Vote for Prohibition

ON THIS DAY ……. 29th March 1930 On this day in 1930, the people of North East Victoria, voted on a referendum to bring in Prohibition. The campaign up to the Poll was fought over a two month period, with a coalition of churches and temperance groups under the banner of The Victorian Prohibition League […]

Oldest Resident

ON THIS DAY …….. 25th March 1908 Thomas Sinclair, an old age pensioner, about 75 years old, and one of the oldest residence of the Three Mile, at Beechworth, North East Victoria was found death on this day in 1908. Sinclair house was burnt to the ground and his charred remains were found amongst the […]


ON THIS DAY …….. 24th March 1872 Bright in North East Victoria, got and lost a new suspension bridge across the Ovens River on this day in 1872. The bridge had been open to the public late on the afternoon on the 23rd March, and overnight a large group of larrikins returning from a hotel […]

Empire Hotel Fire

ON THIS DAY …….. 23rd March 1867 On this day in 1867, one of the biggest town fires in North East Victoria began in Beechworth. The fire started in the stables of the Empire Hotel in Camp St. Before the fire had burnt itself out, seven buildings were destroyed, four severely damaged, and between £11,000 […]

First Lunatic to Escape Beechworth

ON THIS DAY …….. 22nd March 1868 There was great excitement in Beechworth, North East Victoria on the 22nd March 1868, when the first lunatic escaped from the newly opened Asylum. A young man suffering from idiocy, escaped from the Asylum by climbing over a section of the Ha Ha wall still in construction. The […]

Fall Over Horse

ON THIS DAY ……… 17th March 1909 Yackandandah A regrettable accident happened at the Yackandandah show, North East Victoria, on this day in 1909. Mr. Whelan, the private secretary to the Minister for Mines, who was in attendance, asked to be allowed to mount a horse owned by Mr. Nolan, of Glenrowan. When mounting he […]

Moyhu UFO

On This Day – March 14, 1978 At 10pm on this night in 1978, an eerie light was observed from Moyhu, in the direction of Greta, North East Victoria. It had the appearance of a glowing round object, waxing and waning in brightness. People who witnessed the phenomenon, saw the light changed shape, became increasing […]

Fire in Chiltern

On this day ………… 11th March 1872 Unlike many fires in the North East of Victoria which seemed to happen on a Saturday night, this Chiltern fire happened on a Monday night. At 2am the fire began in an unoccupied building, in almost the same part of the town as the fire two years earlier. […]

Destroyed by Fire

On this day ………… 9th March 1901 The Rutherglen Coffee Palace, on Browns Plains Rd, (North East Victoria), opposite the train station was destroyed by fire on this day in 1901. The old building, of 20 rooms, was set alight when a breeze blew a curtain against a lighted candle one of the upstairs bedroom. […]

Around the World

On this day ………… 8th March 1934 On this day in 1934, Leonard Farwalker arrived at Wangaratta. Farwalker was riding his bicycle around the world, and had already travelled through North America, Europe, Africa, Russia, Siberia and China. Farwalker’s bicycle drew almost as much attention as the adventurous cyclist himself. Hanging on his bike was […]

Spectacular Fall

On this day ………… 7th March 1861 On this day in 1861, Mr Jones a miner on the Wahgunyah, North East Victoria Gold fields, was halfway up a 220 ft mine shaft when he fell. Normally a fall over 100ft would be followed by instantaneously dead, however Jones not only survived, but sustained only minor […]

Closure of the Criterion

On this day ………… 4th March 1970 Closure of the Criterion Hotel in Wangaratta happened on this day in 1970, to make way for a Coles supermarket. It had been a favourite drinking hole for a wide variety of people over the years, from Jim Kelly (Ned Kellys brother) to Sergeant Steel.