Death of Dick Hart – Kelly Gang

ON THIS DAY…… 28th November 1934 Death of Dick Hart – Kelly gang One of the most important players in the Kelly drama died on this day in 1934. Dick Hart was Steve Hart’s brother. It was he who took charge of the bodies of Steve Hart and Dan Kelly after fire at the Glenrown […]

End of world war I

ON THIS DAY…… 11th November 1918 There had been rumours of an Armistice in the war, and several false alarms. When news arrived in the small gold mining town of Eldorado in North East Victoria at 11:30pm, and before long all the mine whistles were blowing, church bells were ringing and there was general rejoicing.

Miner survives 230 feet fall

ON THIS DAY…… 9th November 1859 Free falling On this day in 1859, a miner on the lower Indigo Goldfields in North East Victoria, fell two hundreds and thirty feet down a mine and lived. No broken bones, just a few bruises. It was possibly the longest free fall followed by survival. The lucky miner, […]

New record – Sydney to Melbourne by bike

ON THIS DAY…… 8th November 1929 Record broken The man they called “the human machine”, Hubert Opperman, was in North East Victoria on this day in 1929. Opperman was seeking to set a new record time for a trip from Sydney to Melbourne. The previous best time of 47 hours and 46 mins had been […]

Gold arrives in Melbourne

ON THIS DAY…… 8th November 1852 Gold escort The first escort of gold from the new Ovens Goldfields in North East Victoria arrived in Melbourne. The consignment of almost two and a half thousands ounces of gold made the journey safely under mounted police escort.

1906 Melbourne Cup

ON THIS DAY…… 8th November 1906 Melbourne cup arrives in Wangaratta It was not as fast as modern TV, but it was still fast enough to amaze the locals in Wangaratta, North East Victoria. On this day in 1906 Dan Barry’s World Wide Wonder Show was able to screen the running of the 1906 Melbourne […]

Lunatic Asylum Opens – Beechworth

On this day …….. 24th of October 1867 On this day in 1867, Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum opened in Beechworth, North East Victoria. The first patients were transferred from the Beechworth Gaol under the control of Superintendent Dr Dick. The Beechworth asylum was one of three large Lunatic Asylums built in Victoria.  

The Benalla Duel

On this day …….. 22nd of October 1894 Two shareholders of the Samaria Butter Factory in Benalla, North East Victoria had a dispute. Terrence Monaghan, challenged Patrick Larkin to a duel at the factory at 6am on this day in 1894. The only problem was that Terrence issued Patrick the challenged by a formal note, […]

First white burial in North East Victoria

On this day …….. 13th of October 1836 The first white burial in North East Victoria took place on this day in 1836. James “Tally Ho” Taylor, a member of Major Mitchell’s expedition, drowned in the Broken River. The Major and his party were returning north after traversing the Port Phillip district between the Murray […]

Bushranger Harry Power, mentor to Ned Kelly drowns in the Murray River

On this day …….. 10th of October 1891 Henry Johnstone alias Harry Power a notorious Victorian bushranger was born in Waterford, England, in 1819. Johnstone was transported to Van Diemen’s Land in 1841 for stealing shoes. During the 1850s and 1860s, he found himself in trouble with the law a number of times for horse […]

Ned Kelly’s mother sentence to three years gaol

On this day …….. 9th of October 1878 Ellen Kelly was sentenced to three years gaol for her part in the attempted murder of Constable Alexandra Fitzpatrick at the Kelly’s home in Greta, North East Victoria on this day in 1878. Fitzpatrick had gone to the Kelly’s house to arrest Dan Kelly on a charge […]

Smoking children – Victorian Education Department

On this day …….. 7th of October 1896 A meeting was held at the Yackandandah Primary School in North East Victoria on this day in 1896, in relation to juvenile smokers. The School Board had a lengthy discussion on boys smoking ready made cigarettes, and what the School Board could do about it. One alarmed […]