £19,000 from an Austrian nobleman, £15,000 from the son of the Sweden’s King, and from an Indian prince, he stole £80,000 was murdered. The weeks before Coates murder he had received anonymous phone calls, first calling him […]

Williams Committed for Murder

ON THIS DAY – July 19, 1904 The Coroner, Mr. Cole, concluded the inquest to-day concerning the death of Mrs. Mary Amelia Veitch, at Clifton Hill, on July 19. James Williams, the young man who was arrested on a charge of murder, was present in custody. He displayed hardly any interest in the proceedings. The […]


ON THIS DAY – July 19, 1890 The inquest touching the death of Donald McDonald, the murdered fisherman, near Tyntynder, was resumed on Monday morning. A number of witnesses were examined, the most important being John M’Donald and Joseph Wells. The former gave evidence respecting the ill-feeling that existed between himself and the deceased. He […]

Death of Annie Treagar

ON THIS DAY – July 18, 1927 WOMAN COMMITTED FOR TRIAL From the effects of an illegal operation, Annie Florence Treagar, aged 21 years, of Paisley street, Footscray, died at the Women’s Hospital on July 18. The city coroner (Mr. D. Berriman, P.M.) held an inquest. It was alleged that Miss Treager went to a […]