Animal Headstone in Lismore

ON THIS DAY …….. 22nd March 1909 A unique headstone for an animal was erected near Lismore, New South Wales, over a grave of a favourite hunting horse with the following inscription: ‘Here lies Alick, son of Sirius, died 22nd March 1909. A champion hunter in many contests, with never a swerve or baulk. As […]

Cow Racing

ON THIS DAY ……… 18th March 1812 Australians love a good race, and on this day in 1812 the town of Windsor in New South Wales staged a cow race. As the inhabitants looked on two cows ridden by their owners were raced though the centre of the town. The outcome was decided halfway though […]

Granny Smith Apples

On this day ………… 9th March 1870 Granny Smith is a variety of apple with green skin and tart flesh, originating in Australia around 1865 from a chance seedling propagated by Maria Ann Smith, aka Granny Smith. Granny Smith was born Maria Ann Sherwood in Peasmarsh, Sussex, England, sometime in late 1799. The daughter of […]

Fatal Air Accident

On this day ………… 7th March 1929 An airforce aircraft crashed and incinerated a mechanic during a refuelling stop at Wangaratta, on this day in 1929. The plane was flying from Richmond, NSW to Point Cook, Melbourne and made a routine landing. The local manager for Vacuum Oil, Mr N. McGuffie delivered 12 gallons of […]

Arrest of Agostini

ON THIS DAY – March 3, 1944 “Pyjama Girl” Case Echo Deportation Order Against Agostini Antonio Agostini, husband of the “pyjama girl,” has appealed to the Minister for Migration (Mr. Calwell) against an order for his deportation to Italy. In 1944, after a 10-year police search in 87 countries, Agostini was sentenced to six years […]

Knowing When to Die

On this day ………… 27th February 1891 On the 27th of February 1891, the South Australian Register reported on the death in gaol of the Reverend Dr Keating. It appears he knew beforehand that he would soon die in gaol. The Rev. Dr. Oswald Keating, who was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment for assault on […]

Fishing For Bats

On this day ………… 25th February 1938 While fishing for Perch on the Upper Bellinger River near Thora in NSW, on this day in 1938, Mr. Targett accidentally caught a bat in mid air. He was holding up his line to see if his bait of cricket was still intact, when the bat swept down, […]

Saved By Bullock

On this day ………… 23rd February 1933 George Blyth had a lucky escape from death at Coramba, NSW, on this day in 1933 when trying to guide a heat exhausted bullock onto a road. Blyth suddenly felt the ground give way. He let go of the animal and fell down a disused mine shaft, 27 […]

Bloody Hot

On this day ………… 20th February 1916 It’s so hot here in February that you can wash out your pants, hang them on the line, and run around the house and take them off dry. Henry Lawson write in a letter to a friend in Leeton, New South Wale, on the 20th of February, 1916. […]

Strange Theft

On this day ………… 16th February 1941 On this day the Parramatta police investigated the most unusual theft committed in New South Wales for many years. After Mrs Clive Smith, of Westmead, had left her nine-months-old baby in a pushcart while she entered a shop tin Parramatta someone kidnapped the child, pushing it in its […]

A Child’s Strange Death

On this day ………… 15th February 1903 A Strange shooting case was reported front Oberon, New South Wales, on this day in 1903. Ada Knauif, six years of age, was found shot through the head, and an examination showed that the gun ‘had been placed in the mouth of the child. Two of the child’s […]

Fishy Sea Monster

A sea creature, thought to be a giant pike eel, washed up on the banks of Lake Macquarie at Swansea, NSW on the 15th of February 2016. But is it a terrifying creature from the deep, or is the whole thing a bit fishy? Newcastle dad Ethan Tipper reportedly posted the photo to Facebook asking […]