A Charge of Murder

ON THIS DAY – June 20, 1907 WILLIAMSTOWN Charlotte Kenny was on trial charged with murdering her infant by poison at Williamstown on June 20. The defence was that her mind was un-hinged at the time owing to being prosecuted for an attempt to pass certain valueless cheques. The case is proceeding. Kenny received two […]

Murder at the Southern Cross Hotel

ON THIS DAY – June 19, 1894 The trial of Cecilia Anderson for the murder of John Fraser at the Southern Cross Hotel, Bourke-street, on 19th June, was held on Thursday at the Criminal Court, Melbourne, before the Chief Justice. Mr. Walsh, QC., stated the case for the Crown. He said that on Mrs. Anderson’s […]

Clerk Sentenced to Death for Murder of Girl

ON THIS DAY – June 19, 1954 FLEMINGTON Ronald Eugene Smith was sentenced to death in the Criminal Court for the murder of a six-year-old girl at Flemington on June 19. Smith, who sat motionless in the dock during the whole of the four-day trial, his head bowed so that only his black, wavy hair […]

Theresa Crowe Murder

On This Day – June 19, 1980 Theresa Crowe, a vivacious young woman, had been found in her loft apartment, wrapped in a blanket, her body slashed from throat to groin. Despite the horrific wounds that prompted speculation that she had been killed in a satanic ritual, the cause of death was strangulation. Malcolm Clarke […]


ON THIS DAY – June 17, 1913 A tragic affair at the Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum on June 17 when a patient was killed with an axe handle as the result of a sudden attack by another inmate culminated in the presentment of Arthur Dowell at the Criminal Court charged with the murder. John Joseph […]


ON THIS DAY – June 16, 1907 Dominic Tarrabouchier, an Austrian fisherman, who stabbed Constable Cawsey, who in turn shot him, at Portarlington on June 16, was before the City Court, charged with wounding and assaulting with intent to murder May Mitchell. The accused was remanded.  

Murder of Wife and Daughter

ON THIS DAY – June 14, 1935 GUILTY OF MANSLAUGHTER “I am not guilty! I am Innocent! God knows I am not guilty!” With those words Clifford Earl Smiles, aged 31 years, motor mechanic, of Warleigh road, West Footscray, burst into sobs in the dock of the Criminal Court on September 18 after a jury […]


ON THIS DAY – June 10, 1889 A VERDICT OF MANSLAUGHTER AGAINST THE FATHER. THE DAUGHTER FOUND GUILTY OF CONCEALMENT OF BIRTH. The trial of William M’Carron and his daughter Jane for the murder of their infant daughter, at Kaarimba, on June 10 last, was continued at the Assize Court this morning, before Mr. Justice […]


EXECUTED ON THIS DAY……….. 9th of June 1879 The execution of Thomas Hogan, for the murder of his brother at Yarrawonga, took place at 9am, on this day in 1879. The prisoner, who had been spiritually attended since he was condemned, by Father O’Connor, was very calm, and walked on to the drop with a […]


ON THIS DAY – June 9, 1917 Francis Dunin charged with the murder of Thomas Roberts at Cassilis by shooting on June the 9th was found guilty by a jury in the Supreme Court, after twenty minutes retirement. The jury added a rider that when accused shot through the door he had only intended to […]


ON THIS DAY – June 8, 1934 Four months ago, on June 8, the brutally-battered body of Jean McKenzie, 21, was found in an apartment house on St. Kilda-road. To-day at the inquest the police had to confess their failure to trace the murderer. The Coroner (Mr. D. Grant) recorded a finding of murder by […]


ON THIS DAY – June 8, 1968 Mr Justice Lush pronounced the death sentence for the second time in a week in the Criminal Court yesterday, when a labourer, 20, was found guilty of murdering his 17 year old former girlfriend. The youth, Leigh Robinson, of Markham Avenue, Ashburton,  sat down when he heard the […]