On this day …….. 17th of June 1982 The driver and a fireman of a goods train were killed on this day in 1982, when their train ran into the rear of the Spirit of Progress in thick fog. Barnawartha in North East Victoria was shaken awake by the collision, which happened a 7:50am. The […]


On this day …….. 5th of June 1870 The bushranger Harry Power was brought into Wangaratta, North East Victoria under arrest. Power had been caught a few hours earlier at his mountain hideout in the upper reach of the King Valley. He had been on the run for months, robbing coaches, holding up travellers, and […]


On this day …….. 4th of June 1965 On this day in 1965, electricity came to the town of Boorhaman in North East Victoria. The honour of switching on the power went to eighty five year old Mrs Ellen Jane Salmon.


On this day …….. 4th of June 1891 Moyhu in North East Victoria, revived an unexpected visitor from old time Bushranger Harry Power on this day. Power had been released from Pentridge Gaol due to ill health and was ready for a career in show bussiness. An old convict ship had been refitted to show […]


On this day …….. 3rd of June 1976 At dusk, a flash of light and a terrifying noise exploded over three houses at Eurobin on this day. A ball of lightning had struck the houses. Sheets of iron were fused together, fencing wire welded, there was burn marks on wooden poles and fence posts, and […]


On this day …….. 2nd of June 1942 There was a rush on clothing stores in Wangaratta on this day in 1942, when new leaked out that clothes rationing was about to be introduced for the duration of the war. People thought they had better get in and buy up before the ration books started […]

Victorian Governor – Lord Brassey

On this day ……… 31st of March 1897 Rutherglen in North East Victoria played host to the Victorian Governor Lord Brassey, who opened the district’s new Viticulture Collage. The college had been the dream of the. Rutherglen vigneron a since the 1880s. They proposed the building of an institution which could carry out practical experiments […]

Death of Dick Hart – Kelly Gang

ON THIS DAY…… 28th November 1934 Death of Dick Hart – Kelly gang One of the most important players in the Kelly drama died on this day in 1934. Dick Hart was Steve Hart’s brother. It was he who took charge of the bodies of Steve Hart and Dan Kelly after fire at the Glenrown […]

End of world war I

ON THIS DAY…… 11th November 1918 There had been rumours of an Armistice in the war, and several false alarms. When news arrived in the small gold mining town of Eldorado in North East Victoria at 11:30pm, and before long all the mine whistles were blowing, church bells were ringing and there was general rejoicing.

Miner survives 230 feet fall

ON THIS DAY…… 9th November 1859 Free falling On this day in 1859, a miner on the lower Indigo Goldfields in North East Victoria, fell two hundreds and thirty feet down a mine and lived. No broken bones, just a few bruises. It was possibly the longest free fall followed by survival. The lucky miner, […]

New record – Sydney to Melbourne by bike

ON THIS DAY…… 8th November 1929 Record broken The man they called “the human machine”, Hubert Opperman, was in North East Victoria on this day in 1929. Opperman was seeking to set a new record time for a trip from Sydney to Melbourne. The previous best time of 47 hours and 46 mins had been […]

Gold arrives in Melbourne

ON THIS DAY…… 8th November 1852 Gold escort The first escort of gold from the new Ovens Goldfields in North East Victoria arrived in Melbourne. The consignment of almost two and a half thousands ounces of gold made the journey safely under mounted police escort.