Australian Mass Shootings

A list of Australia’s mass shootings 1628 – 1899 Shipwreck of the Batavia in – 1628 (Western Australia) 110 Dutch Cape Grim massacre – 10 February 1828 (Tasmania) – 30 Indigenous Australians Convincing Ground – 1833 Portland (Victoria) – 200 Indigenous Australians Pinjarra – 28 October 1834, Pinjarra (Western Australia ) – 40 Indigenous Australians […]


On this day …….. 15th of June 1839 The first Englishman to explore New Zealand was James Cook, who charted and circumnavigated the North and South Islands late in 1769. In November, Cook claimed New Zealand for Great Britain, raising the British flag at Mercury Bay, on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula. This […]


On this day …….. 7th of June 1825 Tasmania was first discovered by Abel Tasman on 24 November 1642. Tasman discovered the previously unknown island on his voyage past the “Great South Land”, or “New Holland”, as the Dutch called Australia. He named it “Antony Van Diemen’s Land” in honour of the High Magistrate, or […]


Between 1852 and 2011, at least 951 people were killed by floods, another 1326 were injured, and the cost of damage reached an estimated $4.76 billion dollars. 1. June 1852 – Gundagai, NSW 89 deaths, entire settlement of 250 people destroyed There’s little doubt that the 2010/2011 Queensland floods were Australia’s most devastating in terms […]


On this day …….. 6th of June 1859 The colony of the Moreton Bay District was founded in 1824 when explorer John Oxley arrived at Redcliffe with a crew and 29 convicts. The settlement was established at Humpybong, but abandoned less than a year later when the main settlement was moved 30km away, to the […]


On This Day ……. 31st May 1943 Ernst Schneider, 83, who died at Dubbo, NSW, completed some years ago all arrangements for his funeral. He selected the casket, and even engraved the nameplate for his own coffin. The undertaker had only to insert the date of his death. “He was more concerned with the hereafter […]

Rolling Bet

On This Day……… 7th April 1845 On this day in 1845 two men named, Mad Arthur and Kurrajong Sawyer, rolled down a hill in Windsor, New South Wales, from Freeman’s Australian Hotel to Blanchard’s Hotel for a small wager. They got off to a start, but Kurrajong Sawyer was the clear winner, beating Mad Arthur […]

New South Wales Police Motorcycles Chariots

On the 1st March 1936, more than 50,000 fans turned out at the Sydney Show Ground to watch the famous New South Wales police Carnival, held in conjunction with the Speedway meeting. The NSW Police turn their motorcycles into chariots.  

Escape from Geelong

On this day …….. 14th of December 1899 A young man James Carter who escaped from the Geelong gaol a few months earlier, was recaptured at Cooma, New South Wales, where he underwent sentence for larceny, was brought back to the Geelong Gaol on this day in 1899 to complete his sentence.

Australia’s National Anthem performed for the first time in public

ON THIS DAY…… 30th November 1878 Australia’s National Anthem performed for the first time in public Australia’s national anthem, ‘Advance Australia Fair was composed by Scottish-born composer Peter Dodds McCormick, who arrived in Sydney in 1855, taking up a position as a public school teacher in New South Wales. McCormick was heavily involved in the […]

Men guilty of Myall Creek Aboriginal massacre

ON THIS DAY…… 26th November 1838 Men found guilty of Myall Creek Aborigines massacre On 10 June 1838, a gang of stockmen, heavily armed, rounded up between 40 and 50 Aboriginal women, children and elderly men at Henry Dangar’s Myall Creek Station, not far from Inverell in New South Wales. 28 Aborigines were murdered. These […]

Van Diemens Land named Tasmania

ON THIS DAY…… 26th November 1855 The colony of Van Diemen’s Land becomes known as Tasmania Fears that the French would colonise Van Diemen’s Land caused the British to establish a small settlement on the Derwent River in 1803. 33 of the 49 people in the group were convicts, and the settlement continued to receive […]