Murder of Baby Alleged

On This Day – October 23, 1969 A 30-year-old woman broke down and cried when she was committed for trial at the Coroner’s Court to day for the murder of her six-months-old baby.  Mr H. W. Pascoe, SM, committed Mrs Patricia Louise Coolen. of Pembroke Road, Mooroolbark, to appear in the Supreme Court on March […]

Escapee Angus Murray friend of Squizzy Taylor

ON THIS DAY…… 22nd October 1923 On the 24th of August 1923, Angus Murray, who is serving a sentence of 15 years for robbery under arms, mace his escape, by mean’s of a small saw, he removed of the stones at the base of his window. The bars were then loosened, leaving him sufficient room […]

Angry mob burn down Bentley’s Eureka Hotel – Ballarat

On this day …….. 17th of October 1854 On the 17th of October 1854, 10,000 miners gathered at Bentley’s Eureka Hotel on the Goldfields of Ballarat, Victoria to protest the acquittal of James Bentley, the hotel proprietor and prime suspect in the murder of Scottish miner James Scobie, by an allegedly corrupt magistrate. The miners […]

Charged With Double Murder

ON THIS DAY – October 8, 1942 George Frederick Wellington Maes, 35, a member of the CMF, pleaded not guilty in the Bendigo Supreme Court yesterday to a charge of having murdered his wife, Olive Freda Maes, 20, and their 10-month-old son, at Boort, on October 8. Maes, in evidence, said his wife used to […]

Murder of Elizabeth Finnessy

ON THIS DAY…… 26th September 1853 Elizabeth and Michael Finnessy were married in Burra, South Australia, they had two children who had both died. The couple had moved to Victoria and lived in a small house in Chinatown. A week before Elizabeth was murdered, she had found at that her husband was married to another woman, […]

Confession of Rosie Hubbard

ON THIS DAY…… 25th September 1905   Elizabeth Isabella Christina Hubbard, a dwarf girl who was recently tried and acquitted on the charge of having poisoned her mother, Sarah Ann Robins, at Richmond, in September 1905, confessed to the crime. After the trial she had gone to live in a house in Kensington, where her […]

Death of Archie Mouatt

ON THIS DAY…… 24th September 1924 At the inquest concerning the death of Archie Mouatt aged 9, his brother Ivan aged 13, who has been charged with murder, was present in Court. He seemed indifferent to the circumstances. Arida Kerr (aunt of the deceased) said that Ivan had told her that a man came up […]

Convict escaped from Geelong Gaol

On this day …….. 23rd September 1869 Two convicts who were serving time for rape and murder, were discovered attempting to make their escape from the Geelong gaol on the 23rd of September 1869. Both men shared a cell together and planned the escape to happen when they were both in the hard labour yard. […]

Henrietta Dixon Murdered Her Husband

ON THIS DAY…… 21st September 1901 The woman Henrietta Dixon, suspected of having murdered her husband, Harry Dixon, was found to be seriously ill from inflammation of the lungs, and was removed from the Castlemain Gaol to the Geelong Gaol hospital.  

“I’m Dying”

ON THIS DAY…… 20th September 1982 A 51 year old woman who was robbed and fatally shot on this day in 1982 at her Mordiallioc hardware store raised the alarm by telephoning her husband at home and saying “I’m shot Dick, I’m dying” Mrs Mildred Hanmer was about 2 1/2 metres from the phone when […]

Murder of Dimitrios Belias

ON THIS DAY…… 9th September 1999 On the 9th of September Dimitrios Bellini was lured to a St Kilda Road car park and was shot in the back of the head by an unknown assailant. It was believed that Bellini owed large amounts of money to some underworld figures but was unable to pay.  He […]

Murder Inquest

On This Day – September 1, 1938 The city coroner (Mr. Tingate, P.M.) will conduct an inquest to-day into the murder of Mr. Frederick William Sherry, who was shot in a payroll hold-up at Clifton Hill on September 1. Forty-three witnesses, including eight detectives and many eye-witnesses of the crime, will give evidence. Selwyn Wallace, […]